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Foundation Fund ID Fund Name Area
AUF190000The Greater University Fund - AUFGeneral Unrestricted
AUF190001President's GalaGeneral Unrestricted
AUF200001Volunteer Services-Volunteen SupportExternal Relations
AUF200002Volunteer Services-General ExpensesExternal Relations
AUF200003Augusta University Parent and Family AssociationEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF200020President's Innovation FundOffice of the President
AUF200029Strategic Partnerships & Economic DevelopmentStrategic Partnerships & Economic Development
AUF200031VolunTeen-VolunJag Spirit of Service Scholarship ExpendableExternal Relations
AUF200032VP Instruction & InnovationInstruction & Innovation
AUF200047Statewide Area Health Education Center (AHEC)Research
AUF200054Washington InitiativeDiversity & Inclusion
AUF200055Chief Business OfficeChief Business Office
AUF200060Chief Information Officer Exp. FundInformation Technology
AUF200070Associate Provost for Faculty AffairsFaculty Affairs
AUF200080AU Arts Council FundExternal Relations
AUF200110GA War Veterans Nursing Home Exp.Hospitals/Clinics
AUF200120Institutional Audit and ComplianceInternal Audit
AUF200130Environmental Health and SafetyFacilities
AUF200140Center for Patients and FamiliesHospitals/Clinics
AUF200150John F. Beard AwardGeneral Scholarships
AUF200160Continuing Education ExpendableInstruction & Innovation
AUF200170VP for External AffairsExternal Relations
AUF200180Wellness Center FundEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF200190Provost Expendable FundProvost
AUF200210Greenblatt LibraryUniversity Libraries
AUF200230Regents' President's Choice ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF200240MCG Faculty & Spouse Club Scholarship FundProvost
AUF200250Lee Auditoria Signage FundGeneral
AUF200260AU Public Safety FundAdministrative
AUF200261CEPaR DepartmentAdministrative
AUF200270Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation ScholarshipsGeneral Scholarships
AUF200280Child Care Center Expendable FundOperations
AUF200290Diversity and InclusionDiversity & Inclusion
AUF200300MCG Outreach & Education FundMCG
AUF200310AU Tree FundPhilanthropy & Alumni Engagement
AUF200320AU Presidential Scholarship FundGeneral Scholarships
AUF200330Augusta University Employee Advisory CouncilHuman Resources
AUF200340Augusta University Alumni AssociationPhilanthropy & Alumni Engagement
AUF200370IPPH Programs and Community InitiativesResearch
AUF200380AU Leadership Development ProgramHuman Resources
AUF200390Dr. Kamla Shah Foundation Scholarship FundGeneral Scholarships
AUF200400Cancer Center CapitalMCG
AUF200410Ricardo Azziz Presidential Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF200430Buildings and RenovationsFacilities
AUF200440AU Employee Recognition ProgramHuman Resources
AUF210000Dr. Harshi Singh Bains Ophthalmology Education Endowment ExpendableMCG
AUF210001Polatty Family Innovative Cancer Research FundMCG
AUF210002AU Cancer Center Integrative Medicine FundHospitals/Clinics
AUF210003Stroke Research FundMCG
AUF210005Cannonball Kids Cancer Research FundMCG
AUF210007Carlos and Marguerite Mason Solid Organ Transplant CenterHospitals/Clinics
AUF210008Hardy Wylie Glioblastoma FundMCG
AUF210009Dr. Dorothy Tuan ResearchMCG
AUF210010Dean and Aileen Chinberg Pediatric Cancer Research Expendable FundMCG
AUF210011Breast Cancer Education, Awareness, and SupportMCG
AUF210012Neurology Resident EducationMCG
AUF210013Biostatistic ExpendableMCG
AUF210014Pediatric ImmunotherapyMCG
AUF210015Cecil Herrin Men's Cancer Support FundHospitals/Clinics
AUF210016Bollag Research FundMCG
AUF210018Bernadine Edwards Cancer ResearchMCG
AUF210019Prostate Cancer ResearchMCG
AUF210020Center for Ultrasound EducationMCG
AUF210022Dr. Arthur W. and Suzanne S. Willis Endowed Chair Exp.MCG
AUF210023Pediatric Cancer FundMCG
AUF210024Population Health SciencesMCG
AUF210025Department of Otolaryngology - Head and NeckMCG
AUF210026Pediatric Hemophilia ProgramMCG
AUF210027Liver Cancer ResearchMCG
AUF210028Pediatric GastroenterologyMCG
AUF210029Division of Hospital MedicineMCG
AUF210030Press On Pediatric CancerMCG
AUF210031Defeat Lung CancerMCG
AUF210032Dr. Sam Singal ScholarshipMCG
AUF210033CareDX Nephrology Transplant ResearchMCG
AUF210034MCG Neuroscience CenterMCG
AUF210035Unite in the Fight Against CancerMCG
AUF210037Experimental Theraputics FundMCG
AUF210038Head and Neck Cancer TeamMCG
AUF210039Breast Cancer and Drug Resistance MechanismsMCG
AUF210380Possibilities Golf Tournament FundMCG
AUF210390Possibilities CLL TreatmentMCG
AUF210400Student Educational Enrichment Program (SEEP) Expendable FundMCG
AUF210410Williams - Jorman Academic Award ExpendableMCG
AUF210420Obesity Intervention ProgramMCG
AUF210430Center for Telehealth Consulting ServicesMCG
AUF210440The Culver Vision Discovery Institute Exp. FundMCG
AUF210460Cardio Vascular Research FundMCG
AUF210470AU Research FundResearch
AUF210480Robert K. Yu Laboratory FundMCG
AUF210490Brennan Simkins Pediatric Leukemia Research Expendable FundMCG
AUF210500Skull Base Academic FundMCG
AUF210520Michael A. Edwards, M.D. Research FundMCG
AUF210530Newborn Possibilities FundMCG
AUF210531Neuro ICU ExpendableMCG
AUF210532Neuromuscular ExpendableMCG
AUF210540MD/PhD Program FundMCG
AUF210550Pediatric Critical Care FundMCG
AUF210570Candler County Physicians Scholarship FundGeneral Scholarships
AUF210580Let's Cure CP Cell Research Fund for Brain Injury and DiseaseMCG
AUF210600Bruce V. MacFadyen, M.D. Surgical Volunteerism & ResearchMCG
AUF210610White Coat Scholarship FundMCG
AUF210620Jerry J. Buccafusco Graduate Student Travel Award FundMCG
AUF210630Charles H. Wray MCG Student Scholarship ExpendableMCG
AUF210640The Breast Cancer Research FundMCG
AUF210660The BCSN, Inc. Breast Cancer Research FundMCG
AUF210670Section of Urology General FundMCG
AUF210680Class of 1982 Debbie Schmidt Memorial Scholarship FundMCG
AUF210700Orthopaedics Sports Medicine Research FundMCG
AUF210710Immuno Discovery InstituteMCG
AUF210720White Coat Connection Program FundMCG
AUF210730Global MCG FundMCG
AUF210740Department of Surgery Resident and Fellowship FundMCG
AUF210770Neuropsychology ResearchMCG
AUF210780ALS ProgramMCG
AUF210790Cord Blood Transplantation Project FundMCG
AUF210800Stem Cell Research for Cerebral Palsy FundMCG
AUF210820MCG Class of 1960 Student ResearchMCG
AUF210830Wanda Harper MemorialMCG
AUF210840Cancer ImmunotherapyMCG
AUF210850Max Trias Raise the Bar FoundationMCG
AUF210860Wiley S. Black, M.D. and Judy Seitz Black MCG Scholarship FundMCG
AUF210870Pediatric Chair FundMCG
AUF210940GAFP Joseph W. Tollison, M.D. Distinguished Chair in FamilyMCG
AUF210960FHG Armstrong Foundation Expendable for Adult Stem Cell ReseMCG
AUF210970Dr. John Scott Coleman LectureMCG
AUF210990Virendra B. Mahesh Lectureship and Graduate Student AwardMCG
AUF211000Medical College of GeorgiaMCG
AUF211030Radiology Expendable FundMCG
AUF211040Sydenstricker SocietyMCG
AUF211050Gramling ScholarshipMCG
AUF211060Curtis F. Veal Sr. Alzheimers ResearchMCG
AUF211070Carol F. Meyer Allergy-Immunology FellowMCG
AUF211090MCG OB/GYN Department Expendable FundMCG
AUF211110Dept. of Psychiatry and Health BehaviorMCG
AUF211130Pediatrics Education and DevelopmentMCG
AUF211131Department of Pediatrics ScholarshipsMCG
AUF211140Neurology Expendable FundMCG
AUF211150E. James McCranie M.D. Psychiatry & Human Behavior ExpMCG
AUF211160Center for Molecular Chaperone/Radiobiology & Cancer VirologMCG
AUF211170Transplantation Research-Mason TrustMCG
AUF211171Dr. Steven Colquhoun Liver Disease Research Treatment, and PreventionMCG
AUF211180Pediatric SurgeryMCG
AUF211190Operational MedicineMCG
AUF211210Ophthalmology ExpendableMCG
AUF211230Dermatology ExpendableMCG
AUF211240Endocrinology ExpendableMCG
AUF211250Gastroenterology ExpendableMCG
AUF211270Hematology/Oncology ExpendableMCG
AUF211280Infectious DiseaseMCG
AUF211320Cardiology ExpendableMCG
AUF211340Vascular BiologyMCG
AUF211350Education Innovation InstituteMCG
AUF211360Pathology General ExpendableMCG
AUF211370Department of Neuroscience & Regenerative MedicineMCG
AUF211380Neurology Stroke Program FundMCG
AUF211390Neurology Multiple Sclerosis Expendable FundMCG
AUF211400Neurology Movement Disorders Program FundMCG
AUF211401Parkinson's Foundation Pallative Care Education and TrainingMCG
AUF211402MDA Care AffiliateMCG
AUF211410Neurology Alzheimers Program FundMCG
AUF211420Neurology Epilepsy Program Expendable FundMCG
AUF211430Child Neurology ExpendableMCG
AUF211440Georgia Prevention CenterMCG
AUF211450Pediatric Hematology/OncologyMCG
AUF211460Camp Rainbow-PediatricsHospitals/Clinics
AUF211470Cystic Fibrosis Center-PediatricsMCG
AUF211490Department of Family & Community MedicineMCG
AUF211500Georgia Cancer CenterMCG
AUF211510Cellular Biology and AnatomyMCG
AUF211520Pediatric CardiologyMCG
AUF211530Neurosurgery Expendable FundMCG
AUF211531Endovascular FellowshipMCG
AUF211550Neurosurgery Resident EducationMCG
AUF211560MCG Students' Health Clinic for the HomelessMCG
AUF211570Gynecologic Cancer Prevention CenterMCG
AUF211580Department of Physiology ExpendableMCG
AUF211600Wilderness Medicine FundMCG
AUF211610Chairman's FundMCG
AUF211620International Medicine FundMCG
AUF211640Pulmonary Vascular DiseaseMCG
AUF211650Pulmonary Critical Care Fellowship EducationMCG
AUF211660Pediatrics HIV ProgramMCG
AUF211670Orthopaedic Spine ProgramMCG
AUF211680Porubsky Resident Education FundMCG
AUF211690Rhinology Expendable FundMCG
AUF211700Otology Expendable FundMCG
AUF211710Terris Research FundMCG
AUF211720Laryngology ExpendableMCG
AUF211730Department of Biochemistry & Molecular BiologyMCG
AUF211740Center for Biotechnology & Genomic MedicineMCG
AUF211760J. Harold Harrison, M.D. Education Commons Building FundMCG
AUF211770Medical College of Georgia ScholarshipMCG
AUF211780Predictive Preventive Medicine ResearchMCG
AUF211790Vincent J.B. Robinson, MD Cardiology Research and EducationMCG
AUF211800Ahlquist PharmacologyMCG
AUF211810Cardiovascular Pharmacology ExpendableMCG
AUF211820Betty B. Wray, M.D. ChairMCG
AUF211830Chester T. Stafford Allergy-Immunology SocietyMCG
AUF211840John E. Moffitt Allergy-Immunology SupportMCG
AUF211860Center for TelehealthMCG
AUF211870Joe Tsien ResearchMCG
AUF211880C. Lawrence Lutcher MD Chair in Hematology-OncologyMCG
AUF211900Pediatric Sickle Cell ClinicMCG
AUF211901Pediatric Sickle Cell ResearchMCG
AUF211910Orthopaedic Spine Program ExpendableMCG
AUF211920HIV/AIDS Program SupportMCG
AUF211930Armand M. Karow Jr. Pharmacology Scholarship ExpendableMCG
AUF211960Pediatric RheumatologyMCG
AUF211970Anesthesiology ExpendableMCG
AUF211980Culver Vision Science Discovery InstituteMCG
AUF211990Donald M. Sherline, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology ExpendableMCG
AUF212000Dental College of GeorgiaDCG
AUF212001Dr. Joseph M. Greene, Jr. Memorial Lectureship ExpDCG
AUF212002Layman Family Dental College of Georgia Scholarship ExpDCG
AUF212003Dr. Carol A. Lefebvre and Mr. Kevin P. Corbin Endowment ExpDCG
AUF212004Pam and Dale Crail Endowed Scholarship ExpendableDCG
AUF212005A.D. and Jerlene Elliott Endowed Scholarship ExpendableDCG
AUF212006Dr. Louvenia A. Rainge Endowed Scholarship EXPDCG
AUF212008Hanes Family ScholarshipDCG
AUF212009Dr. Karyn Stockwell Scholarship Endowment ExpDCG
AUF212010Dental College of Georgia Building FundDCG
AUF212011DCG Associate Dean of ResearchDCG
AUF212012Alliance of the GA Dental Association ScholarshipDCG
AUF212013Akbar Family ScholarshpDCG
AUF212014International College of Dentists SupportDCG
AUF212015Virginia A. Merchant ScholarshipDCG
AUF212016Dr. James B. Hall III Memorial ScholarshipDCG
AUF212017Center for Excellence in Research, Scholarship & InnovationDCG
AUF212018Dr. Rico D. Short ScholarshipDCG
AUF212019Dr. Debra Gray King ScholarshipDCG
AUF212020Department of General DentistryDCG
AUF212021Cook-Fisher ScholarshipDCG
AUF212022Joy Lynn Hubbard Memorial ScholarshipDCG
AUF212023Christian Callejas Montealegre ScholarshipDCG
AUF212024Dr. Emile T. Fisher DCG Student SupportDCG
AUF212025Atlanta Dental David P. Blackshear Endowment ExpendableDCG
AUF212026Class of 2001 DCG Student Health and WellnessDCG
AUF212027DCG Digital Dentistry Support FundDCG
AUF212028Hedrick Family ScholarshipDCG
AUF212029Dr. David A. Owings Memorial ScholarshipDCG
AUF212030Zachary J. Powell ScholarshipDCG
AUF212031Weller/Kimbrough/Loushine Endodontics Residency SupportDCG
AUF212032Dr. Michael M. Kiyani ScholarshipDCG
AUF212033Dr. Kevin B. Frazier OKU Leadership AwardDCG
AUF212034Ambrose Family ScholarshipDCG
AUF212035Class of 1997/Dr. Van Haywood ScholarshipDCG
AUF212036Stephanie Perry ScholarshipDCG
AUF212040Department of Oral and Maxillofacial SurgeryDCG
AUF212050Dental College of Georgia ScholarshipDCG
AUF212060Dental College of Georgia Graduate Practice Residency Program FundDCG
AUF212070Department of Endodontics FundDCG
AUF212080Department of Oral Health and Diagnostic Sciences FundDCG
AUF212090Dental College of Georgia Dental Materials Section FundDCG
AUF212100Department of Restorative SciencesDCG
AUF212110Department of Orthodontics FundDCG
AUF212120Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program FundDCG
AUF212130Department of Pediatric Dentistry FundDCG
AUF212140Department of Periodontics FundDCG
AUF212150Department of Prosthodontics Residency ProgramDCG
AUF212160Dental College of Georgia Oral Biology FundDCG
AUF212170Michael R. Carr, DMD Scholarship FundDCG
AUF212180Give a Smile ProgramDCG
AUF212190Dental College of Georgia Faculty Scholarship FundDCG
AUF212200Dental College of Georgia Alumni AssociationDCG
AUF212210Thomas P. Hinman ScholarshipDCG
AUF212230Dr. Jeannie H. Moran Scholarship ExpendableDCG
AUF212240David R. Myers Student Dental EducationDCG
AUF212250Dr. Dolly Hearn ScholarshipDCG
AUF212270Dr. Emile T. Fisher ScholarshipDCG
AUF212280Dr. Emile T. Fisher Omicron Kappa Upsilon ScholarshipDCG
AUF212290Dr. George and Mrs. Betty Schuster Scholarship ExpendableDCG
AUF212300Periodontics Residency Patient AssistanceDCG
AUF212340Dr. Jackie Weatherred Memorial Scholarship ExpendableDCG
AUF212350Dentists for DellaDCG
AUF212370Pioneer Research Award in Oral BiologyDCG
AUF212380DCG Business & Finance Office FundDCG
AUF212390Center for Esthetic & Implant Dentistry FundDCG
AUF212410Thomas P. Hinman Educational FundDCG
AUF212420Dr. Don Spillers Family Scholarship FundDCG
AUF212430Kirk and Julie Kimmerling Dental Research and Resident Education FundDCG
AUF212440Jack W. Carter, D.D.S. Orthodontic Lecture SeriesDCG
AUF212450Drisko Children's Dental Services FundDCG
AUF213000College of NursingCON
AUF213001Marlene M. Rosenkoetter Research Award ExpendableCON
AUF213002Marion, Cromer, Layman Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) Scholarship ExpCON
AUF213003Costa Layman Farms Health FairCON
AUF213005Marion English Broome BSN Scholarship Endowment ExpendableCON
AUF213006Shirley M. Schiffer Pediatric Nursing ScholarshipCON
AUF213007Jeannine Pawl Study Away/AbroadCON
AUF213008Doctor of Nursing Practice ScholarshipCON
AUF213009Rural Nursing Student ScholarshipCON
AUF213010Rebecca Andrews Scholarship AwardCON
AUF213011Marlene M. Rosenkoetter Research ProfessorshipCON
AUF213012Helen K. Moxley Memorial ScholarshipCON
AUF213013AU Health Excellence in Nursing EducationCON
AUF213014Frances F. Knapp ScholarshipCON
AUF213015Dr. Tanya Sudia ScholarshipCON
AUF213016Christine Cardenas Nursing ScholarshipCON
AUF213017Stelling Leadership AwardCON
AUF213018Richard (Bill) & Ollie K. Creasy Nursing ScholarshipCON
AUF213050AU Health Nursing ScholarsCON
AUF213060Nursing Anesthesia FundCON
AUF213070Healthy GrandparentsCON
AUF213080Good Samaritan House FundCON
AUF213090Biobehavioral Nursing Department FundCON
AUF213110Physiological and Technological Nursing Department FundCON
AUF213120CONAT Excellence in Education FundCON
AUF213130Nursing Student ToolboxCON
AUF213140Lois and Lucy Lampkin Foundation ScholarshipCON
AUF213150College of Nursing ScholarshipCON
AUF213160Dr. Lenette Burrell Nurse Educator Scholarship FundCON
AUF213170The Otto and Marguerite Mertins Memorial Scholarship Exp.CON
AUF213180Helene Fuld Clinical Nurse Leader Program ExpansionCON
AUF213190Helene Fuld Baccalaureate Nursing Student ScholarshipCON
AUF213200Alumni Association/NursingCON
AUF213210Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Careers in Nursing ScholaCON
AUF213250St. Mary's Health Care Clinical Nurse LeaderCON
AUF213270Athens Regional Medical Center Clinical Nurse LeaderCON
AUF213280Lore Rogers Memorial Scholarship ExpendableCON
AUF213320EZ Agape Foundation Nursing Scholarship Exp. FundCON
AUF213360CON Global Health Trip FundCON
AUF213380AU Acute Care Nurse Practitioner FundCON
AUF213390Layman Family Scholarship ExpendableCON
AUF213400Class of 1972 Scholarship FundCON
AUF213410Ralph W. and Harriet H. McAfee Military Nursing Fund ExpCON
AUF213420Trailblazer AwardCON
AUF213440Frances Price Scholarship FundCON
AUF213450The Dr. Susan Alden Award Exp.CON
AUF213460Miss Skelly's Support for Success FundCON
AUF213480Mary E. Conway, Ph.D. Minority Scholarship ExpendableCON
AUF213490Fuller E. Callaway Professorial Chair FundCON
AUF213510CONAT Support FundCON
AUF213520Patricia A. Wozniak College of Nursing Scholarship and SupportCON
AUF213860Wiley S. Black, M.D. and Judy Seitz Black College of Nursing ScholarshipCON
AUF214000College of Allied Health SciencesCAHS
AUF214001Layman Family Allied Health Sciences Endowed Scholarship - Expend.CAHS
AUF214002Andrew and Louise Balas Global Health Endowed Scholarship - Expend.CAHS
AUF214003Interdisciplinary Health SciencesCAHS
AUF214004College of Allied Health Sciences ScholarshipCAHS
AUF214005Andrya DeGhelder Memorial ScholarshipCAHS
AUF214006Clinical Laboratory SciencesCAHS
AUF214007Nuclear Medicine TechnologyCAHS
AUF214008Radiation Therapy TechnologyCAHS
AUF214009John Palmer Physician Assistant Professionalism EXPCAHS
AUF214010Physical Therapy FundCAHS
AUF214011Dr. A Reginald Pilcher Memorial ScholarshipCAHS
AUF214012Sara Haddow Liebel Physician Assistant ScholarshipCAHS
AUF214013Augusta Endodontic Center Dental Hygiene ScholarshipCAHS
AUF214014Health Services ProgramCAHS
AUF214015BeST Scholarship FundCAHS
AUF214016Christ Church Physician Assistant Scholarship FundCAHS
AUF214020Medical IllustrationCAHS
AUF214021Octavia Garlington Memorial FundCAHS
AUF214022Ann Stuart Anderson ScholarshipCAHS
AUF214023College of Allied Health Sciences Horizon AwardCAHS
AUF214030Julia R. Crowley Leadership Recognition ExpendableCAHS
AUF214040Medical Laboratory, Imaging, & Radiologic Sciences FundCAHS
AUF214050Health Informatics FundCAHS
AUF214060Dental Hygiene FundCAHS
AUF214070Physician Assistant FundCAHS
AUF214080Respiratory Therapy ProgramCAHS
AUF214081Respiratory Therapy ScholarshipCAHS
AUF214090Occupational Therapy FundCAHS
AUF214091Neil & Leanne MacKinnon Occupational Therapy ScholarshipCAHS
AUF214092Department of Occupational Therapy Community EngagementCAHS
AUF214100Art Hardy Memorial Scholarship FundCAHS
AUF214110Jessie O. Brown Scholarship FundCAHS
AUF214120Physical Therapy Scholarship FundCAHS
AUF214121Dr. Tyler Wallace Physical Therapy ScholarshipCAHS
AUF214130Scott Waddell ScholarshipCAHS
AUF214140Low Vision FundCAHS
AUF214150Bill Stenstrom Memorial Scholarship FundCAHS
AUF214160Asthma and Environmental Management Expendable FundCAHS
AUF214180Augusta Area Asthma Camp FundCAHS
AUF214190Randy Baker Respiratory Therapy Student Support FundCAHS
AUF214200Alumni Association/Allied Health SciencesCAHS
AUF214210Donald E. Maner and Carbon T. Stewart Physician Assistant ScholarshipCAHS
AUF214220Wendy Cline Paschal Service From The Heart Physician Assistant Scholarship FundCAHS
AUF214230Art Taft Student Scholarship ExpendableCAHS
AUF215000The Graduate SchoolTGS
AUF215001The Graduate School ScholarshipTGS
AUF215002TGS - Student Emergency FundTGS
AUF215003Ellen Gillis Memorial for Postdoctoral Fellow SupportTGS
AUF215020Brann Alumni Scholarship FundTGS
AUF215200The Graduate School Alumni AssociationTGS
AUF216000AU HealthHospitals/Clinics
AUF216001Roosevelt Warm Springs Rehabilitation & Specialty HospitalHospitals/Clinics
AUF216002Dean and Aileen Chinberg Childlife Expendable FundHospitals/Clinics
AUF216003Dance MarathonHospitals/Clinics
AUF216004Rural Hospital Task ForceHospitals/Clinics
AUF216005AUMC Nursing Education FundHospitals/Clinics
AUF216006Cardiology - Hospital OperationsHospitals/Clinics
AUF216007Hospital Quality AwardHospitals/Clinics
AUF216008Healthcare Leadership SymposiumHospitals/Clinics
AUF216009Pastoral CareHospitals/Clinics
AUF216010AU Histocompatibility Laboratory ExpansionHospitals/Clinics
AUF216011Children's Hospital of Georgia BuildingHospitals/Clinics
AUF216012Reese's Fund for CHOGHospitals/Clinics
AUF216013Nashville Songwriters in the RoundHospitals/Clinics
AUF216014Georgia Radiation Therapy CenterHospitals/Clinics
AUF216015AU Health Women's Health HillcreekHospitals/Clinics
AUF216016Augusta University Tumor BankHospitals/Clinics
AUF216017Multidisciplinary Approach to Falls Risk ReductionsHospitals/Clinics
AUF216018Gun Violence PreventionHospitals/Clinics
AUF216019All In for MillerHospitals/Clinics
AUF216020AU Breast Health CenterHospitals/Clinics
AUF216021CHOG Pediatric FellowsHospitals/Clinics
AUF216023AU Health Staff DevelopmentHospitals/Clinics
AUF216024AU Mobile Cancer Screening ProgramHospitals/Clinics
AUF216025CAR-T Therapy ProgramHospitals/Clinics
AUF216026Pediatric RadiologyHospitals/Clinics
AUF216028Buddy Endowment ExpendableHospitals/Clinics
AUF216030The Kisner Foundation & Friends CenterHospitals/Clinics
AUF216031Kisner Foundation & Friends Center ExpansionHospitals/Clinics
AUF216033Bryant Black UnitHospitals/Clinics
AUF216034Mason Trust WMCG Transplant Referral Platform SupportHospitals/Clinics
AUF216040Children's Heart Program FundHospitals/Clinics
AUF216041Jordan Speith Family Foundation FundHospitals/Clinics
AUF216050CHOG Facility & Clinical Operations FundHospitals/Clinics
AUF216060Georgia Cancer FundHospitals/Clinics
AUF216080CHOG DonationsHospitals/Clinics
AUF216090Child LifeHospitals/Clinics
AUF216100AU Emergency Assistance FundHospitals/Clinics
AUF216110Breast Cancer Support GroupHospitals/Clinics
AUF216130Development FundPhilanthropy & Alumni Engagement
AUF216140Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Renovation FundHospitals/Clinics
AUF216160Breast Cancer Relief Foundation Mammogram AccessHospitals/Clinics
AUF216170AU Employee Charity Assistance FundHospitals/Clinics
AUF216180Sodomka Patient Family Centered Care Education FundHospitals/Clinics
AUF216200Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Patient AssistanceHospitals/Clinics
AUF216210Cancer Center LibraryHospitals/Clinics
AUF216220Safe KidsHospitals/Clinics
AUF216230AUHS Family SupportHospitals/Clinics
AUF216250Camp Strong HeartHospitals/Clinics
AUF216260Camp Sweet LifeHospitals/Clinics
AUF216261Camp Wheeze-N-SneezeHospitals/Clinics
AUF216262Camp Kidney BeanHospitals/Clinics
AUF216270Camp Joint VentureHospitals/Clinics
AUF216280Children's Hospital NursingHospitals/Clinics
AUF216290Medical Center RefreshHospitals/Clinics
AUF216300Children's Miracle Network HospitalHospitals/Clinics
AUF216310Pediatrics Wish ListHospitals/Clinics
AUF216320Greatest Need - AU HealthHospitals/Clinics
AUF216330Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)Hospitals/Clinics
AUF216340Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)Hospitals/Clinics
AUF216350Share and CareHospitals/Clinics
AUF216370Kohl's Cares Community Education FundHospitals/Clinics
AUF216380A Dollar For A DadHospitals/Clinics
AUF216390Camp LakesideHospitals/Clinics
AUF216400Pediatric Pharmacy FundHospitals/Clinics
AUF216420Monster Bash FundHospitals/Clinics
AUF216430Pediatric Outpatient Infusion Room FundHospitals/Clinics
AUF216440Ronald McDonald House FundHospitals/Clinics
AUF216450Georgia Cancer Center Music TherapyHospitals/Clinics
AUF216460Georgia Cancer Center Image BoutiqueHospitals/Clinics
AUF216470Augusta University Cancer Center Neuro-Oncology Patient ServicesHospitals/Clinics
AUF217000Simowitz Fund for Macular DegenerationMCG
AUF218000Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training CenterStrategic Partnerships & Economic Development
AUF219000Homecoming/Alumni WeekendPhilanthropy & Alumni Engagement
AUF280001The Greater University Scholarship Fund - AUFGeneral Scholarships
AUF280002Greater University Financial Need Scholarship - AUFGeneral Scholarships
AUF280003Greater University Scholarship - Hull COBGeneral Scholarships
AUF280004Environmental Services DiscretionaryFacilities
AUF280005Auxiliary Services - Food ServicesOperations
AUF280007Housing and Residence LifeEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF280008Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Training ProgramAdministrative
AUF280009COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Emergency Response FundHospitals/Clinics
AUF280020Faculty Research & Development ExpendableCOEHD
AUF280030Cree-Walker Chairs ExpendableHCOB
AUF280040Bankers First Directors ExpendableHCOB
AUF280050McKenney Award ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF280060George & Bessie Mae Beasley Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF280061Early College ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF280070R O Barton ExpendableHCOB
AUF280080Information Technology Services DiscretionaryInformation Technology
AUF280090Media Services Discretionary FundInformation Technology
AUF280110Facilities DiscretionaryFacilities
AUF280120Phi Kappa Phi Discretionary - GiftsInstruction & Innovation
AUF280130Technology ProjectsInformation Technology
AUF280140AU Summerville Alumni SocietyPhilanthropy & Alumni Engagement
AUF280160Forest Hills Capital Improvements Reserve FundGeneral
AUF280220Oscar Allen Presidential ExpendableCOEHD
AUF280230Center for Georgia History Endowment ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF280240Admissions DiscretionaryEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF280250Auxiliary Services DiscretionaryOperations
AUF280260Guard House MuseumPCAHSS
AUF280270Frank Chow Lee AwardGeneral Scholarships
AUF280280Stewart Wiggins Loan ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF280290Nancy L Moses Emergency Loan ExpGeneral Scholarships
AUF280300Isaiah & Justine Washington Trust ExpOffice of the President
AUF280310Dorroh Nowell ExpendableGeneral
AUF280320Eugenia T. Glover Recital Hall ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF280330ASU-Facilities Budget DiscretionaryFacilities
AUF280340ASU-Misc Restricted GiftsGeneral
AUF280350Student Support Greatest NeedEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF280360Faculty Support Greatest NeedFaculty Affairs
AUF281000Hope PLUS ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF281001J Miller Walker ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF281002Arsenal Oak ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF281003Alvin and Yvette Harris Scholarship ExpGeneral Scholarships
AUF281004Brian Mulherin Community Service Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF281006Helen Callahan Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF281007REACH ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF281008Ferrang Family ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF281009WSWG Foundation ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF281010Lacy D Decamp ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF281011Health Center Credit Union ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF281012Dr. Karla Kay Leeper ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF281013Thigpen Boys & Girls Clubs Scholarship FundGeneral Scholarships
AUF281014Terri and Lyn Allgood Family ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF281015Augusta Promise ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF281020Faculty- Alumni Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF281030Janis Bargeron Scholarship ExpendableCOEHD
AUF281040Clay M Skelton Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF281050H.F. & Sue LeRoy Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF281060Hilda E Pierce Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF281070Suzanne LeRoy Mulcay Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF281080Louise McCollum Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF281090Bruce McCollum Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF281100Oliver K Mixon Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF281110Robert Gould Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF281120Merrill Thompson Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF281130Ruth McAuliffe Memorial Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF281140Howard R Mulcay Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF281150Firefighter's Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF281160Steven W Patch Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF281170ABWA Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF281180Natalie & Lansing B Lee, Jr Presidential Scholarship ExpGeneral Scholarships
AUF281190North Columbia Fire & Rescue ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF281200Lexie's Legacy Memorial Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF281210Mavis Harrison Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF281220Ozella Jackson Book ScholarshipCOEHD
AUF281230Greg Witcher Valedictory AwardGeneral Scholarships
AUF281240Presidents' Choice ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF281250Marty Gibson ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF281260The Big Heart ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF281270Kristen Thompson ScholarshipEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF281280ALERTS ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF281290Cathy Barner Scholarship - GiftsGeneral Scholarships
AUF281300Watson-Brown GrantPCAHSS
AUF281310Trav-Italian Studies Abroad Prog-Fine Arts/WilliamGeneral Scholarships
AUF281320Helen Hendee ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF281321E. Wayne Lord Music ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF281330Joseph Greene ScholarshipHCOB
AUF281350Coca-Cola Bottling Company United Scholarship FundGeneral Scholarships
AUF281360Phylis Holliday Mental Health ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF281370Cynthia Ann McKinney Scholarship ExpGeneral Scholarships
AUF281380Kiwanis Club General Scholarship FundGeneral Scholarships
AUF291000Bailey Creative Writing ProgramPCAHSS
AUF291001Harris-Horizon Jazz ProgramPCAHSS
AUF291002Augusta University Friends of Music FundPCAHSS
AUF291003Richard V. Dillenbeck Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291005MAISS Discretionary FundPCAHSS
AUF291006Harry Jacobs Chamber Music SocietyPCAHSS
AUF291007Harry Jacobs Chamber Music Society ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291008Ellsworth Kelly Award Endowment ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291009Vola Jacobs Memorial Piano Recital Endowment ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291010English & World Languages International ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF291011Henry and Dorothy Heitman Fanning Memorial Scholarship ExpPCAHSS
AUF291013Jana Sandarg ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF291014Interdisciplinary ArtsPCAHSS
AUF291015Pamplin College Completion ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF291016Black Box TheatrePCAHSS
AUF291017Katherine H. Sweeney ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF291018Storytellers ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF291019Janice and Raymond Whiting ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF291020Mauldin Music ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF291021Center for Writing ExcellencePCAHSS
AUF291030Gwen Wood Book ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF291031Augusta University Model UNPCAHSS
AUF291050Lynthia Owens ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF291060AU American Opera InstitutePCAHSS
AUF291070AU Augusta Opera Scholarship AwardPCAHSS
AUF291071Natalie Lauren Wood ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF291080History Department DiscretionaryPCAHSS
AUF291090Music DiscretionaryPCAHSS
AUF291091Department of Music ScholarshipsPCAHSS
AUF291100Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities and Social SciencesPCAHSS
AUF291110Psychology Department Discretionary FundPCAHSS
AUF291111College of Science and Mathematics BuildingCSM
AUF291120CAHSS-Social Sciences DiscretionaryPCAHSS
AUF291130Department of English & World LanguagesPCAHSS
AUF291131Young Writers ContestPCAHSS
AUF291132Sand Hills Literary MagazinePCAHSS
AUF291150Department of Art and Design DiscretionaryPCAHSS
AUF291151Department of Art & Design ScholarshipsPCAHSS
AUF291160MPA ProgramPCAHSS
AUF291170Communications & Professional Writing DiscretionaryPCAHSS
AUF291180ASU Jazz Ensemble-GiftsPCAHSS
AUF291190Buffalo Soldiers FundPCAHSS
AUF291200Humanities DiscretionaryPCAHSS
AUF291210Center For Georgia History DiscretionaryPCAHSS
AUF291220Philosophy Events FundPCAHSS
AUF291230Women's and Gender Studies ProgramPCAHSS
AUF291260EFL Schols ProjectPCAHSS
AUF291270Frances Eugenia Comer ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291280Clark Cordle Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291290Katherine R Pamplin Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291300John C Bell Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291310Kelley Drake Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291320E Solomon Hirsh Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291330Patricia Lesher Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291340Jenny York Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291350Connie Vance Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291360Dr. and Mrs. J. Gray Dinwiddie, Jr. ScholarshipCSM
AUF291370Nate Bindler Art Faculty Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291380Renee Rondeau Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291390Kenneth Sexton Foundation Scholarship ExpendableInstruction & Innovation
AUF291400Lucille Fleischer ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291410Kevin Mulherin Foundation Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291420Gloria Dittus Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291430Lillian Rosen Art Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291440Keith Cowling Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291450Mary Lu Kuhl Sandhills ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291460Leslie L Youngblood Jr Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291470Jack Connell ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291480Nissa Bren Moles Music Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291490Edith Wright Bailey ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291500Martha A Neely ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291510Cantine Jones Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291520Larry E & Brian E Rykken ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291530Philip Morsberger ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291540Chelsea Anne Collins ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF291550Chelsea Collins Memorial Scholarship Eng & Foreign Lang ExpPCAHSS
AUF291560George-Ann W Knox Visiting Artist Program ExpPCAHSS
AUF291570Samuel & Sarah Singal ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291580Theo & Artemisia Thevaos ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291590Jonathan Scott Dean Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291591Psychological Sciences Graduate Student Research AwardPCAHSS
AUF291600John M Smith Jr Sociology ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291610Mary S Byrd Art Study Abroad Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291620Emily Stevens Bauman Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291630Robert L Johnston Sociology ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291640Wycliffe Gordon Jazz Scholarship ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291650William A Bloodworth Jr English & Foreign Language ExpPCAHSS
AUF291680Morris Eminent Scholar ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291850Lillie Butler Johnson ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF291870Charles Willig ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF291880Charles and Dordy Freeman ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF291890Cynthia Kelly Mem SchPCAHSS
AUF291900ASU-Radio Station - WACG 1PCAHSS
AUF291910Center for Social Science ResearchPCAHSS
AUF291930ASU-Piano FundPCAHSS
AUF291940Pamplin College ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF291950Mary S Byrd Art Scholarship Exp FundPCAHSS
AUF291960Mary S Byrd Music Scholarship Exp FundPCAHSS
AUF291970Storyland Music Scholarship Exp FundPCAHSS
AUF291980Storyland Communication Scholarship Exp FundPCAHSS
AUF291990Lucille Fleischer American Opera & Music Theatre Inst Endowed Expendable FundPCAHSS
AUF292000Ralph Walker ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF292001School of Public HealthSchool of Public Health
AUF292020Center for Public Service - Immigration Studies ExpendablePCAHSS
AUF293001Center for Innovation and Community Engagement (CICE)COEHD
AUF293002Gayle Sims Lee Scholarship Endowment Exp.COEHD
AUF293003Frank M. McMillan III Scholarship ExpendableCOEHD
AUF293005Ruth Ann (Joseph) Vericella ScholarshipCOEHD
AUF293006Emory Carlton Jester ScholarshipCOEHD
AUF293007Dr. Frank Chou ScholarshipCOEHD
AUF293008Augusta University National Writing ProjectCOEHD
AUF293009Leigh Jacobsen Willmann ScholarshipCOEHD
AUF293010Frank & Frances Green Scholarship ExpendableCOEHD
AUF293011Chick-fil-a Uplift Scholars FundCOEHD
AUF293012Georgia Power Foundation Teachers for Georgia ScholarshipCOEHD
AUF293013Thomas H. Tyson & Marcelle S. Tyson Memorial ScholarshipCOEHD
AUF293020Harvey Duncan Scholarship ExpendableCOEHD
AUF293030John M Smith Scholarship ExpendableCOEHD
AUF293040Louise White Memorial Scholarship ExpendableCOEHD
AUF293050Blanche Garrard Memorial Scholarship ExpendableCOEHD
AUF293060Michael Cisick Scholarship ExpendableCOEHD
AUF293070Renee P Russo Memorial Scholarship ExpendableCOEHD
AUF293080Estelle Patricia Berry Polite ExpendableCOEHD
AUF293090Robert Lee Henry Scholarship ExpendableCOEHD
AUF293100Frank and Sara Dennis Endowment ExpendableCOEHD
AUF293110Lyle Smith Memorial Scholarship ExpendableCOEHD
AUF293120Jo & Kyle Smith ExpendableCOEHD
AUF293130Becton ExpendableCOEHD
AUF293140Hardy Education ExpendableCOEHD
AUF293150Richard D. Harrison Scholarship ExpendableCOEHD
AUF293160Ed Leadership EndowmentCOEHD
AUF293170Teaching and LeadingCOEHD
AUF293180Augusta Woman's Club ScholarshipCOEHD
AUF293200College of Education and Human DevelopmentCOEHD
AUF293210Advanced Studies & InnovationCOEHD
AUF293230AU Literacy Center ProgramCOEHD
AUF293231Elaine Clark Smith Literacy FundCOEHD
AUF293240Golf for Business & LifeCOEHD
AUF293260George & Helen Thevaos Memorial Fund ExpCOEHD
AUF293280College of Education and Human Development ScholarshipCOEHD
AUF293290Donald B. Brigdon Education Endowed Scholarship ExpendableCOEHD
AUF293300Janice R. Roberts Middle School Education Exp.COEHD
AUF294000Pamplin - CSM - Living Learning Community (LLC)CSM
AUF294001W. Harold Moon ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF294002Dean Rickey Hicks CSM Memorial ScholarshipCSM
AUF294003University Scholars ProgramCSM
AUF294005Flip Timmons ScholarshipCSM
AUF294006Georgia Power Foundation ScholarshipCSM
AUF294007College of Science and Mathematics Student ResearchCSM
AUF294008CSM Biological Sciences Student ResearchCSM
AUF294009CSM Mathematics Student ResearchCSM
AUF294010Department of Chemistry and BiochemistryCSM
AUF294011PCAHSS Psychological Sciences Student ResearchPCAHSS
AUF294012CSM Chemistry and Biochemistry Student ResearchCSM
AUF294013CSM Physics and Biophysics Student ResearchCSM
AUF294014John L. Rosenkoetter ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF294015Roy G. Post Foundation ScholarshipCSM
AUF294016Department of Physics and BiophysicsCSM
AUF294020Jerry S Townsend Scholarship ExpendableCSM
AUF294030Grover Williams Scholarship ExpendableCSM
AUF294040Chessley B. Howard Research Chemistry and Biochemistry ScholarshipCSM
AUF294050Chessley B. Howard Research Physics and Biophysics ScholarshipCSM
AUF294060Biology ExpendableCSM
AUF294070C H Vaughan Biology ExpendableCSM
AUF294080Albert M. & Joyce E. Shaw Scholarship Expendable FundCSM
AUF294090Emil K Urban Student Research Award ExpendableCSM
AUF294100Cameron Wylds ExpendableCSM
AUF294150Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry ScholarshipCSM
AUF294160ADP STEM ScholarshipCSM
AUF294170Department of Mathematics Discretionary FundCSM
AUF294180Pamplin Endowment - CSM - Department of Chemistry and BiochemistryCSM
AUF294181Pamplin Endowment - CSM - Department of Physics and BiophysicsCSM
AUF294190Biology Discretionary FundCSM
AUF294200College of Science and MathematicsCSM
AUF294210Psychology Conference FundPCAHSS
AUF294220Dustin Hayden ScholarshipCSM
AUF294230College of Science and Mathematics ScholarshipCSM
AUF294250Military Sciences DiscretionaryInstruction & Innovation
AUF295000Edward B. and Estelle Patricia Berry Polite Scholarship ExpendableHCOB
AUF295001TaxSlayer ScholarshipCCS
AUF295002ADP PartnershipHCOB
AUF295003Goebel Financial InnovationHCOB
AUF295004Erwin C. Reid Study Abroad/Away ScholarshipHCOB
AUF295005Erwin C. Reid Internship ScholarshipHCOB
AUF295006Hull Ambassadors ProgramHCOB
AUF295007Brad and Paige Usry Family ScholarshipHCOB
AUF295008Isaac, Andrew, Ethan, and Caroline Cantrell ScholarshipHCOB
AUF295010William T Maxwell ExpendableHCOB
AUF295020Paul B Bailey ExpendableHCOB
AUF295030Sherman Drawdy Assistantship ExpendableHCOB
AUF295040NW Mutual Financial Network Scholarship ExpendableHCOB
AUF295050Henry Flaherty Assistanceship Program ExpendableHCOB
AUF295060Clay Flanders Scholarship ExpendableHCOB
AUF295070Business Deans Fund for Excellence ExpendableHCOB
AUF295080Betty Friedman Student Assistantship ExpendableHCOB
AUF295090Cecil R Turner Memorial Scholarship ExpendableHCOB
AUF295100Russell Blanchard ExpendableHCOB
AUF295110Schrameck Family Memorial Scholarship ExpendableHCOB
AUF295120Bill Monge ExpendableHCOB
AUF295130MIS ExpendableHCOB
AUF295140Hull College of Business ExpendableHCOB
AUF295150Georgia Bank & Trust ExpendableHCOB
AUF295160Knox School of Accountancy ExpendableHCOB
AUF295170Charles H D Williamson ExpendableHCOB
AUF295180Phi Kappa Phi ExpendableHCOB
AUF295190Wachovia ExpendableHCOB
AUF295200Hull COB Knox Scholars ExpendableHCOB
AUF295210First Citizens Foundation ExpendableHCOB
AUF295220SRNS ExpendableHCOB
AUF295230J Porter Adams Scholarship Fund ExpendableHCOB
AUF295240Tax Slayer ExpendableHCOB
AUF295250Earle J. Maddocks Scholarship in AccountingHCOB
AUF295270Knox Chair ExpendableHCOB
AUF295290Hull College of BusinessHCOB
AUF295300College of Business Admin - Fac. Research & DeveloHCOB
AUF295310Hull College of Business - GA Soc CPA'sHCOB
AUF295320Phi Beta LambdaHCOB
AUF295330MINF 2201-GiftsHCOB
AUF295340Sancken Memorial Trust ExpendableHCOB
AUF295360Maxwell Chair ExpendableHCOB
AUF295370Harry L. Howard Scholarship in Business ExpendableHCOB
AUF295380Hull College of Business ScholarshipHCOB
AUF296000Naomi S. Monge Scholarship EXPCON
AUF296001Dr. Maureen Bravo Nursing ScholarshipCON
AUF296002Yolanda Coar Nursing ScholarshipCON
AUF296003Yekeen A. Aderibigbe, M.D. and Earlie Dee Rockette-Aderibige, MSN, EdD ScholarshipCON
AUF296004Marion English Broome PhD ScholarshipCON
AUF296005Ever Onward AwardCON
AUF296010Frances C Gunn Scholarship ExpendableCON
AUF296020Sarah Sancken Davis ExpendableCON
AUF296030Nursing ExpendableCON
AUF296040Adele Key Scholarship ExpendableCON
AUF296050Class of 2008 Nursing Scholarship ExpendableCON
AUF296051MCG Nursing Class of 1971 ScholarshipCON
AUF296052Doris Gramling Nursing ScholarshipCON
AUF296070Nursing Department Discretionary FundCON
AUF297000Student Emergency FundEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF297001AU Faculty Senate - AUFProvost
AUF297002Experiential LearningInstruction & Innovation
AUF297004Academic Success CenterEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF297005AAMI - African American Male Initiative ProgramEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF297006Black Faculty and Staff Association - BFSADiversity & Inclusion
AUF297007Drs. Gretchen & Frank Caughman Honors ScholarshipInstruction & Innovation
AUF297008LGBTQ Faculty and Staff AssociationDiversity & Inclusion
AUF297009Henry & Dorothy Fanning Honors ProgramInstruction & Innovation
AUF297010Katherine Reese Pamplin LibraryUniversity Libraries
AUF297011Innovate Pitch Competition SupportStrategic Partnerships & Economic Development
AUF297012University LibrariesUniversity Libraries
AUF297020Matthew Miklas Scholarship Fund Exp- Testing & DisabilityPCAHSS
AUF297030Matthew Miklas Scholarship Fund Exp- CommunicationsPCAHSS
AUF297040Louis K Bell ExpendableFaculty Affairs
AUF297050R S Wallace Dist Service Award ExpendableFaculty Affairs
AUF297070Division of Prof & Comm Education DiscretionaryInstruction & Innovation
AUF297080Reese LibraryUniversity Libraries
AUF297090Career Center DiscretionaryEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF297100Academic Advisement Center DiscretionaryEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF297101Office of New Student and Family TransitionsEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF297110VP Enrollment & Student Affairs - AUFEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF297120Public Relations DiscretionaryExternal Relations
AUF297130Institutional Effectiveness & Research DiscretionaryInstitutional Effectiveness
AUF297140Military Veterans Outreach Center DiscretionaryEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF297150Conservatory Music ProgramPCAHSS
AUF297160Center for TeachingInstruction & Innovation
AUF297170AU Honors DiscretionaryInstruction & Innovation
AUF297180Study Abroad DiscretionaryInstruction & Innovation
AUF297190Faculty ClubProvost
AUF297200CURSInstruction & Innovation
AUF297210The Life of the Mind-GiftsPCAHSS
AUF297220Dean of Students Discretionary FundEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF297240Friends of Maxwell TheatreEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF297250Counseling Center DiscretionaryEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF297260Student Activities DiscretionaryEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF297261Augustus MascotEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF297262Mr.and Miss Augusta University ProgramEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF297263Esports ProgramEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF297270Open Paws Food PantryEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF297280Multicultural Student EngagementEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF297281Multicultural Student Success ScholarshipEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF297290Testing & Disability ServicesEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF297300Summerville Callaway ChairCSM
AUF298000Augusta University Birdie ClubAthletics
AUF298001Rhonda and Lloyd Graybeal Women's Golf ScholarshipAthletics
AUF298002Clint Bryant Student Athlete Scholarship Endowment Exp.Athletics
AUF298003Athletics Department ScholarshipAthletics
AUF298004Baseball and Softball Facility SupportAthletics
AUF298005Nick W. and Beth P. Evans Family Golf SupportAthletics
AUF298006Phoenix Printing Golf SupportAthletics
AUF298007A. L. Williams, Jr. ScholarshipAthletics
AUF298008Riverside Refreshments Men's Golf ScholarshipAthletics
AUF298009Catherine and Jeff Knox Scholarship FundAthletics
AUF298010W. Christian Etterlee II Basketball ScholarshipAthletics
AUF298011Dan and Anne Moon Women's Golf Support FundAthletics
AUF298012Grady Smith Women's Golf ScholarshipAthletics
AUF298013Dan and Belinda Whitfield Men's Golf SupportAthletics
AUF298014Joanne Hadden Golf SupportAthletics
AUF298015Terry Childers, Sr. Baseball SupportAthletics
AUF298016J. Fleming Norvell Golf ScholarshipAthletics
AUF298020Kiwanis Club Athletics ScholarshipAthletics
AUF298021Alvin and Yvette Harris Sports Performance CenterAthletics
AUF298030Athletics DepartmentAthletics
AUF298040Athletics General ReserveAthletics
AUF298050Jaguar ClubAthletics
AUF298061Jani-King Baseball Support FundAthletics
AUF298070Men's BasketballAthletics
AUF298090Men's GolfAthletics
AUF298130Women's BasketballAthletics
AUF298140Women's GolfAthletics
AUF298160Athletic Men's Golf TournamentAthletics
AUF298170Athletic Women's Golf TournamentAthletics
AUF298180Advancement ProgramsGeneral Scholarships
AUF298190Dugout ClubAthletics
AUF298200Howard Creel Golf Scholarship ExpendableAthletics
AUF298210Sam Sibley ExpendableAthletics
AUF298220J C Bible Golf Scholarship ExpendableAthletics
AUF298230William & Elizabeth Sherrill Scholarship (SCOPE) ExpendableAthletics
AUF298240Mikael Peterson Golf Scholarship ExpendableAthletics
AUF298250Frances & Russell Phillips Scholarship ExpendableGeneral Scholarships
AUF298260J Neal Garland Golf Scholarship ExpendableAthletics
AUF298270Howard L Wagner Golf Scholarship ExpendableAthletics
AUF298280Gerald M Carter Golf Scholarship ExpendableAthletics
AUF298290Marvin Vanover Scholarship Expendable FundAthletics
AUF298300Dressel-Evans Scholarship Expendable FundAthletics
AUF299000Cyber Institute OperationsCCS
AUF299001Cyber Institute OutreachCCS
AUF299002GCITC SRNL Faculty PartnershipCCS
AUF299003School of Cyber and Computer Sciences ScholarshipCCS
AUF299004School of Cyber and Computer SciencesCCS
AUF299005Lillian P. & Victor Rattner Computer Science ScholarshipCCS
AUF300031VolunTeen-VolunJag Spirit of Service Scholarship EndowmentExternal Relations
AUF300240MCG Faculty and Spouse Scholarship EndowmentProvost
AUF300390Dr. Kamla Shah Foundation Scholarship Endowment FundGeneral Scholarships
AUF300410Dr. Ricardo Azziz Presidential ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF310000Dr. Harshi Singh Bains Ophthalmology Education EndowmentMCG
AUF310010Dean and Aileen Chinberg Pediatric Cancer Research Endowment FundMCG
AUF310015Cecil Herrin EndowmentHospitals/Clinics
AUF310022Dr. Arthur W. and Suzanne S. Willis Endowed Chair End.MCG
AUF310032Dr. Sam Singal Scholarship EndowmentMCG
AUF310390Possibilities CLL Treatment EndowmentMCG
AUF310400Student Educational Enrichment Program (SEEP) Endowment FundMCG
AUF310410Williams - Jorman Academic AwardMCG
AUF310490Brennan Simkins Pediatric Leukemia Research Endowment FundMCG
AUF310570Candler County Physicians Scholarship EndowmentGeneral Scholarships
AUF310610White Coat Scholarship Endowment FundMCG
AUF310630Charles H. Wray MCG Student Scholarship EndowmentMCG
AUF310860Wiley S. Black, M.D. & Judy S. Black MCG/CON Scholarship Endow. FundMCG
AUF311930Armand M. Karow Jr. Pharmacology Scholarship EndowmentMCG
AUF312001Dr. Joseph M. Greene, Jr. Memorial Lectureship EndowmentDCG
AUF312002Layman Family Dental College of Georgia Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312003Dr. Carol A. Lefebvre and Mr. Kevin P. Corbin EndowmentDCG
AUF312004Pam and Dale Crail Endowed ScholarshipDCG
AUF312005A.D. and Jerlene Elliott Endowed ScholarshipDCG
AUF312006Dr. Louvenia A. Rainge Endowed Scholarship ENDDCG
AUF312008Hanes Family Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312009Dr. Karyn Stockwell Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312012Alliance of the GA Dental Association Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312013Akbar Family Scholarshp EndowmentDCG
AUF312015Virginia A. Merchant Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312016Dr. James B. Hall III Memorial Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312018Dr. Rico D. Short Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312019Dr. Debra Gray King Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312021Cook-Fisher Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312022Joy Lynn Hubbard Memorial Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312023Christian Callejas Montealegre Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312024Dr. Emile T. Fisher DCG Student Support EndowmentDCG
AUF312025Atlanta Dental David P. Blackshear EndowmentDCG
AUF312026Class of 2001 DCG Student Health and Wellness EndowmentDCG
AUF312028Hedrick Family Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312029Dr. David A. Owings Memorial Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312030Zachary J. Powell Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312031Weller/Kimbrough/Loushine Endodontics Residency Support EndowmentDCG
AUF312032Dr. Michael M. Kiyani Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312033Dr. Kevin B. Frazier OKU Leadership Award EndowmentDCG
AUF312034Ambrose Family Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312035Class of 1997/Dr. Van Haywood Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312036Stephanie Perry Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312200DCG Alumni Association EndowmentDCG
AUF312230Dr. Jeannie H. Moran Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312270Dr. Emile T. Fisher Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312280Dr. Emile T. Fisher Omicron Kappa Upsilon Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312290Dr. George and Mrs. Betty Schuster Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312340Dr. Jackie Weatherred Memorial Scholarship EndowmentDCG
AUF312410Thomas P. Hinman Educational Endowment FundDCG
AUF312440Jack W. Carter, D.D.S. Orthodontic Lecture Series EndowmentDCG
AUF313001Marlene M. Rosenkoetter Research Award EndowmentCON
AUF313002Marion, Cromer, Layman Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) Scholarship EndCON
AUF313005Marion English Broome BSN Scholarship EndowmentCON
AUF313007Jeannine Pawl Study Away/Abroad EndowmentCON
AUF313008Doctor of Nursing Practice Scholarship EndowmentCON
AUF313009Rural Nursing Student Scholarship EndowmentCON
AUF313011Marlene M. Rosenkoetter Research Professorship EndowmentCON
AUF313012Helen K. Moxley Memorial Scholarship EndowmentCON
AUF313014Frances F. Knapp Scholarship EndowmentCON
AUF313015Dr. Tanya Sudia Scholarship EndowmentCON
AUF313016Christine Cardenas Nursing Scholarship EndowmentCON
AUF313017Stelling Leadership Award EndowmentCON
AUF313018Richard (Bill) & Ollie K. Creasy Nursing Scholarship EndowmentCON
AUF313050AU Health Nursing Scholars EndowmentCON
AUF313160Dr. Lenette O. Burrell Nurse Educator Scholarship EndowmentCON
AUF313170The Otto and Marguerite Mertins Memorial Scholarship EndowmeCON
AUF313190Helene Fuld Baccalaureate Nursing Student Scholarship EndowmCON
AUF313220CON Lifetime Membership EndowmentCON
AUF313280Lore Rogers Memorial Scholarship EndowmentCON
AUF313320EZ Agape Foundation Nursing Scholarship End. FundCON
AUF313390Layman Family Scholarship EndowmentCON
AUF313400Class of 1972 Endowment FundCON
AUF313410Ralph W. and Harriet H. McAfee Military Nursing FundCON
AUF313420Trailblazer Award EndowmentCON
AUF313450The Dr. Susan Alden AwardCON
AUF313480Mary E. Conway, Ph.D. Minority ScholarshipCON
AUF313520Patricia A. Wozniak College of Nursing Scholarship and Support EndowmentCON
AUF314001Layman Family Allied Health Sciences Endowed ScholarshipCAHS
AUF314002Andrew and Louise Balas Global Health Endowed ScholarshipCAHS
AUF314009John Palmer Physician Assistant Professionalism EndowmentCAHS
AUF314011Dr. A Reginald Pilcher Memorial Scholarship EndowmentCAHS
AUF314012Sara Haddow Liebel Physician Assistant Scholarship EndowmentCAHS
AUF314013Augusta Endodontic Center Dental Hygiene Scholarship EndowmentCAHS
AUF314021Octavia Garlington Memorial EndowmentCAHS
AUF314022Ann Stuart Anderson Scholarship EndowmentCAHS
AUF314023College of Allied Health Sciences Horizon Award EndowmentCAHS
AUF314030Julia R. Crowley Leadership Recognition EndowmentCAHS
AUF314091Neil & Leanne MacKinnon Occupational Therapy Scholarship EndowmentCAHS
AUF314100Art Hardy Memorial Scholarship Endowment FundCAHS
AUF314121Dr. Tyler Wallace Physical Therapy Scholarship EndowmentCAHS
AUF314150Bill Stenstrom Memorial Scholarship EndowmentCAHS
AUF314230Art Taft Student Scholarship EndowmentCAHS
AUF316002Dean and Aileen Chinberg Childlife Endowment FundHospitals/Clinics
AUF316028Buddy EndowmentHospitals/Clinics
AUF316030The Kisner Foundation & Friends Center EndowmentHospitals/Clinics
AUF316180Sodomka Patient Family Centered Care Education Endowment FundHospitals/Clinics
AUF380010Pamplin CAHSS EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF380020Faculty Research & Development EndowmentCOEHD
AUF380030Cree-Walker Chairs EndowmentGeneral
AUF380040Bankers First Directors EndowmentHCOB
AUF380050McKenney Award EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF380060G. and B. Beasley Scholarship EndowmentGeneral Scholarships
AUF380070R. O. Barton Endowment - GiftsHCOB
AUF380220Oscar Allen Presidential FundGeneral
AUF380230Center for Georgia History EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF380270Frank Chow Lee Award EndowmentGeneral Scholarships
AUF380280Stewart Wiggins Loan EndowmentGeneral Scholarships
AUF380290Nancy L. Moses EndowmentGeneral Scholarships
AUF380300Isaiah & Justine Washington Trust EndowmentOffice of the President
AUF380310ASU-Dorroh Nowell EndowmentGeneral
AUF381002Arsenal Oak Scholarship EndowmentGeneral Scholarships
AUF381003Alvin and Yvette Harris Scholarship EndGeneral Scholarships
AUF381004Brian Mulherin Community Service Scholarship EndowmentGeneral Scholarships
AUF381006Helen Callahan Scholarship EndowmentGeneral Scholarships
AUF381008Ferrang Family Scholarship EndowmentGeneral Scholarships
AUF381010Lacy D. Decamp EndGeneral Scholarships
AUF381011Health Center Credit Union Scholarship EndowmentGeneral Scholarships
AUF381012Dr. Karla Kay Leeper Scholarship EndowmentGeneral Scholarships
AUF381014Terri and Lyn Allgood Family Scholarship EndowmentGeneral Scholarships
AUF381015Augusta Promise Scholarship EndowmentGeneral Scholarships
AUF381020Faculty - Alumni ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF381030Janis Bargeron Scholarship EndowmentCOEHD
AUF381040Clay M. Skelton ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF381050H.F. & Sue LeRoy ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF381060Hilda E. Pierce ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF381070Suzanne LeRoy MulcayGeneral Scholarships
AUF381080Louise McCollum Scholarship EndowmentGeneral Scholarships
AUF381090Bruce McCollum Scholarship EndowmentGeneral Scholarships
AUF381100Oliver K. Mixon ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF381110Robert Gould Scholarship EndowmentGeneral Scholarships
AUF381120Merrill Thompson ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF381130Ruth McAuliffe EndowmentGeneral Scholarships
AUF381140Howard R Mulcay Scholarship EndowmentGeneral Scholarships
AUF381150Firefighter's ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF381160Steven W. Patch ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF381170ABWA ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF381180Natalie and Lansing B Lee, Jr Pres SchGeneral Scholarships
AUF381190North Columbia Fire & Rescue End SchGeneral Scholarships
AUF381200Lexie's Legacy Memorial ScholarshipGeneral Scholarships
AUF381210Mavis Harrison Sch EndowmentGeneral Scholarships
AUF381270Kristen Thompson Scholarship EndowmentEnrollment & Student Affairs
AUF381320Helen Hendee Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF381321E. Wayne Lord Music Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF381360Phylis Holliday Mental Health Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF381370ASU-Cynthia Ann McKinney Scholarship EndowmentGeneral Scholarships
AUF391003Richard V. Dillenbeck Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391007Harry Jacobs Chamber Music Society EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391009Vola Jacobs Memorial Piano Recital EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391011Henry and Dorothy Heitman Fanning Memorial Scholarship EndPCAHSS
AUF391013Jana Sandarg Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391014Interdisciplinary Arts EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391017Katherine H. Sweeney Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391018Storytellers Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391019Janice and Raymond Whiting Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391071Natalie Lauren Wood Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391270Frances Eugenia Comer EndPCAHSS
AUF391280Clark Cordle Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391290Katherine R. Pamplin EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391300John C Bell Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391310Kelly Drake EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391320Elise Solomon Hirsh EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391330Patricia Smith Lesher EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391340Jenny York Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391350Connie Vance Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391360Dr. and Mrs. J. Gray Dinwiddie, Jr. Scholarship EndowmentCSM
AUF391370Nate Bindler Art Faculty Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391380Renee Olubunmi Rondeau Mem ScholPCAHSS
AUF391390Kenneth Sexton Foundation ScholarshipCSM
AUF391400Lucille Fleischer EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391410Kevin Mulherin Music ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF391420Gloria Dittus EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391430Lillian Rosen Art ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF391440W. Keith Cowling Endowment FundPCAHSS
AUF391450Mary Lu Kuhl Sandhills EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391460Leslie L. Youngblood, Jr. ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF391470Jack Connell ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF391480Nissa Bren Moles Music ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF391490Edith Wright Bailey EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391500Martha A. Neely EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391510Cantine Jones ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF391520Larry E. & Brian E. Rykken EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391530Philip Morsberger EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391540Chelsea Anne Collins Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391560George-Ann W Knox Visiting Artist ProgramPCAHSS
AUF391570Samuel J & Sarah Singal EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391580Theo & Artemisia Thevaos EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391590Jonathan Scott Dean ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF391591Psychological Sciences Graduate Student Research Award EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391600John M Smith, Jr. Sociology EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391610Mary S Byrd Art Study Abroad ScholarshipPCAHSS
AUF391620Emily Stevens Baumann Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391630Robert L Johnston Sociology Endowment FundPCAHSS
AUF391640Wycliffe Gordon Jazz Scholarship-GiftsPCAHSS
AUF391650William A. Bloodworth, Jr. EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391680Morris Eminent Scholar ChairPCAHSS
AUF391850Lillie Butler Johnson Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391880Charles and Dordy Freeman EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391950Mary S Byrd Art Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391960Mary S Byrd Music Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF391990Lucille Fleischer American Opera & Musical Theatre Instit. at AU End. FundPCAHSS
AUF392000Ralph Walker Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF392020Center for Public Service - Immigration Studies EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF393002Gayle Sims Lee Scholarship EndowmentCOEHD
AUF393003Frank M. McMillan III Scholarship EndowmentCOEHD
AUF393005Ruth Ann (Joseph) Vericella Scholarship EndowmentCOEHD
AUF393006Emory Carlton Jester Scholarship EndowmentCOEHD
AUF393007Dr. Frank Chou Scholarship EndowmentCOEHD
AUF393009Leigh Jacobsen Willmann Scholarship EndowmentCOEHD
AUF393010Frank & Alice Green Memorial ScholarshipCOEHD
AUF393012Georgia Power Foundation Teachers for Georgia Scholarship EndowmentCOEHD
AUF393013Thomas H. Tyson & Marcelle S. Tyson Memorial Scholarship EndowmentCOEHD
AUF393020Harvey Duncan Scholarship EndowmentCOEHD
AUF393030John M Smith Scholarship EndowmentCOEHD
AUF393040Louise White Memorial Scholarship EndowmentCOEHD
AUF393050Blanche Garrard Memorial ScholarshipCOEHD
AUF393060Michael Cisick ScholarshipCOEHD
AUF393070Renee P. Russo MemorialCOEHD
AUF393080Estelle Patricia Berry Polite EndowmentCOEHD
AUF393090Robert Lee Henry ScholarshipCOEHD
AUF393100Frank and Sara Dennis EndowmentCOEHD
AUF393110Lyle Smith Memorial ScholarshipCOEHD
AUF393120Jo and Kyle Smith ScholarshipCOEHD
AUF393130Becton EndowmentCOEHD
AUF393140Hardy Education EndowmentCOEHD
AUF393150Richard D. Harrison EndowmentCOEHD
AUF393231Elaine Clark Smith Literacy EndowmentCOEHD
AUF393260George & Helen Thevaos Memorial Fund EndCOEHD
AUF393290Donald B. Brigdon Education Endowed Scholarship EndowmentCOEHD
AUF393300Janice R. Roberts Middle School Education EndowmentCOEHD
AUF394001W. Harold Moon Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF394002Dean Rickey Hicks CSM Memorial Scholarship EndowmentCSM
AUF394005Flip Timmons Scholarship EndowmentCSM
AUF394006Georgia Power Foundation Scholarship EndowmentCSM
AUF394010Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry EndowmentCSM
AUF394014John L. Rosenkoetter Scholarship EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF394016Department of Physics and Biophysics EndowmentCSM
AUF394020Jerry Sue Townsend ScholarshipCSM
AUF394030Grover Williams ScholarshipCSM
AUF394040Chessley B. Howard Research Chemistry and Biochemistry Scholarship EndowmentCSM
AUF394050Chessley B. Howard Research Physics and Biophysics Scholarship EndowmentCSM
AUF394060Biology EndowmentCSM
AUF394070Carolyn Vaughan Biology EndowmentCSM
AUF394080Albert M. & Joyce E. Shaw Scholarship FundCSM
AUF394090Emil Urban Student Research AwardCSM
AUF394100Cameron Wylds EndowmentCSM
AUF394220Dustin Hayden Scholarship EndowmentCSM
AUF395000Edward B. and Estelle Patricia Berry Polite Scholarship EndowmentHCOB
AUF395004Erwin C. Reid Study Abroad/Away Scholarship EndowmentHCOB
AUF395005Erwin C. Reid Internship Scholarship EndowmentHCOB
AUF395006Hull Ambassadors Program EndowmentHCOB
AUF395007Brad and Paige Usry Family Scholarship EndowmentHCOB
AUF395008Isaac, Andrew, Ethan, and Caroline Cantrell Scholarship EndowmentHCOB
AUF395010William T Maxwell EndowmentHCOB
AUF395020Paul B. Bailey EndowmentHCOB
AUF395030Sherman Drawdy AssistantshipHCOB
AUF395040NW Mutual Financial Network Scholarship EndowmentHCOB
AUF395050Henry Flaherty Assistance ProgramHCOB
AUF395060Clay Flanders EndowmentHCOB
AUF395070Business Dean's Fund for Excellence FundHCOB
AUF395080Betty Friedman Student Assistantship EndowmentHCOB
AUF395090Cecil R. Turner ScholarshipHCOB
AUF395100Russell Blanchard EndowmentHCOB
AUF395110Schrameck Family Memorial ScholarshipHCOB
AUF395120Bill Monge EndowmentHCOB
AUF395130MIS EndowmentHCOB
AUF395140Hull College of Business EndowmentHCOB
AUF395150GA Bank & Trust EndowmentHCOB
AUF395160Knox School of AccountancyHCOB
AUF395170Charles H. D. Williamson EndowmentHCOB
AUF395180Phi Kappa Phi EndowmentHCOB
AUF395190Wachovia Endowment-GiftsHCOB
AUF395200Hull COB Knox ScholarsHCOB
AUF395210First Citizens Foundation EndowmentHCOB
AUF395220SRNS EndowmentHCOB
AUF395230J. Porter Adams Scholarship FundHCOB
AUF395240Tax Slayer EndowmentHCOB
AUF395250Earle J. Maddocks Scholarship in Accounting EndowmentHCOB
AUF395270Knox Chair EndowmentHCOB
AUF395340Sancken Memorial Trust EndowmentHCOB
AUF395360Maxwell ChairHCOB
AUF395370Harry L. Howard Scholarship in Business EndowmentHCOB
AUF396000Naomi S. Monge Scholarship ENDCON
AUF396001Dr. Maureen Bravo Nursing Scholarship EndowmentCON
AUF396002Yolanda Coar Nursing Scholarship EndowmentCON
AUF396003Yekeen A. Aderibigbe, M.D. and Earlie Dee Rockette-Aderibige, MSN, EdD Scholarship EndowmentCON
AUF396004Marion English Broome PhD Scholarship EndowmentCON
AUF396010Frances C Gunn Scholarship EndowmentCON
AUF396020Sarah Sancken Davis EndowmentCON
AUF396030Nursing EndowmentCON
AUF396040Adele Reeves Key Memorial FundCON
AUF396050Class of 2008 Nursing Scholarship - GiftsCON
AUF396051MCG Nursing Class of 1971 Scholarship EndowmentCON
AUF396052Doris Gramling Nursing Scholarship EndowmentCON
AUF397007Drs. Gretchen & Frank Caughman Honors Scholarship EndowmentInstruction & Innovation
AUF397009Henry & Dorothy Fanning Honors Program EndowmentInstruction & Innovation
AUF397010Katherine Reese Pamplin Library EndowmentUniversity Libraries
AUF397020Matthew Miklas EndowmentPCAHSS
AUF397040Louis K Bell Research AwardFaculty Affairs
AUF397050R.S. Wallace Dist. Service AwardFaculty Affairs
AUF398001Rhonda and Lloyd Graybeal Women's Golf Scholarship EndowmentAthletics
AUF398002Clint Bryant Student Athlete Scholarship EndowmentAthletics
AUF398005Nick W. and Beth P. Evans Family Golf Support EndowmentAthletics
AUF398007A. L. Williams, Jr. Scholarship EndowmentAthletics
AUF398008Riverside Refreshments Men's Golf Scholarship EndowmentAthletics
AUF398012Grady Smith Women's Golf Scholarship EndowmentAthletics
AUF398013Dan and Belinda Whitfield Men's Golf Support EndowmentAthletics
AUF398015Terry Childers, Sr. Baseball Support EndowmentAthletics
AUF398016J. Fleming Norvell Golf Scholarship EndowmentAthletics
AUF398200Howard Creel Golf Scholarship EndowmentAthletics
AUF398210Sam Sibley EndowmentAthletics
AUF398220J C Bible Golf Scholarship EndowmentAthletics
AUF398230Scope Scholarship - William & Elizabeth Sherrill FundAthletics
AUF398240Mikael Peterson Golf EndowmentAthletics
AUF398250Frances and Russell Phillips Scholarship EndowmentGeneral Scholarships
AUF398260J. Neal Garland Golf EndowmentAthletics
AUF398270Howard Wagner Golf Scholarship EndowmentAthletics
AUF398280Gerald M. Carter Golf ScholarshipAthletics
AUF398290Marvin Vanover ScholarshipAthletics
AUF398300Dressel-Evans Scholarship FundAthletics
AUF399005Lillian P. & Victor Rattner Computer Science Scholarship EndowmentCCS
MCGF1000005Dr. Arthur W. Willis & Suzanne S. Willis Ed. EndowmentMCG
MCGF1101UGeneral UnrestrictedUnrestricted
MCGF1300UPaceline RideUnrestricted
MCGF2000POhlen R. Wilson, M.D. & Martha S. Wilson GCAMCG
MCGF3000PSchool of Graduate Studies Star Award EndowmentTGS
MCGF3001PJ. Malcolm Kling Lectureship EndowmentMCG
MCGF3002PGraduate Studies EndowmentTGS
MCGF3003TDean-School Of Graduate StudiesTGS
MCGF3004TDarrell W. Brann Scholarship Award in NeuroscienceTGS
MCGF4000PJessie O. Brown Scholarship/Activity EndowmentCAHS
MCGF4001PErma Myers Physical Therapy Student ScholarshipCAHS
MCGF4002PDr. Bashir A. Chaudhary Respiratory Therapy EndowmentCAHS
MCGF4003PAbdul Hamid Shaikh Chemistry Award EndowmentCAHS
MCGF4004PRaymond and Helen Bard ScholarshipCAHS
MCGF4005PBella J. May Achievement AwardCAHS
MCGF4006PDental Hygiene EndowmentCAHS
MCGF4007PC.H. Hall EndowmentCAHS
MCGF4008PKellett Chair of Allied Health SciencesCAHS
MCGF4009PO.A. Parkes Medical Illustration Endowment FundCAHS
MCGF4010PWalter Shepeard Achievement Awards EndowmentCAHS
MCGF4011PJohn Powell Scholarship EndowmentCAHS
MCGF4012PKayte A. Wimberly EndowmentCAHS
MCGF4013PAnn Stuart Anderson Student Endowment FundCAHS
MCGF4013TAnn Stuart Anderson Student Expendable FundCAHS
MCGF4014TCharlotte Johnston's Memorial ScholarshipCAHS
MCGF4015TArt Hardy Memorial ScholarshipCAHS
MCGF4016TOccupational TherapyCAHS
MCGF4017TCarmen Reyes ScholarshipCAHS
MCGF4018PBiagio J. Vericella Award For Excellence In AHS EndowmentCAHS
MCGF4018TBiagio J. Vericella Award For Excellence In AHSCAHS
MCGF4019TDavid J. Mascaro Medical Illustration FundCAHS
MCGF4020PChester E. Hendrich Memorial ScholarshipCAHS
MCGF4021PDr. Geraldine Rinker Clinical Laboratory Science ScholarshipCAHS
MCGF5000PDr. & Mrs. J. Ben Deal College of Dental Medicine Scholarship ENDDCG
MCGF5001PDr. Jeannie H. Moran College of Dental Medicine ScholarshipDCG
MCGF5002PMedical College of Georgia Fnd School of Dentistry ScholarshipDCG
MCGF5003PMedical College of GA School of Dentistry Memorial ScholarshipDCG
MCGF5004PDr. Dolly Hearn Scholarship EndowmentDCG
MCGF5005PThe Congressman Charlie Norwood, D.D.S. ScholarshipDCG
MCGF5006PJopling MCG Dental School ScholarshipDCG
MCGF5007PDr. Gerald Loft and Beatrice Loft ScholarshipDCG
MCGF5008PSchool of Dentistry Class of 1973 ScholarshipDCG
MCGF5009PDr. Judson C. Hickey Scholarship EndowmentDCG
MCGF5010PThomas P. Hinman Chair of Restorative DentistryDCG
MCGF5011PWilmer B. Eames Dental Study GroupDCG
MCGF5012PDaniel L. Cassidy, DMD Restorative ServicesDCG
MCGF5013PDentistry Faculty ScholarshipDCG
MCGF5014PSchool of Dentistry Alumni Association ScholarshipDCG
MCGF5015PReynolds Hill EndowmentDCG
MCGF5016PDr. Marvin C. Goldstein Chair In OrthodonticsDCG
MCGF5017PBilly Pennel Memorial Residents EndowmentDCG
MCGF5018PMcRae/Orrington Scholarship EndowmentDCG
MCGF5019PMarvin Goldstein Lectureship EndowmentDCG
MCGF5020PR. Reppard Bennett Scholarship EndowmentDCG
MCGF5021PDavid R. Myers Dental Student Education EndowmentDCG
MCGF5022PDr. Thomas J. Zwemer Orthodontics EndowmentDCG
MCGF5023PGeorge W. Burnett, D.D.S., Ph.D. Scholarship EndowmentDCG
MCGF5024TDean-School Of DentistryDCG
MCGF5025TDental Applicant Expense FundDCG
MCGF5026TEndodontics Dept.DCG
MCGF5027TGHSU Periodontics Alumni AssociationDCG
MCGF5028TOKU ScholarshipDCG
MCGF5029TRestorative ServicesDCG
MCGF5030TGive a SmileDCG
MCGF5031TDental College of Georgia General Practice Residency FundDCG
MCGF5032TOrthodontics DepartmentDCG
MCGF5033TCleft Lip and Palate-Craniofacial Clinic FundDCG
MCGF5034P50th Anniversary of Dental College of Georgia ScholarshipDCG
MCGF5034T50th Anniversary of Dental College of Georgia Scholarship ExpendableDCG
MCGF5035TMCGF Underrepresented Students in Dentistry ScholarshipDCG
MCGF6000PDr. Joseph Bennett and Magda Bennett Scholarship in Nursing ENDCON
MCGF6001PJoe Ann and Everett Reinhardt College of Nursing Scholarship ENDCON
MCGF6002PFrances Crittenden Nurse Practitioner ScholarshipCON
MCGF6003PHildegard Peplau/Lore K. Wright AwardCON
MCGF6004PCol. Vera Nolfe Anderson Memorial Scholarship EndowmentCON
MCGF6005PJoan W. Lawson School of Nursing ScholarshipCON
MCGF6006PLucy Edythe White Marion ScholarshipCON
MCGF6007PSibyl Bickers Hodnett EndowmentCON
MCGF6008PRalph W. and Harriet H. McAfee EndowmentCON
MCGF6009PRuth Vande Velde Mullins EndowmentCON
MCGF6010PEmily Flanders Nairn EndowmentCON
MCGF6011PDr. Elizabeth "Betty" Farren Pond EndowmentCON
MCGF6012PRhonda and Lloyd Graybeal EndowmentCON
MCGF6013PLillian D. Wald Community Nursing EndowmentCON
MCGF6014PAU Medical Center Nursing Scholar Endowment FundCON
MCGF6015PDonna M. Fair Endowment (Award) ScholarshipCON
MCGF6016PGA Association of Nurse Anesthetists EndowmentCON
MCGF6017PBranan Graduate Nursing EndowmentCON
MCGF6018PE. Louise Grant Chair and Award Fund in NursingCON
MCGF6019PKellett Distinguished Chair of NursingCON
MCGF6020PDrs. Vickie A. & Clinton E. Lambert's Nursing ScholarshipCON
MCGF6021PMarilyn Chew Lunn Memorial EndowmentCON
MCGF6022PSchool of Nursing Alumni AssociationCON
MCGF6023PStoney Nursing Student Scholarship EndowmentCON
MCGF6024PDr. & Mrs. David Jerram Scholarship EndowmentCON
MCGF6025PJoyce E. Todd Scholarship EndowmentCON
MCGF6026TE. Louise Grant Book ExpendableCON
MCGF6027TMCG Health, Inc. Excellence in Nursing EducationCON
MCGF6028THealth Sciences Building-SONCON
MCGF6029PEllen Goodrich and Judith Hodnett Nursing ScholarshipCON
MCGF6030PWiley S. Black, MD and Judy Seitz Black Scholarship for NursingCON
MCGF6030TWiley S. Black, MD and Judy Seitz Black Scholarship for Nursing - ExpendableCON
MCGF7000TUndetermined ContributionsUnrestricted
MCGF7001PW. Clay Adamson, Jr. Recognition AwardHuman Resources
MCGF7002PGreenblatt Library EndowmentUniversity Libraries
MCGF7003PJames A. & Erie P. Blissit EndowmentHuman Resources
MCGF7004PDr. Armand M. Karow Jr. EndowmentUniversity Libraries
MCGF7005PGeorge G. Weiss Support FundGeneral
MCGF7006PBetty Browning Tollison Reflection GardenHospitals/Clinics
MCGF7008TCancer CenterHospitals/Clinics
MCGF7009TContinuing Education/BruckerInstruction & Innovation
MCGF7010TPresident's Innovation Fund EXPOffice of the President
MCGF7011TInstitutional SupportGeneral
MCGF7012TMatching ScholarshipGeneral
MCGF7013TThe Ann and Red Boardman FundOffice of the President
MCGF7014TMrs. Lansing B. Lee, Jr.Office of the President
MCGF7015PJames Bennett M. D. CHOG EndowmentHospitals/Clinics
MCGF7016PJ. H. Keels, Jr. Endowed Fund for MCG CHOG Staff DevelopmentHospitals/Clinics
MCGF7018PTamara Cundey Dunstan Memorial Endowment FundHospitals/Clinics
MCGF7019PRob Perry Memorial Endowment ENDHospitals/Clinics
MCGF7020PEva Serotta Memorial Endowment ENDHospitals/Clinics
MCGF7021TEmergency AssistanceHospitals/Clinics
MCGF7022TCancer FundMCG
MCGF7023THospital Development Fund EXPHospitals/Clinics
MCGF7024THospital Epidemiology/Infection ControlHospitals/Clinics
MCGF7025TDev.Fund President & CEO-MCGHIHospitals/Clinics
MCGF7027TMCG Health, Inc. Trauma FundHospitals/Clinics
MCGF7028TChildren's Hospital of Georgia DonationsHospitals/Clinics
MCGF7030TMCG Housestaff AuxiliaryMCG
MCGF7031TChild Life ExpendableHospitals/Clinics
MCGF7032PDenise Tuten Kidney/Pancreas TransplantMCG
MCGF7033TPediatric Immunotherapy ProgramMCG
MCGF7039TDr. Thomas L. Crews and Mrs. JoAnn Hammond Crews CHOG Support FundHospitals/Clinics
MCGF8000PJ. Harold Harrison, M.D. /Chair in Basic SciencesMCG
MCGF8001PSamuel W. Richwine, Jr., MD Lectureship in Surgery ENDMCG
MCGF8002PH. Gordon Davis Jr., MD & Francis S. Davis Scholarship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8003PThe Whitehead Family Scholarship ENDMCG
MCGF8004PWilliam S. Hagler, M.D. Chair in OphthalmologyMCG
MCGF8005PJ. Harold Harrison, MD /Chair in Trauma SurgeryMCG
MCGF8006PLamar B. Peacock, M.D. / Chair - Study of Immunological DiseaseMCG
MCGF8007PJoseph P. Bailey, MD Chair in Rheumatology ENDMCG
MCGF8008PKenna S. Given, MD Chair in Plastic SurgeryMCG
MCGF8009PJohn Rice Hudson, M.D. ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8010PHasan V. Fatteh, M.D. Endowment in OphthalmologyMCG
MCGF8011PVincent & Rachel Robertson Retinal Research Fund ENDMCG
MCGF8012PDr. Malcolm N. and Sandra R. Luxenberg Chair in OphthalmologyMCG
MCGF8013PSusan Chu Walley, MD and Ryan Walley, MD Scholarship ENDMCG
MCGF8014PCalton Groover, M.D. ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8015PWilliam Esley McDavid Jr. MD ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8016PWillard E. Quillian, III, M.D. Psychotherapy Training FundMCG
MCGF8017PGlen E. Garrison Annual Award to Cardiology Fellows ENDMCG
MCGF8018PGlen E. Garrison, M.D. Distinguished Chair in Cardiovascular MedMCG
MCGF8019PDavid B. Birnbaum MD Academic Enrichment FundMCG
MCGF8020PJ. Harold Harrison, MD Fellows FundMCG
MCGF8021PMims C. Aultman, M.D. ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8022PDr. Jerry D. Allison Lectureship ENDMCG
MCGF8023PAmy G. Warren and Lamar Warren /Diabetes and Obesity in RadiologyMCG
MCGF8024PHoward and Caryl Cohen Scholarship AwardMCG
MCGF8025PM.D. '53 Endowed ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8026PDean Peter F. Buckley, MD Scholarship FundMCG
MCGF8027PE. James McCranie, M.D. Medical College of Georgia ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8028PDr. Turner Wayne Rentz, Sr. Scholarship ENDMCG
MCGF8029PDavid S. Sowell, M.D. /Family Medicine Faculty DevelopmentMCG
MCGF8030PDr. Keith Green LectureshipMCG
MCGF8031PJohn D. Catravas Lectureship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8032PMargaret DeVore, M.D. Prof/ Anesthesiology & Perioperative MedMCG
MCGF8033PJohn M. Miller, M.D. Research and Graduate Fellowship ENDMCG
MCGF8034PMCG Class of 1971/Dr. Bobby Jones ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8035PLois T. Ellison, M.D. Lectureship in PhysiologyMCG
MCGF8036PSamuel M. Goodrich, M.D. Scholarship School of MedicineMCG
MCGF8037PDr. William N. and Josephine R. Agostas Chair /Internal MedicineMCG
MCGF8038PHerman Pfadenhauer Movement Disorders ClinicMCG
MCGF8039PWardlow Rheumatology Endowment FundMCG
MCGF8040PI. Clark Case, M.D. Distinguished Chair in Psychotic DisordersMCG
MCGF8042PByron H. Dunn, MD and Betty Janes Dunn /Obstetrics and GynecologyMCG
MCGF8043PMedical College of Georgia Fnd School of Medicine ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8044PGRA Distinguished InvestigatorMCG
MCGF8045PC. Lawrence Lutcher, M.D. Chair in Hematology-OncologyMCG
MCGF8046PLeila D. Denmark, M.D. Medical College of Georgia ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8047PBeverly B. Sanders, Jr. M.D. Dermatology Educational EndowmentMCG
MCGF8048PRoy Witherington, M.D. ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8049PQuentin T. Lawson, M.D. Urology Fellowship Prog Research & EdMCG
MCGF8050PGeorgia Research Alliance /Translational NeuroscienceMCG
MCGF8051PW. Bruce Davis, M.D. Pulmonary & Critical Care Med FellowshipMCG
MCGF8052PJames L. O'Quinn, M.D. Residency Education EndowmentMCG
MCGF8053PW. H. Pool, Jr., M.D. ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8054PD. W. Rahn, MD- L. B. Peacock, MD Int Med Res, Research and EdMCG
MCGF8055PF. Kathryn Edwards, M.D. School of Medicine Scholarship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8056PSandra Freedman, M.D. Resident Education in RadiologyMCG
MCGF8057PE. J. McCranie, M.D. Psychiatry Education FundMCG
MCGF8058PJames J. Jacobs Memorial Fund for Alzheimer's ResearchMCG
MCGF8059PJ. H. Keels, Jr. Chair in Pulmonary MedicineMCG
MCGF8060PJames F. Rawson, Jr. Radiology Educational Travel ProgramMCG
MCGF8061PJames K. Moss, M.D. and David F. Kuhn Pediatric Oncology ScholarMCG
MCGF8062PBarbara A. Schnuck Chair in Translational MedicineMCG
MCGF8063PJohnnie and W.T. Lee Cerebral Palsy Research EndowmentMCG
MCGF8064PMavis R. Harrison Endowment for Childhood Vision DevelopmentMCG
MCGF8065PSchool of Medicine General ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8066PAlexander Woodson Ashford, M. D. ScholarMCG
MCGF8067PDr. Harold W. and Martha M. Kimmerling Cardiology FellowshipMCG
MCGF8068PRussell A. Acree, M.D. School of Medicine Scholarship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8069PGeorge G. Weiss Research Professorship ENDMCG
MCGF8070PDr. A. Clark Robinson ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8071PChuck Hawkins, M. D. School of Medicine Scholarship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8072PVirendra B. Mahesh, Ph.D., D. Phil. /Chair in NeuroscienceMCG
MCGF8073PJames B. Puryear ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8074PDr. W. Dean and Martha B. Steward Scholarship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8075PClass of 1964 Jim Moorman Memorial ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8076PClass of 1982 Debbie Schmidt Memorial ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8077PCecil F. Whitaker, Jr., M.D./GRA Eminent Scholar in CancerMCG
MCGF8078PVirendra B. Mahesh Distinguished Research AwardMCG
MCGF8079PJoseph M. Still, Jr. M.D., Endowed Chair Fund in Plastic SurgeryMCG
MCGF8080PGRA Herbert S. Kupperman, M.D.Eminent Scholar/ Cardiovascular MedMCG
MCGF8081PJohn D & Yvette J Lane EndowmentMCG
MCGF8082PCharles Howell, MD Pediatric Surgery Endowed ChairMCG
MCGF8083PFloyd C. Jarrell, Jr., M.D. /Chair in Surgical OncologyMCG
MCGF8084PLutcher-Colgan Memorial LectureshipMCG
MCGF8085PBarton Otolaryngology EndowmentMCG
MCGF8086PRaymond P. Ahlquist Pharmacology EndowmentMCG
MCGF8087PMarshall Allen Lectureship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8088PMarshall B. Allen, Jr., M.D. Distinguished Chair In NeurosurgeryMCG
MCGF8089PAngela Mahesh Memorial Lectureship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8090PPresidential Distinguished ChairOffice of the President
MCGF8091PDistinguished Chair for Oncologic PathologyMCG
MCGF8092PJohn B. O'Neal, III, MD and Phyllis J. O'Neal, MD ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8093PDr. M.P. Bates Scholarship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8094PCase Distinguished University Chair /Psychiatry & Health BehaviorMCG
MCGF8095PBert Brown Scholarship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8096PClass Of '60 Student EndowmentMCG
MCGF8097PCharles S. Floyd Medicine ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8098PGuy T. Bernard EndowmentMCG
MCGF8099PWilliam H. Brooks, M.D. /Chair in Obstetrics and GynecologyMCG
MCGF8100PClass of '61 Scholarship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8101PDr. A. Calhoun Witham Faculty and Fellows Cardiology FundMCG
MCGF8102PHoward W. and Mary Catherine (Sterling) Creel/Chair In CardiologyMCG
MCGF8103PCurtis H. Carter Memorial Fellowship Endowment FundMCG
MCGF8104PDermatology LectureMCG
MCGF8105PDan Printup Memorial EndowmentMCG
MCGF8106PFamily Medicine EducationMCG
MCGF8107PRobert G. Ellison, M.D. /Chair in Cardiothoracic SurgeryMCG
MCGF8108PEndocrinology EndowmentMCG
MCGF8109PArthur J. Gatz MemorialMCG
MCGF8110PGAFP Joseph W. Tollison, M.D. Distinguished University ChairMCG
MCGF8111PSallie Lou Franklin Glover/Katie Getzen Mealing / ImmunologyMCG
MCGF8112PZ. W. Gramling Endowed Chair in AnesthesiologyMCG
MCGF8113PGreenblatt Lectureship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8114POrien Thomas Gower Scholarship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8115PGRA Eminent Scholar in Molecular and Cellular NeurobiologyMCG
MCGF8116PGRA Chair in HypertensionMCG
MCGF8117PRobert B. Greenblatt, M.D., Distinguished Chair in EndocrinologyMCG
MCGF8118PDorothy A. Hahn, M.D. Chair in PediatricsMCG
MCGF8119PCurtis G. Hames, M.D. / Chair -Department of Family MedicineMCG
MCGF8120PHames Family Practice Fund EndowmentMCG
MCGF8121PWilliam B. Mullins, MD Merit ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8122PDr. Charles Goodrich Henry & Carolyn Howell Henry /OrthopedicsMCG
MCGF8123PVirginia & Gordon W. Jackson, M.D. SOM Scholarship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8124PW. F. Hamilton Memorial FundMCG
MCGF8125PMilford B. Hatcher, M.D. Chair In SurgeryMCG
MCGF8126PEllington Charles Hawes Distinguished Chair In PediatricsMCG
MCGF8127PLynne Griffin Johnson Diabetes EndowmentMCG
MCGF8128PGilbert M. Maxwell EndowmentMCG
MCGF8129PGRA Eminent Scholar In NeurodegenerationMCG
MCGF8130PLansing B Lee, Sr. ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8131PGRA Bradley-Turner Eminent Scholar Chair in Vascular and Cancer Immunology EndowmentMCG
MCGF8132PBertram Maxwell EndowmentMCG
MCGF8133PMCG Alumni Association Lifetime Scholarship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8134PMullins Memorial Library FundMCG
MCGF8135PMCG Augusta University Faculty and Spouse Club ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8136PMCG Alumni AssociationMCG
MCGF8137PThomas Muldoon Lectureship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8138PElwyn A. Saunders, M.D. Professorship in OrthopedicsMCG
MCGF8139PPorubsky Library Fund EndowmentMCG
MCGF8140PPeacock Family Medical (Award) Scholarship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8141PEdgar R. Pund, M.D. Distinguished Chair In PathologyMCG
MCGF8142PRadiology DepartmentMCG
MCGF8143PDr. Paul G. McDonough LectureshipMCG
MCGF8144PMilton B. Satcher, Jr., M.D. Distinguished Chair /Sports MedicineMCG
MCGF8145PJ.C. Bible, Jr. Pulmonary Research EndowmentMCG
MCGF8146PShane & Dodd Family EndowmentMCG
MCGF8147PDr. Walter L. Shepeard Clinical Pathology ChairMCG
MCGF8148PStevens, Billy & Bobby MemorialMCG
MCGF8150PPhi Rho Sigma Lectureship Series EndowmentMCG
MCGF8151PJack B. Williams, M.D. LectureshipMCG
MCGF8152PSamuel Rosen, M.D. Memorial Lectureship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8153PRudolph Bell Urological FellowshipMCG
MCGF8154PJ. Roy Rowland, Jr., M.D. ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8155PRural Health Outreach EndowmentMCG
MCGF8156PJames Sawyer Memorial Scholarship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8157PEdward S. Porubsky, M.D. Distinguished Chair In OtolaryngologyMCG
MCGF8159PVirgil P. Sydenstricker, M.D. Endowed ChairMCG
MCGF8160PHarry Graham Hammock Alzheimer's Research EndowmentMCG
MCGF8162PCharles W. Linder, M.D. Endowed ChairMCG
MCGF8163PLois Taylor Ellison, M.D. Scholarship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8164PHy & Blanche Selwyn Parkinson's Fellowship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8165PGeorge R. Spooner, III, M.D. Memorial FellowshipMCG
MCGF8166PThe Carlos & Marguerite Mason /Transplant Surgery and ImmunologyMCG
MCGF8167PGRA Bradley-Turner Eminent Scholar Chair In Immunology EndowmentMCG
MCGF8168PLeland D. Stoddard, M.D. Endowment For PathologyMCG
MCGF8169PLloyd B. Schnuck, Jr., M.D. School of Medicine ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8170PFrancis J. Tedesco, M.D. / Chair In Pediatric Hematology/OncologyMCG
MCGF8171PGRA Eminent Scholar in Population HealthMCG
MCGF8172PTemporal Bone Lab EndowmentMCG
MCGF8173PWilliam B. Strong Chair In Pediatric CardiologyMCG
MCGF8174PHerbert S. Kupperman, M.D. Chair in Cardiovascular DiseaseMCG
MCGF8175PTorpin Memorial EndowmentMCG
MCGF8176PGRA Eminent Scholar Chair In NeuroscienceMCG
MCGF8177PRedden L. Parramore, Jr., M.D. Scholarship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8178POllie O. McGahee, Jr., M.D. Chair in Family MedicineMCG
MCGF8179PRinker Witherington Urologic Society EndowmentMCG
MCGF8180PVirendra Mahesh Lectureship & Graduate Student AwardMCG
MCGF8181PVolpitto Library EndowmentMCG
MCGF8182PMoretz /Mansberger Distinguished Chair In SurgeryMCG
MCGF8183PP.L., J. Luther, and Ada Warren Endowed Chair of RadiologyMCG
MCGF8184PAmy G. Warren and Lamar Warren Research Fellowship FundMCG
MCGF8185PWaid-Holder Endowment FundMCG
MCGF8186PWimberly Coleman Memorial EndowmentMCG
MCGF8187PWoo Memorial Award EndowmentMCG
MCGF8188PBetty B. Wray, M.D. Scholarship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8189PBetty B. Wray, M.D. Chair In PediatricsMCG
MCGF8190PClaude-Starr Wright Memorial Lectureship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8191PW.H. Pool Lectureship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8192PRoy Witherington, M.D. Distinguished Chair In UrologyMCG
MCGF8193PAugust and Marian Stehle Memorial Student Aid AccountMCG
MCGF8194PW. Knowlton Hall BMB Research & EducationMCG
MCGF8195TAlzheimer's ResearchMCG
MCGF8196TThinhouse Allergy-ImmunologyMCG
MCGF8197TTapan J. Chatterjee Memorial FundMCG
MCGF8198TAnatomy DepartmentMCG
MCGF8203TBliven SocietyMCG
MCGF8204TCenter For Health Care ImprovementMCG
MCGF8205TCardiovascular Pharmacology FundMCG
MCGF8206TLucille B. Winans MemorialMCG
MCGF8207TClass Of 56 Memorial FundMCG
MCGF8208TContinuing Education/GarrisonMCG
MCGF8209TDr. John Scott Coleman Lecture FundMCG
MCGF8210TDean's Fund - Medical College of GeorgiaMCG
MCGF8211TDonald M. Sherline Maternal Fetal Medicine ResearchMCG
MCGF8212TEmergency Medicine Chairman's AcademicMCG
MCGF8213TEndocrinology Nutrition Section EducationMCG
MCGF8214TEmergency Medicine ResidentsMCG
MCGF8215TMCG Epilepsy CenterMCG
MCGF8219TZachary M. Kilpatrick, M.D. /Gastroenterology & Hepatology EduMCG
MCGF8220TAU Center For Sports MedicineMCG
MCGF8221TJohnathan E. Trull TransplantMCG
MCGF8223TNeonatal NutritionMCG
MCGF8224TNeurology DepartmentMCG
MCGF8225TNuclear Cardiology Research & EducationMCG
MCGF8226THousestaff Education FundMCG
MCGF8227TDepartment of BiostatisticsMCG
MCGF8228TOhms Research FundMCG
MCGF8230TPathology Special Projects, Research, and Educational FundMCG
MCGF8231TPediatric Surgery EXPMCG
MCGF8233TPediatric Rheumatology EXPMCG
MCGF8234TPediatric Sickle Cell Clinic EXPMCG
MCGF8235TPediatrics Education & DevelopmentMCG
MCGF8236TPediatric Hematology-OncologyMCG
MCGF8237TPlastic Surgery AccountMCG
MCGF8238TPsychiatry Department AccountMCG
MCGF8239TRadiology ResearchMCG
MCGF8240TSEEP Pre-College FundMCG
MCGF8241TSickle Cell Departmental FundMCG
MCGF8242TSurgery General AccountMCG
MCGF8243TSurgery OrthopedicMCG
MCGF8244TDavid Terris Research FundMCG
MCGF8245TUrology ResidencyMCG
MCGF8246TVascular Biology CenterMCG
MCGF8247TVascular SurgeryMCG
MCGF8248TPsychiatry Child & Adol. ActivityMCG
MCGF8249THem/Onc-Bmt/Leukemia FundMCG
MCGF8250TDepartment of Medicine Staff DevelopmentMCG
MCGF8251TW.H. Pool Society Expendable FundMCG
MCGF8252TBreast Cancer Prevention CoalitionMCG
MCGF8253TMCG Students' Health Clinic for the Homeless EXPMCG
MCGF8254TMCG Implantable Hearing Device ProgramMCG
MCGF8255TSydenstricker Society EXPMCG
MCGF8256TDan Chalker Memorial FundMCG
MCGF8257TJonathan Richard Gage Memorial Research & EducationMCG
MCGF8258TVirtual Education & Surgical Simulation LaboratoryMCG
MCGF8259TPediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery FundMCG
MCGF8260TJ. Harold Harrison, MD Education Commons Building FundMCG
MCGF8261PThevaos/Dennis Memorial Pediatric Neurology LectureshipMCG
MCGF8265TMohammaed Anjum, D.D. Nephrology Fellowship Expendable FundMCG
MCGF8266TPediatric Cancer Research FundMCG
MCGF8267TAdam Berman Cardiology Educational FundMCG
MCGF8268TDorothy Harmon Memorial Fund for Resident EducationMCG
MCGF8269TPediatric Cardiology FundMCG
MCGF8270TMCG C/O 1968 J. Harold Harrison, MD Ed Commons Student CommunityMCG
MCGF8271TJ.C. Lewis Scholarship FundMCG
MCGF8272TAnesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine Resident Support FundMCG
MCGF8273TDiabetic Retinopathy fundMCG
MCGF8274TRobert Sorrentino Electrophysiology Career Development & ResearchMCG
MCGF8275TCardiology Random Act of Kindness FundMCG
MCGF8276TSusan Dawkins Anesthesiology Resident Education FundMCG
MCGF8277TW. Mark Newton, MD Emergency Medicine Education Support FundMCG
MCGF8278PEmily S Baumann Child and Adolescent PsychotherapyMCG
MCGF8278TEmily S. Baumann Child and Adolescent PsychotherapyMCG
MCGF8279TCardiology Fellowship FundMCG
MCGF8280TPulmonary/Critical Care FellowshipMCG
MCGF8281TJose Vazquez Infectious Disease Research FundMCG
MCGF8282TClinical Pathology Intellectual CapitalMCG
MCGF8283TDermatology DepartmentMCG
MCGF8284TGeorgia Prevention InstituteMCG
MCGF8285TGeorgia Sleep CenterMCG
MCGF8286TJames B. Hudson NephrologyMCG
MCGF8287TInstitute Molecular Medicine & GeneticsMCG
MCGF8288TNeurosurgery Resident Education FundMCG
MCGF8289TMedicine ClerkshipMCG
MCGF8290THIV/Aids ProgramMCG
MCGF8291TMCG Spine ProgramMCG
MCGF8293TRenal Patient/Family Accessibility ProjectMCG
MCGF8295TThe Mason Transplant FellowshipMCG
MCGF8296TPulmonary Vascular Disease EXPMCG
MCGF8297TVirtual Atlas Educational FundMCG
MCGF8298PCarol F. Meyer, M.D. ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8299TMCG Cancer Center EXPMCG
MCGF8300TWeiss Fukai Startup FundMCG
MCGF8301TAdult Cystic Fibrosis CenterMCG
MCGF8302TThe Department of Radiation OncologyMCG
MCGF8303PJ. Victor Roule Eye Research Fund ENDMCG
MCGF8304PJ. Harold Harrison, MD Distinguished University Chair in Telehealth EndowmentMCG
MCGF8305PJ. Harold Harrison, MD, /Chair in Medical OncologyMCG
MCGF8306PJ. Harold Harrison, MD /Chair in RheumatologyMCG
MCGF8307PJ. Harold Harrison, MD /Chair in Healthy AgingMCG
MCGF8308PJ. Harold Harrison, MD /Chair in GastroenterologyMCG
MCGF8309PJ. Harold Harrison, MD Unversity Chair in Vascular MedicineMCG
MCGF8310PJ. Harold Harrison, MD Unversity Chair in Vascular BiologyMCG
MCGF8311PJ. Harold Harrison, MD, Distinguished University Chair in Pediatric Surgery EndowmentMCG
MCGF8312TJames Z. Shanks, M.D. Medical Student ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8313PBerta Vallis, M.D. Scholarship ENDMCG
MCGF8314T8314T-Center for Ultrasound EducationMCG
MCGF8315PDrs. Frank Rumph & John T. Harper Sr., Diversity in Med SchlrshpMCG
MCGF8316PPhysiology Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Fellow EndowmentMCG
MCGF8317PWilliam K. Dolen, MD Lectureship in Allergy-ImmunologyMCG
MCGF8318PStroke and Dementia FundMCG
MCGF8319TOrthopaedic Surgery Research FundMCG
MCGF8320TKnox Cancer FundMCG
MCGF8322PHarold and Sue Harrison Physician Scientist ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8323PDrs. Drew Howard and Kaylar Greer Howard ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8324PKnights Templar Ed. Fnd of Georgia/Dr. Maddox Chair-OphthalmologyMCG
MCGF8325TDepartment of Ophthalmology AccountMCG
MCGF8326TCardiac Perfusion FundMCG
MCGF8327PBetty A. and John L. Lee, Jr., MD ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8328TCenter for Healthy Aging EXPMCG
MCGF8329PThe Cassius M. Clay Endowment FundMCG
MCGF8330TMCG Stethoscope ProgramMCG
MCGF8331TDorothy & Andrew Sheils Department of Radiation Oncology ResarchMCG
MCGF8332TFrank H. Stelling Pediatric Orthopaedic Education FundMCG
MCGF8333TPaceline Expendable FundUnrestricted
MCGF8334PMurray Grossan, MD ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8335PMr. Sohrab Modi and Mr. and Mrs. Lal C. Bhalla (Shanti)MCG
MCGF8336PDrs. Vinod K. and Madhu B. Bhalla OB/GYN FundMCG
MCGF8337PDrs. Vinod K. and Madhu B. Bhalla Oncology FundMCG
MCGF8338PNesbit Wray Chair in Surgical EducationMCG
MCGF8339TAlan and Janet Roberts Memorial Lecture on Medical EthicsMCG
MCGF8340TFLM Foundation Fund for Cancer Research and Patient SupportMCG
MCGF8341PDavid J. and Edna West EndowmentMCG
MCGF8342TMilton B. Satcher, Jr. MD Orthopedic Resident AwardMCG
MCGF8343TWeiss Faculty Start UpMCG
MCGF8344PDr. Sanders and Dana Callaway Chair in Dermatology EndowmentMCG
MCGF8345PDr. Larry A. and Edith R. Cohen ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8346PHarold B. Levin, M.D. ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8347TMedical Association of Georgia Foundation ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8348PRonald W. Lewis, MD Chair in Urological EducationMCG
MCGF8349TMCGF - Stoney ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8351PSteven Hirsch, M.D. and Patricia Hirsch, RN / ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8351TSteven Hirsch, M.D. and Patricia Hirsch, RN / Scholarship - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8352TMCG Spine Fellowship FundMCG
MCGF8353TMedical College of Georgia 3+ Prog & Rural Healthcare InitMCG
MCGF8357PJ. Roy Rowland M.D. Medical Excellence EndowmentMCG
MCGF8357TJ. Roy Rowland M.D. Medical Excellence Endowment EXPMCG
MCGF8358PSol J. Hazan, M.D. Scholarship ENDMCG
MCGF8358TSol J. Hazan, M.D. Scholarship - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8359PMonroe I. Levine, M.D. Musculoskeletal Oncology EndowmentMCG
MCGF8359TMonroe I. Levine, M.D. Musculoskeletal Oncology Endowment EXPMCG
MCGF8361PBryant W. Wilson, MD and Andi Schwartz Surgery Residency Education EndowmentMCG
MCGF8361TBryant W. Wilson, MD and Andi Schwartz Surgery Residency EducationMCG
MCGF8362PDr. George and Martha Sessions MCG 3+ Program and Rural Healthcare InitiativeMCG
MCGF8362TDr. George and Martha Sessions MCG 3+ Program and Rural Healthcare Initiative - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8363PDrs Sandra and Murray Freedman Medical College of Georgia ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8363TDrs Sandra and Murray Freedman Medical College of Georgia Scholarship EXPMCG
MCGF8364PDr. Ohlen R. and Martha Wilson ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8364TDr. Ohlen R. and Martha Wilson Scholarship EXPMCG
MCGF8365PDr. G. Lombard Kelly Lectureship in Cellular Biology and AnatomyMCG
MCGF8365TDr. G. Lombard Kelly Lectureship in Cellular Biology and Anatomy EXPMCG
MCGF8366PGanapathy Family ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8366TGanapathy Family Scholarship EXPMCG
MCGF8367PCentene MCG 3+ EndowmentMCG
MCGF8367TCentene MCG 3+ FundMCG
MCGF8368PThe Margaret Kleiman Scholarship for Medical EducationMCG
MCGF8368TThe Margaret Kleiman Scholarship for Medical Education ExpendableMCG
MCGF8369PLeon and Dorothy Bloom Distinguished Chair in Cancer ResearchMCG
MCGF8369TLeon and Dorothy Bloom Distinguished Chair in Cancer Research ExpMCG
MCGF8371PMack Clements, MD and Martha Clements, MD ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8371TMack Clements, MD and Martha Clements, MD Scholarship - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8372TMCG, Department of Pulmonology Research Fund on behalf of Dr. Joyce GonzalesMCG
MCGF8374TMCGF Underrepresented Students in Medicine ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8378PRumei Yuan, M.D., Ph.D. Resident Education FundMCG
MCGF8378TRumei Yuan, M.D., Ph.D. Resident Education Fund EXPMCG
MCGF8379TThe TR Reddy Family Fund for COVID-19 Neurological ResearchMCG
MCGF8380TDr. James T. Lowe Jr. Temporal Bone LabMCG
MCGF8381PClass of 1986 ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8381TClass of 1986 Scholarship - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8382TKathleen T. McKie, MD Expendable Fund for Medical Education ScholarshipsMCG
MCGF8383THarrisburg Family Healthcare ClinicMCG
MCGF8384TGeorgia Community Foundation Rural Health Fund - HamesNet Research CollaborationMCG
MCGF8385PC.B. Patel Endowed ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8385TC.B. Patel Endowed Scholasrhip - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8386PDr. George N. Snelling, III 3+ Program & Rural Healthcare InitiativeMCG
MCGF8386TDr. George N. Snelling, III 3+ Program & Rural Healthcare Initiative - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8387PDr. and Mrs. Matthew Thom Fund for 3+ Program & Rural Health InitiativeMCG
MCGF8387TDr. and Mrs. Matthew Thom Fund for 3+ Program & Rural Health Initiative - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8388PD. Greer Falls, III MD ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8388TD. Greer Falls, III MD Scholarship - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8389TWilliam P. Kanto, M.D. Pediatric Resident & Fellow Research FundMCG
MCGF8390PWilliam and Elizabeth Acton ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8390TWilliam and Elizabeth Acton Scholarship - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8392TGordon Chason Miller M.D. Cardiology Education Endowment - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8393TJames Fickel Alzheimer's Disease Research FundMCG
MCGF8394PPaul D. Webster M.D. Memorial Lectureship in PancreatologyMCG
MCGF8394TPaul D. Webster M.D. Memorial Lectureship in Pancreatology - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8395TGeorgia Community Foundation 3+ Primary Care Pathway and Rural Health Care InitiativeMCG
MCGF8396TGeorgia Community Foundation Telemedicine Healthcare InitiativeHospitals/Clinics
MCGF8397TMCG Department of Internal Medicine Residency FundMCG
MCGF8398PFort and Michele Felker FundOffice of the President
MCGF8398TFort and Michele Felker Fund - ExpendableOffice of the President
MCGF8399TPeter M. Pritchett, M.D. FundMCG
MCGF8400PM.J. Edwards Cardiovascular Research Endowment within the Department of CardiologyMCG
MCGF8400TM.J. Edwards Cardiovascular Research Endowment within the Department of Cardiology - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8401PJulie & Thomas "Tom" L. Bradbury, Jr. MD, MCG 3+ Program & Rural Health InitiativeMCG
MCGF8401TJulie & Thomas "Tom" L. Bradbury, Jr. MD, MCG 3+ Program & Rural Health Initiative - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8402TSEEP/Prematriculation Physician Success ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8403TFrances Wood Wilson ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8405TImmunology Center of GeorgiaMCG
MCGF8406TOperational Medicine Academic FundMCG
MCGF8407TThe Blevins Fund for the HHT Center of ExcellenceMCG
MCGF8408TAnn L. Jones Disparities in Cardio-Oncology Research FundMCG
MCGF8409TAnn L. Jones Spinal Cord Regeneration Research FundMCG
MCGF8410PPreston Tyler Family Neurology Fund - EndowmentMCG
MCGF8410TPreston Tyler Family Neurology Fund - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8411PTalmadge A. 'Joe' Bowden, Jr. M.D., Chair in SurgeryMCG
MCGF8411TTalmadge A. 'Joe' Bowden, Jr. M.D., Chair in Surgery - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8412TRichard and Ellen Sandor Research FundMCG
MCGF8423TJ. Fred Denton, MD, PhD Scholarship ExpendableMCG
MCGF8425TJaguar Sports Medicine ConferenceMCG
MCGF8429PAllen L. Pelletier, MD Global Education FundMCG
MCGF8429TAllen L. Pelletier, MD Global Education Fund - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8430PJohn Paul Jones, MD and William B. Strong, MD Pediatric Heart Program Fund - EndowmentMCG
MCGF8430TJohn Paul Jones, MD and William B. Strong, MD Pediatric Heart Program Fund - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8431PThe Wilkes Family FundMCG
MCGF8431TThe Wilkes Family Fund - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8432TAU Ortho TraumaMCG
MCGF8433PJ. Harold Harrison Underrepresented Students in Medicine Scholarship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8433TJ. Harold Harrison Underrepresented Students in Medicine Scholarship ExpendableMCG
MCGF8434PDopson Family Fund - EndowmentMCG
MCGF8434TDopson Family Fund - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8435PMelvin L. Haysman, M.D. and Mrs. Roberta Kamine-Haysman Stethoscope Fund - EndowmentMCG
MCGF8435TMelvin L. Haysman, M.D. and Mrs. Roberta Kamine-Haysman Stethoscope Fund - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8436PWilliam R. Daniel, M.D. ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8436TWilliam R. Daniel, M.D. Scholarship - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8437TFederal Grant in support of the MCG 3+ ProgramMCG
MCGF8438TCancer InnovationMCG
MCGF8439PMichelle and William "Bill" C. Hallowes, Jr. MD Scholarship - EndowmentMCG
MCGF8439TMichelle and William "Bill" C. Hallowes, Jr. MD Scholarship - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8440PMarc B. Powers Movement Disorders - Patient Education & Support, Research & Training EndowmentMCG
MCGF8440TMarc B. Powers Movement Disorders - Patient Education & Support, Research & Training Expendable FundMCG
MCGF8441PWiley S. Black, MD and Judy Seitz Black Scholarship for MedicineMCG
MCGF8441TWiley S. Black, MD and Judy Seitz Black Scholarship for Medicine - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8442PManish Jain, MD Excellence in Teaching EndowmentMCG
MCGF8442TManish Jain, MD Excellence in Teaching Endowment - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8452TAlan R. and Nancy Stead Atwood ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8453PRovella Scholarship EndowmentMCG
MCGF8454TDr. TW Josey Community Medicine Research ScholarsMCG
MCGF8455TMCG Southeast: Savannah and BrunswickMCG
MCGF8456PJoel C. Pittard Family ScholarshipMCG
MCGF8456TJoel C. Pittard Family Scholarship - ExpendableMCG
MCGF8457TArthur M. Smith, M.D. Urology Education FundMCG
MCGF8458PCentene DCG 3+ EndowmentDCG
MCGF8458TCentene DCG 3+ ExpendableDCG
MCGF8459TMCG Center for TelehealthMCG
MCGF8460TMargaret F. Guill, MD Pediatric Pulmonology FundMCG
MCGF8461TStuart and Marion Gertman Fund for Research and DiscoveryMCG
MCGF8462TR. Mixon Robinson, Sr. M.D. Family FundMCG

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