Compliance Hotline

Augusta University provides a 24-hour hotline to report complaints or concerns you may have relating to compliance issues.  The toll free number to call is:

(800) 576-6623

This confidential phone line can be used for concerns you may have about any kind of activities that may be suspect or that you have questions about.  This could include, but not limited to: conflicts of interest, patient health information, receiving something of value in exchange for purchasing a service or product, time and expense abuses, research misconduct, and student and/or employee privacy issues. The Hotline provides you the opportunity to communicate your concerns with  Augusta University and AU Health.  You will be protected from retaliatory actions and if you prefer, you can remain anonymous.

In order to research your concern, some basic information is needed.

  • A description of the concern
  • Who is involved
  • Where and when the incident took place
  • Your name and contact number (if you are willing to share this information)

If you prefer, you may report your concern using the following email address, When using the email service you will need to provide the basic information listed above.  Please be aware that when using the email address your concern may not remain anonymous.  However, the confidentiality of the individual reporting the issue will be maintained to the best of our ability.

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