Clay Sprouse, chief audit officer at Augusta University, has been named interim vice president for Audit, Compliance, Ethics and Risk Management, effective immediately.

In his expanded role, Sprouse will head a newly created office that combines the departments of Ethics, Compliance and Internal Audit, improving coordination and communication by providing a single point of contact for all three areas.

Sprouse will work to implement several policy changes intended to enhance organizational processes and procedures related to compliance. In addition, he will improve organizational accountability by educating employees on their responsibility when it comes to compliance and raising awareness of risk management resources such as best practices for securing personal and protected information; guidelines for reporting conflicts of interest and disclosures; information related to appropriate research conduct; and a 24-hour hotline where callers can confidentially report concerns of inappropriate or unethical workplace behaviors.

More information on compliance-related issues can be found on the compliance and risk management website. Complaints or concerns related to compliance issues can be reported to, via the compliance website, or by calling (800) 576-6623.