Office of Internal Audit

What Does Internal Audit Do?

The Office of Internal Audit's purpose is to support the mission and vision of Augusta University.  Our office schedules audits, advisory services, and departmental reviews in several ways.  Most audits and departmental reviews are chosen based on an annual risk assessment that considers such factors as management-identified risks, audit sensitivity, internal control structure, last audit performed, public disclosure implications, etc.  The University System of Georgia and institutional management may request specific audits and reviews.  The audits may include:

  • Examination of financial transaction for accuracy and compliance with institutional policies
  • Evaluation of institutional policies and procedures for adequate internal controls
  • Determination of the level of compliance with required institutional policies and procedures, state and federal laws, and government relations
  • Verification of assets and the controls that protect them
  • Evaluation of operations and cost efficiency

The office's review templates for departmental reviews and self-assessment, departmental reviews include: fiscal, human resources, legal and regulatory, health and safety, information systems, public relations, students, and general risks.  These eight major components are subdivided into 42 categories depending on the area being reviewed.  Departmental and self-assessment departmental reviews aim to:

  • Determine levels of control
  • Determine the level of communication provided by divisional management to employees regarding policies, procedures, and business practices
  • Evaluate the adequacy of monitoring financial records, the effectiveness of divisional processes, and determine compliance with policies and procedures
  • Make recommendations in areas that may need minor or significant improvement

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us at: 706-721-2661.