The Office of Internal Audit Internship Program has been developed in conjunction with the Hull College of Business.

The program is intended to provide an introduction to audit for students who are contemplating a career in internal audit. This is a volunteer internship that is particularly valuable to students who are seeking relevant professional experience as they develop their resumes. The program is designed to enhance classroom learning by providing hands-on field work and project management opportunities.

How do I find out more? For more information contact Clay Sprouse, Chief Audit Officer, Office of Internal Audit.

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Office of Internal Audit

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What Will I Do and Learn?

  • Gain insight into what auditors examine and investigate.
  • Learn about the standards that guide the audit profession.
  • Participate in staff meetings and make presentations to the audit group.
  • Attend professional meetings of the Institute of Internal Audit CSRA Chapter.


A successful internship will provides you with solid experience, networking opportunities and professional reference. 

- Clay Sprouse, Vice President of Audit, Compliance, Ethics and Risk Management

How Will This Help My Resume?

All internships help your resume; however, some are better than others. An internship with the Office of Internal Audit at AU is exceptionally great! Here are three examples why:

  • Th internal auditors pride themselves on giving you a meaningful internship experience. In other word, you will not be given busy work. 
  • You will work alongside the auditors and be given assignments, projects, and responsibilities that are challenging and interesting. As you build your skills, you will build your resume. 
  • You will be coached with career advice, receive help with your resume, obtain hints for your job search, and participate in a mock interview. 


Shannon Runger, Fall 2015

"I think the greatest thing about this internship is the inclusion of the intern in the various audits that are being handled by office. I feel like I will get a well-rounded understanding of internal audit through this experience."

Amy Richardson, Summer 2015

"This internship helped to gain insight into what auditors examine and investigate, learn about the standards that guide the audit profession, and meet really great people. The audit team truly cares about your growth and success, and it shows. I am so glad I took advantage of the opportunity to be part of the audit team in the summer of 2015. Pursue an Audit internship!"

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