Programs Serving Minors

Augusta University offers many programs and activities serving non-student minors. These may include camps, athletic clinics, after-school activities, research activities, healthcare educational opportunities, and others, some that are sponsored by Augusta University and others that are hosted by third-party entities.

The highest concern of Augusta University is protecting the safety of our visitors. The Minors on Campus policy, aligned with Board of Regents policy and expectations, ensures a safe and healthy environment for minors participating in programs at AU.

The purpose of this website is to provide expectations, resources, and registration for programs involving minors. For additional information or questions, please contact University Ethics & Compliance at

All Augusta University or AU Health System sponsored programs/events held on or off campus where non-student minors are present MUST:

  • Have the event registered with University Ethics & Compliance no later than 60 days before the proposed start date of the event; AND
  • Receive confirmation from University Ethics & Compliance that all prerequisites are satisfied and the program/event is approved, prior to initiating any activities involving minors.

For questions concerning minors on campus, contact the following: 

  • Observe or participate in laboratory activities, please contact Phil Young, AVP, Environmental Health & Safety, at for approval.
  • Campus events to be held at the Georgia Cyber Center, please contact Erycha Medeiros at
  • Participating in volunteer programs at AU Health System, please contact
  • Participating in athletic programs, please contact Christina Whetsel, Assistant AD/Compliance and Academics, at
  • for any other questions about minors on campus or guidelines for participation in Augusta University sponsored activities, please contact Kimbrell Leggett at

Contact Us

University Ethics & Compliance

(706) 721-0900

Getting Started

Background Checks

In accordance with AU and USG policies, all program/activity staff (including volunteers) who will have contact with minors must undergo background checks.


All program/activity staff, including volunteers, who will have contact with minors must undergo training on the Minors on Campus policy, the Code of Conduct, and the responsibilities of being a mandatory reporter.

Mandatory Reporting

Augusta University is committed to the safety and well-being of children and the prompt reporting of suspected child abuse or neglect. 

Register Your Event

Registration should be completed as the final step of the program checklist. It will ask basic questions about the program but will also require attestations that background checks and training have been completed.

Registration FAQs

Please refer to our frequently asked questions if you are thinking about having a minors on campus event.

Registration FAQs

All Augusta University programs (on or off campus) for non-student minors, including third-party programs utilizing Augusta University facilities, must register its programs annually (beginning January 1st each calendar year) at least sixty (60) days prior to the event start date. On-going programs must re-register annually. Minors on Campus programs must receive written approval prior to registration. As part of the approval process, an audit of submitted documents for verification of Augusta University and USG policy compliance and a site visit may be performed prior to program program/event start date. A non-registered minors program is subject to cancellation without advance notice. It is important to note University Ethics & Compliance is not the approvers of any minors on campus program/event. It merely serves as the wheelhouse for program/event adherence to the Minors on Campus policy as outlined by the USG.

Programs organized by third-parties will be required to complete a facilities use agreement with Augusta University, and submit a Certificate of Insurance indicating limits meet requirements outlined in the Facilities Use Agreement.

A minors program is a program or activity designed for a non-student minors organized and run by Augusta University, or organized and run by third-party entities utilizing Augusta University facilities. Some examples of minors programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Day and overnight camps
  • Tutoring/mentoring
  • Competitions
  • Shadowing experiences for a minor in labs/research facilities

Campus tours, private or personal events including weddings and birthday parties, and events open to the public where minors attend at the sole discretion of their parents or guardians are not considered minors programs.

The program registration form should be completed by the program organizer or their designee, who has enough knowledge and information to effectively answer all elements of the registration form. If the minors program is being organized by a third party a representative of that entity must complete the form, it cannot be completed and submitted by an Augusta University facility manager or contact.

The Program Administrators must complete the approval form which is submitted to the Approving Official (Dean, Vice President, Director or Department Head) for signature.


Review the Minors on Campus Policy to determine if you are able to comply with all requirements before you submit your registration. See program checklist for guideline dates.

Request space and confirm that the space reservation is held for your program pending Minors on Campus Program Registration Approval.

Prepare your program schedule to include all projected activities.

Third-party programs must provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) in compliance with Facilities Use Agreement requirements. You can see an example of a Facilities Use Agreement along with insurance requirements.

  • After registration, the Program Administrator will be responsible for collecting and maintaining the documents and records for the program/event in accordance with USG record retention policy and certifying completion of all training, code of conduct and background checks for authorized adults and authorization packets for minor participants by entering dates of completion. Per USG policy, records must be maintained three (3) years after participants turns 18 years of age. University Ethics & Compliance Minors on Campus is NOT a repository so Program Administrators are responsible for maintaining records and ensuring all information is current for their listed programs.
  • Certification of authorized adults must be complete prior to the program start date. Certification for minor participants must be complete by the end of the first day of program/event or the program/event will be unapproved. For more detailed instructions on the process including training and background checks, please explore this site to learn about policies, procedures, training and best practices.
  • Registering your program/event as soon as possible helps eliminate delays
  • BOX has been established for uploading required documents


Contact Human Resources or Volunteer Services & Engagement for instruction for onboarding authorized adult, program staff or volunteers at or