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The Office of Legal Affairs is Augusta University's in-house legal counsel. Attorneys in the Office of Legal Affairs provide legal advice and counseling to the University through its administrators, faculty, and staff in the course of their duties on behalf of the University.

The Augusta University Legal Affairs Office provides advice on a variety of topics including contracts, employment and discretionary issues, inventions, copyrights and other intellectual property, and risk management. In addition to providing legal counseling to the University, other areas of responsibility for the Office of Legal Affairs include policy interpretation and advice, administration of the University's grievance and dispute resolution procedures, contract review, and – in conjunction with the Attorney General – management of actual or threatened litigation in which the University is involved. The Office of Legal Affairs is also available to provide training and informative programs on legal issues applicable to units of the University.

The information contained on this site is for use by Augusta University. Forms or documents provided are not intended to serve as legal advice. The Office of Legal Affairs does not provide legal advice to administrators, faculty, staff, or students in their individual capacities. Employees and students should generally consult with their supervisor or faculty member before contacting the Legal Affairs Office.


Contact Us

Legal Affairs

Health Sciences Campus

G. Lombard Kelly Building

Room- AA 2028

1459 Laney Walker Blvd
Augusta, GA 30912


Service Areas

We are guided by operating principles of: integrity and the highest ethical standards; a commitment to excellence; continuously updated legal expertise; professionalism; creativity; sound decision-making; prevention; effectiveness; risk management; teamwork; effective communication; courtesy and respect; consensus-building; timeliness; and professional growth.

Contract Routing

Instructions for routing AU contracts and required form.

Open Records Requests

With limited exceptions, public records of AU are subject to the Georgia Open Records Act, O.C.G.A.-50-18-70 et seq.

Mediation Program

Informal process mandated by BOR whereby employees experiencing disputes can come together with a trained neutral (intermediary) to try to work out mutually agreeable resolution.

Medical Malpractice

Litigation for professional negligence involving doctors whose patients have been injured by a doctor whose actions were below the applicable standard of care pursue damages.

Standard Agreements

Template agreements that contain the University's preferred terms for specific types of collaborations

Policies & Guidelines

In order to streamline the process for drafting, revising, and approval of policies, AU has implemented a management system.

Unit News

Young men and women give a presentation in front of judges

Series of speakers will lead up to 2024 Innovate student pitch competition

The 2024 Innovate Pitch competition will hold several events leading up to the competition finals on March 28, all at the Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center.

moderator in classroom

Human Resources launches executive leadership program

Augusta University's first executive leadership cohort is expected to complete the program in June.

campus arch entrance that says Augusta University

Augusta University Policy Library update includes new, user-friendly website

“A comprehensive and ongoing policy process is a critical component of creating and supporting a culture of ethics and integrity, which reflects our mission and values,” said Chris Melcher, vice president and general counsel for Augusta University.

Volunteers raising hands

Volunteer needs changing amid COVID-19 pandemic

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 makes it an unusual circumstance for coordinating volunteer efforts.

Statutes of Augusta University

The Faculty of Augusta University sets forth the following regulations for the governance of the university.

These Statutes seek to encompass basic principles of operation and organization of the Faculty of Augusta University; to delineate the rights and responsibilities of each component of the university; and to provide means for communication among the components so that, through cooperative action, the purposes of the university can best be served.

View Statutes