The Office of Legal Affairs is responsible for the management and implementation of university policies and the Policy Library. With the assistance of the Policy Advisory Group (PAG), the Audit and Compliance Office and the Division of Communications and Marketing, the Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) supports AU’s policy approval process and management system. Policies for Augusta University Health are managed by AU Health System Office of Legal Affairs.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where are Augusta University’s polices located?

The Policy Library is the official repository of all Augusta University’s policies.

How are policies changed, created and approved?

The Policy Advisory Group (PAG) approval process and management system is of established Augusta University’s “Policy on Policies”. The PAG, under the leadership of OLA, consists of individuals from across the university to ensure representation and input from a variety of perspectives, including Academic Affairs, Finance, Human Resources, Student Affairs, the Faculty Senate, and Facilities, among others. For information regarding the creation and implementation of policies, please refer to the Policy on Policies.

How are new polices announced to the campus community?

There is a regular communication to the university community through Jagwire, of newly adopted policies and other related information.

Where may I find the form to develop a policy?

For uniformity, all Augusta University policies must be developed utilizing this standard template.

If I have a question about a Policy, whom should I contact?

For questions related to a specific policy, please contact the Policy Manager listed at the top of the Policy. General questions about polices should be directed to the Office of Legal Affairs at

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