The university policy library is the central repository for university-level policies and procedures. Policies that apply to all Augusta University students, faculty, and staff are developed and approved through appropriate governance and administrative processes and maintained by the offices responsible for their implementation. If you have a question regarding a policy, please contact the Office of Legal Affairs and they will route it to the appropriate area.

Accommodating Employees with Disabilities Policy 
Accrual and Use of Annual Leave Policy 
Accrual and Use of Scheduled Holidays Policy 
Accrual and Use of Sick Leave Policy
Alternate Work Arrangement Policy
Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation) Policy 
Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy
Amorous Relationships 
Background Investigation Policy
Compensation Policy for Classified Employees 
Disciplinary Procedures for Employees 
Drug-Free Workplace for Employees Policy 
Duty During Hazardous Weather Conditions Policy 
Employee Categories 
Employee Resource Groups
Employment & Termination of Foreign Nationals Policy 
Employment Beyond Retirement Policy 
Employment of Extra Duty Personnel (From Other Departments) 
Employment of Relatives (Nepotism) 
Employment Procedures Policy 
Equal Employment Policy 
Establishment of New Non-Academic Position Policy 
Ethics Policy 
Faculty Extra Duty Compensation Policy 
Faculty Grievance Policy 
Family Medical Leave Act 
Fitness for Duty Policy 
Grievance Procedures for Employees and Postdoctoral Fellows Policy 
Hire, Review, and Promotion of Lecturers 
House Staff Residents and Clinical Fellows Policy 
Incentive Compensation Plan Rewards Program Policy
Individual Conflict of Interest Policy 
Interim and Acting Appointments Policy 
Other Types of Leave Policy
Outside Activities and Off-Campus Duty 
Performance Appraisals of Classified Employees Policy 
Procedures for Provisional Employees Policy 
Relocation & Moving Expenses for New Employees Policy 
Reporting Relationships Policy 
Required Documentation of Licensure Certification and or Education of Faculty and Classified Employees 
Resignation of Employment 
Sexual Misconduct Policy for Students and Employees
Shared Sick Leave Program Policy 
Substance Abuse Policy  
University System of Georgia Employee Consultant Services 
Worker's Compensation, On-the-Job Injuries and Return to Work
Workforce Reduction Policy