All requests for information should be made in writing.

Persons making verbal requests should be asked to submit their requests in writing. A written request will ensure no ambiguities regarding the precise nature of the information requested, and the adequacy of our response. A written request offers Augusta University the opportunity for review to ensure that none of the information requested is confidential or privileged. Certain categories of information (i.e., student educational records) may only be released pursuant to a written request.

All written requests should be reviewed to verify that we are authorized to release the material requested.

For example, medical record information and student educational records require written authorization of the patient/student. Medical record information should be released only in accordance with applicable Augusta University Medical Center policy. Please refer any requests for medical record information to Health Information Management.

Information should be released only to the individual requesting it, unless specifically stated otherwise in the written request.

A one-time release or authorization for release of information does not waive its confidentiality.

All requests specifically made pursuant to the Georgia Open Records Act must be referred to Legal Affairs as required by Board of Regents policy.

The Act requires a response within 3 days of the request, so please refer all requests promptly to Legal Affairs.

Copies of all written requests for information, as well as our response, should be retained for at least two years in case of future litigation.

In some cases, specific policies regarding release of information already exist (i.e., medical records).

Where applicable, these policies should be followed in addition to the more general guidelines described above. Contact the Legal Affairs Office if you have any questions.