All contracts between Augusta University and another individual or entity, should be reviewed by AU Office of Legal Affairs. This includes any agreement made on behalf of Augusta University which commits the funds, personnel, facilities, equipment, property or other resources of the University.

Other terms sometimes used to refer to a contract include, but are not limited to, agreement, letter of agreement, letter of intent, memorandum of understanding, memorandum of agreement, lease, license, use permit and equipment loan. If you have any questions regarding agreements, please us.

For more information, please see the Negotiation and Execution of Policies.

Delegation of Contract Signatory Authority

After appropriate review and signature have been given at the department, dean and/or VP level, agreements should be forwarded to the Office of Legal Affairs. All agreements must be accompanied by the appropriate routing form. Please allow approximately two weeks for contract routing and approval and signature. If you have any questions about the routing process, please contact us.

Clinical Affiliation Agreements and Memorandums of Understanding for Student Applied Learning Experiences should be reviewed by AU Office of Legal Affairs prior to signature by the designated signing authority for the University. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this process.

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