Patrol Overview


Headed by Captain Michael Beckner, Responsive imageThe Augusta University Police Department Road Patrol is the largest division of the Augusta University Police Department. Patrol Officers are responsible for maintaining order and protecting the safety of our Augusta University faculty, staff, students, patients, and visitors. Patrol Officers assigned to Road Patrol are separated into three shifts that operate 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. All Police Officers employed with the Augusta University Police Department are State Certified Police Officers.

The Augusta University Road Patrol Officers are responsible for enforcing state and local laws within the Augusta University Jurisdiction. Road Patrol Officers can be seen patrolling by foot, bicycle, or patrol car. Road Patrol Officers monitor the campus in their assigned patrol zones to prevent criminal activity and respond to calls for service. Officers have the authority to issue traffic citations, serve arrest warrants, and arrest individuals for misdemeanor and felony charges. Road Patrol Officers complete reports for incidents to include criminal offenses, motor vehicle accidents, and other emergencies that occur on campus. They transport prisoners to the Richmond County Jail when incidents require an arrest.

How can Augusta University Police Help?



Officers perform many tasks each day, this is only a small part:Officer Davis

  • Patrolling Augusta University Property
  • Enforcing law and keeping the peace
  • Reporting and Maintaining Records 
  • Vehicle Jump Starts and Unlocks
  • Security Escorts 
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Maintaining Facility Security
  • Safety Escorts


Community Oriented Policing

Community PolicingCommunity Oriented Policing is an extremely important aspect of the Road Patrol Officers duties. The Augusta University Police Department Road Patrol Officers interact with the campus community with an effort to be visible and meet the community. The goal is for Officer’s to be seen in and around campus to interact with the community to work on building community relations. They also meet and talk with citizens to provide information, directions, and other assistance, as well as, visit local businesses to determine the needs for service to build trust and provide information to students.

New Patrol Vehicles