About Support Services Division

We are primarily responsible for providing logistical support for all of our department divisions. One of our most important functions is recruiting and hiring. It is important to us, and the Augusta University community, to find and hire officers who are not only of high moral character, but also embrace the value of community policing.  Our Support Services consists of Dispatch, Special Projects, and the Intelligence Unit. Additionally, Support Services assists Augusta University by providing security guards throughout campus, and overseeing the safety and security, as well as planning, Augusta University special events.

Officers Oath

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The Communication Services Division ensures we have a clear path of communication between the community requesting assistance and our police officers that respond to calls.  Our communication service officers take calls from the Summerville Campus, Forrest Hills Campus, Health Sciences Campus, Riverfront Cyber Center Campus, and the Augusta University Medical Center. Our communication service officers are diligent in both call taking and dispatching emergency personnel and operate 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.


What Communication Service Officers Do


  • Dispatch emergency personnel
  • Monitor RAVE Guardian
  • Monitor fire alarm systems
  • Monitor security alarm systems
  • Monitor emergency blue phones
  • Coordinate mutual aid with other local law enforcement agencies
  • Initiate RAVE Alert notifications
  • Provide information to AU students, staff, faculty and visitors

Special Projects

Law enforcement is ever evolving and there is always a need for technology and the imperative to protect one’s community, Special Projects researches and implements options to address that imperative. Our technological advancements not only provide resources to the Augusta University community, but ensure documentation and accountability of our actions. 

Augusta University Technological Advancements:

  • RAVE Guardian
  • Radio and Computer Maintenance 
  • Body Cameras and Digital Evidence
  • 911 Recorder for Dispatch
  • Police Report Software
  • Patrol Vehicle GPS
  • AUPD website (Thank you for visiting my creation!).m rollins