Steps to a Successful Event


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Use Our Checklists

When planning an event, please use this checklist as a starting point. Planners may find they need to modify many items within this document to fulfill their unique needs. Utilizing this resource, you should first:

  • Determine your purpose and goals
  • Set a budget
  • Determine your audience and anticipated VIPs
  • Contact our office to request a consultation if needed

If you are planning a Ribbon Cutting, Ground Breaking, or MOU signing event, please feel free to utilize this checklist created by our team. For a more general event planning checklist, try this event checklist.


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Select a Date, Time, and Location

Select a date and time, consulting the following to determine potential date conflicts


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Ensure Your VIPs are Available for Your Proposed Date

  • To have the Augusta University President, Brooks A. Keel participate in your event in any way, you must fill out the Appearance Request Form. We encourage you to complete this form eight weeks before your event. All requests will be considered but are subject to approval by the President's Office. You will receive a notification within 7-10 business days if your proposed request has been approved.

  • Once approved, planners will need to submit the event details five weeks before their event and a completed briefing document and talking points for the President at least five business days before the event. The briefing document helps guide the principle on the who, what, when, where, and why regarding the event so that they know the background and what is expected of them. The briefing should be submitted to Jackie Stephens, with Maggie Witherington copied. It is also helpful to share a general briefing with other senior leadership (Chief of Staff, Provost, EVP's, and their assistants) related to the event to keep everyone on the same page. This briefing sample is designed for one-part events, and this briefing sample will help you with a multi-day or multi-faceted event. If the request is for a video to be recorded, you must provide scripted remarks for the President. Please use the Presidential Talking Point Template to assist you in creating remarks for the President and other VIPs that may be participating in your event.

  • If circumstances or last-minute events prevent advance notice, you are still encouraged to reach out directly to the President's Office to determine availability. Additionally, if you wish to have the Chief of Staff, Provost, or other members of senior leadership attend or participate in your event, please get in touch with their offices directly.


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Coordinate Campus Resources and External Vendor Needs

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Ensure the Safety of Your Guests


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Determine Entertainment Elements

  • Research entertainment options at Augusta University
  • Promote environmentally friendly alternatives by incorporating components of a green event


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Compile Collateral Pieces


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Evaluate Event and Plan for the Future

  • Convene a committee and discuss what went well and what challenges were faced
  • Consider sending a post-event survey to participants/volunteers to gather additional data
  • Complete a post event evaluation form to record your ideas and lessons learned
  • Update any web information to reflect the event’s conclusion or new dates