A withdrawal form is used to withdraw from a class or all classes at Augusta University.

After the schedule adjustment period has ended, the official withdrawal date is the date the student notifies the Registrar's Office of their intent to withdraw by submitting the completed withdrawal form with all required signatures.  Refunds are only processed for full withdrawals from all classes. Athletes must obtain the signature of the Athletic Director.

To receive a "W" the withdrawal form must be completed and turned into the Registrar's Office prior to the close of business on midterm.  After midterm normally a student will be assigned a "WF".  A grade of "W" may be assigned under certain circumstances. 

Please complete the withdrawal form in its entirety to help expedite the withdrawal process.



All withdrawals, regardless of type, must have appropriate authorizing signatures.  Upon completion and appropriate approval, the form will be processed when received in the Registrar's Office.


An Administrative Withdrawal is initiated by the course instructor or department owning the course.


A Student Withdrawal is initiated by the student.


A student may request a Medical Withdrawal through the Dean of Students Office using the Medical Withdrawal Process.  A student wanting to withdraw before mid-term must follow the Withdrawal Policy stated in the Augusta University Catalog.


A withdrawal form is used for students who are active duty military and receive reassignment orders that would prevent completion of the term.  A full refund of tuition and mandatory fees and pro rata refunds of elective fees will be refunded if the official orders stating reassignment are received with the withdrawal form.  A grade of WM will be assigned.