Curriculum Inventory Reporting

What is Curriculum Inventory Reporting (CIR)?

Curriculum Inventory Reporting (CIR) is for the Health Sciences campus. It records faculty effort in hours for a given semester. This information is referenced for budgeting inquiries, departmental faculty effort reports, and can also be used for many other data collection inquiries. Based on the effort entered in the CIR system, a teaching percent is calculated for USG data reporting. It is extremely important that CIR be submitted by the deadline.

Who is responsible for Curriculum Inventory Reporting (CIR)?

CIR submission is the responsibility of the faculty person, but this is often delegated to a designated staff person. A staff person does not automatically have access to the system, so a request from a faculty member must be made to the Registrar's Office to add access.

When does this occur?

The deadlines for submission for CIR are:

  • SPRING:  February 22
  • SUMMER:  July 8
  • FALL:  October 7 

Note: If the date falls on a Saturday, please submit Friday. If the date falls on a Sunday, please submit on Monday.