1. The University Calendar Committee shall consist of the University Registrar (chairperson, non-voting), the University Admissions Director, a representative from each college appointed by the Dean, a representative from Human Resources, the Assistant VP for Student Services, Assistant Dean of Students, the Director of Advising, the Bursar, the Director of Financial Aid, and the Director of Athletics (resource).
  2. Meetings are held at least once each year with additional meetings called, as necessary.
  3. The University Calendar Committee shall develop and maintain a list of operating guidelines to be considered in planning the University calendar.
  4. The University Calendar Committee will make recommendations and submit a proposed calendar to the Provost.
  5. The proposed calendar will include, at a minimum: Starting and Ending Dates for Each Semester and Session, Breaks and Holidays, Examination Dates, and Commencement Dates.
  6. Upon approval, the Registrar will distribute and publish the calendar.

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