The Office of the Registrar is responsible for updating the University catalog each year and for meeting the goal of publishing the new catalog by July.  The Registrar’s Office notifies colleges and departments in Curriculog to review their information in the catalog and processes edits as they are received.  The annual review process begins in March and is completed through Curriculog.  Colleges and departments are required to approve the current catalog page or submit edits on the Curriculog Catalog Review proposal.  If edits were necessary, the updated information is then returned to the College/Department for final Curriculog approval.  After all approvals are provided, the catalog is published.

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A Curriculog proposal is launched and routed to each department that contributed to the previous academic year catalog. These proposals are launched from the Registrar’s Office beginning in March. Please review any information for which you are responsible. Previous changes approved through Curriculog should be accurately reflected on these documents; however, this is the opportunity to proof all previous edits and submit corrections if something appears wrong or appears to be missed. It happens! Please note, any changes or edits that were not submitted with the original curriculum revision through Curriculog will not be processed.

If you are no longer responsible for this information, please notify our office by sending an email to so we can reach out to the appropriate person.






Example: History, Biology, Respiratory Therapy

Academic Departments are notified annually in March to review their catalog information in Curriculog. The Curriculog proposal will also route to the dean’s office for approval. Pages must be reviewed and edits submitted to the Registrar’s Office by April 1st. After edits are completed by the Registrar’s Office and information is returned through Curriculog to the department for final approval which must be received by April 30. If an academic department has substantive changes to make to a major/minor or course, these should be submitted through Curriculog by October 1 to be included in the catalog (see published Curriculum deadlines).


Example: Student Life & Engagement, Police Services

Catalog pages must be reviewed and approved in Curriculog by April 1st. The Registrar’s Office will completed edits, and the information will be returned to the department for final approval which must be received by April 30.