GACE Certification of Educators

The Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE®) is an exam for Teacher Certification in Georgia only.

The GACE® replaces the Praxis requirement for all teachers obtaining certification in Georgia and/or is required for admission into some graduate programs for education.

The GACE® is offered at Augusta University as a computer-based exam, and is available on the following dates and times:

2019 Test Dates
Test Dates Test Times
6/11/2019 12pm
6/14/2019 9am
6/17/2019 12pm
6/19/2019 9am
7/8/2019 9am
7/11/2019 12pm
7/15/2019 9am
7/17/2019 12pm
7/19/2019 9am
7/24/2019 12pm
8/2/2019 9am
8/6/2019 12pm
8/8/2019 9am
8/12/2019 12pm
8/16/2019 9am

For more information regarding the GACE® exam and to register please go to the GACE Website