Registering Service Animals:

This information is for students who, due to a disability, require the use of a trained service animal. If you are looking for information on registering service animals in training, scroll to the last section of this page. 

If you require the use of a service animal that has been trained to perform tasks for you because of a disability, you are not required to register your service animal, but you may choose to do so. The benefit of registration is that you may be less likely to be questioned about your service animal’s presence in Augusta University facilities. However, registration is entirely voluntary.

If you choose to register your service animal, please fill out the following Service Animal Form and return it to TDS at or in-person on the first floor of Galloway Hall.


For more information about service animals policy, please visit the AU Service and Assistive Animal Policy

If any student or employee has questions regarding the designation of the service animal, they should contact Testing and Disability Services.

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Registering Service Animals in Training

These instructions are for students registering service animals in training. If you are a student who, due to your disability, uses a service animal, visit the first section of this page for information on voluntarily registering your service animal.

The steps to register your service animal in training are:

  1. Complete the Service Animals in Training Form
  2. After completing the form, please call 706-737-1469 or email  to schedule an appointment. Appointments can be done in-person or Microsoft Teams.
  3. Documentation must be provided that the animal in training is working with an accredited agency and the animal who is training must be clearly marked as such.
  4. During the meeting, you will receive an electronic version of the policy regarding service animals on campus and have an opportunity to discuss any questions that you have about the registration process and having the service animal on campus. 


Please contact the Office of Testing & Disability Services at 706-737-1469 with questions about the registration process.