Student Accommodation Procedures

Student Responsibilities

  1. Contact the Office of Testing and Disability Services, located in Galloway Hall or at (706) 737-1469 in order to arrange an appointment.
  2. On the day of or before your appointment, complete a New Client Intake Form. Provide appropriate documentation that includes a statement of diagnosis, how the diagnosed problem impacts your ability to learn, and suggested accommodations in order to validate your request for academic accommodations as well as a printed copy of your class schedule for the semester requested.
  3. Documentation must be within the last five years and by a qualified health professional such as a physician, audiologist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or neuropsychologist.
  4. If sending documentation prior to your appointment, follow up with Disability Services to confirm that your documentation has been received. Based on your major you will be paired with a Disability Services Coordinator that will help you obtain academic accommodations.
  5. Upon completing your appointment follow all time deadlines and procedures necessary to validate your academic accommodations as established by the Office of Disability Services.
  6. Contact your designated Disability Services Coordinator prior to the beginning of each semester in order to discuss any necessary changes in your accommodations and to establish accommodations for current classes.
  7. Contact your Disability Services Coordinator immediately should you encounter any difficulty or other concerns regarding your academic accommodations.
  8. Abide by the University's standards and guidelines for behavior in the Student Code of Conduct guidelines (please refer to Jaguar Student Handbook and Academic Planner).
  9. Adhere to the Academic Honesty Policies as stated by the Augusta University Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs. (Please refer to AU's catalog)

Disability Services Responsibilities

  1. Review the student's documentation and meet with the student to determine eligibility for receiving academic accommodations. Confer with other professional staff members and approve accommodations as appropriate for each student.
  2. Meet with assigned student to discuss the approved accommodations and the procedures necessary to maintain them.
  3. Research and prepare paperwork such as "Accommodation Letters" as necessary to facilitate receipt of appropriate accommodations for which the student is approved.
  4. Assist the student with academic accommodations process.
  5. Assist the student in resolving problems that may occur in the testing accommodations process.
  6. Interact with AU faculty, staff, and non-AU professionals (such as DRS Counselors, other colleges/graduate programs) on student's behalf as appropriate.
  7. Maintain records of interactions with students related to the administration of academic accommodations.


Learn more about documentation requirements on the Disability Services page.