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Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Science

Computer science focuses on understanding the theoretical and practical approaches to computation and its application to problem solving. The theoretical portion prepares students to make decisions about whether and how efficiently problems can be computationally solved. While the practical portion equips students to analyze, design and implement computer systems in hardware and software. Computer Science areas include computer graphics, artificial intelligence, mobile app development, programming, computer architecture fundamentals, operating systems, networking, software engineering, database and data management, as well as the more technical aspects of information security.

Hull College of Business

What can I do with a Computer Science Degree?


Computer Science graduates are in high demand as many employers are looking for highly trained persons to provide technical support for computer operations, and to develop new computer hardware and software systems. Recent graduates are employed by software development companies, large companies, small businesses, governmental agencies, and many more technical environments.


Degree Offerings

All aspiring undergraduate computer science students entering Augusta University are admitted as Pre-Computer Science majors until they meet the pre-requisites to gain admittance into the Hull College of Business.

Pre-Computer Science majors will need to complete CSCI 1302: Principles of Computer Programming II with a grade of C or better for entry into the Hull College of Business.

Your Learning Experience at Augusta University


Over $100,000 is awarded in scholarships annually and computer science students are eligible to apply for all Hull College of Business scholarships. Additionally, computer science students are eligible for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related scholarships.


Things you can do academically outside of the normal coursework. Student Organizations, Community Service, Internships, etc.

  • Organizations
  • Internships
  • Commuity Involvement

Program Objectives

The study of computer science spans the range from theory to practice to cutting-edge invention of computing solutions. Computer Science teaches students to be aware of new ideas and technologies and is a foundation that prepares graduates for many different computer careers while permitting them to adapt to new technologies. The Computer Science curriculum covers the principles of key computing technologies such as hardware, operating systems, database systems, networks, graphics, and artificial intelligence. Students will study the logical and mathematical foundations of computing and how to implement problem solutions as programs in a computer language. Mathematical reasoning and competency is emphasized throughout the program.

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