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Medical Illustration

With a master’s in Medical Illustration, you’ll be able to work in a variety of different arenas, including medical, dental and veterinary schools; hospitals; health science research institutes; government agencies and pharmaceutical companies.

Medical illustration is a combination of the visual arts, the health sciences, education and communication that supports medical and health science education, health and life science research, public health information and patient education.

By choosing to earn your master’s in Medical Illustration from Augusta University’s College of Allied Health Sciences, you’ll be joining the oldest accredited medical illustration program in the world and one of only four such programs in the United States.

Medical Illustration is for you if you consider yourself

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Medical Illustration

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What You'll Study


Students in Augusta University’s Master of Science in Medical Illustration program will complete 63 credit hours of coursework over five semesters.

Because the program emphasizes anatomical and surgical illustration, students take graduate-level science courses including gross anatomy and cell biology in the medical school along with studying communication theory and illustration techniques.

Curriculum | Admissions Criteria | Tuition and Fees | Application Deadlines

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Graduate School Advantage

Augusta University's graduate programs are among the best in the nation – and the world – and our graduate students are our most valuable assets. To ensure that our students earn more than a degree, the Graduate School offers a range of opportunities so they can develop the leadership, communication and personal skills needed for a rewarding life and academic, research or professional career.

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About the Graduate School

Experience-based Education

Outside the Classroom

A department library with over 2,500 books on art, anatomy, medicine and surgery provides important reference material, as does the David J. Mascaro Teaching Gallery, which is home to a collection of over 500 medical paintings, drawings and sculptures.

The Medical Sculpture Lab features a wet-lab room as well as a dry-lab that incudes specialty 3D workstations and several 3D printers.

Each student is assigned a personal study carrel with an Apple iMac, dual monitors, and a state-of-the-art Cintiq graphics tablet.


Established and Unique

Augusta University’s Medical Illustration program is the oldest in the world and the only program to confer the Master of Science in Medical Illustration.


Student Success

More than 95 percent of graduates enjoy a positive placement after graduation and many enter into private practice.


Diverse Curriculum

In addition to illustration classes, students take graduate-level science classes including gross anatomy, pathology and surgical techniques.


State-of-the-Art Facilities

Students enjoy 24/7 access to the studio as well as the department, which includes a resources like a library, anatomical models and specialty equipment.

Your Future

Career Options

According to an industry survey by the Association of Medical Illustrators, the median salary for all medical illustrators in the United States is $70,650.

Medical illustrators work in venues including hospitals, health-related schools, government agencies, medical device companies and advertising and marketing agencies.

Admissions Criteria at a Glance

GPA: Overall GPA of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) on all previous college work, with a minimum average of 3.0 on science courses.

Degree Requirement: Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university.

Transcripts: Official transcripts are required from all universities and colleges ever attended.

Standardized Test Requirements: None are required for this program.

Letters of Recommendation: Recommendations from three individuals must be submitted through the application portal.

Digital Portfolio: Must contain 20 pieces of original, creative work.

International Students: Please review the verification process for international transcripts and the english proficiency requirement.

Tuition & Fees Estimate


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Tuition Per Hour


Mandatory Fees

View Detailed Program Tuition  

*Tuition & Fees listed here are for in-state students enrolling in the university for Fall 2024 semester.

Detailed Program Tuition Information

Please visit the Graduate School for detailed admission criteria and important application process information.

Application Deadlines

Portfolio Submission

  • Fall '24 Entry - January 10, 2024

Application Submission

  • Fall '24 Entry - January 10, 2024

Early submission of all application materials is strongly advised.

The program does not accept applications after the application deadline; however, the program will continue to accept application materials up to 4 weeks after the application deadline.


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Learning Like No Other

Why Augusta?

Augusta University’s Medical Illustration Program’s long history of excellence means your degree will stand out from the competition.

The program’s award-winning faculty have experience in several noteworthy areas, including cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, animation and anaplastology.

The multidisciplinary curriculum prepares you to conceptualize, plan, design, produce and implement visual solutions for complex communication needs.

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New speech-language program to begin accepting applications

"I am excited that we will be filling this important area, SLP, that is desperately needed for all of Georgia," said CAHS Dean Lester Pretlow, PhD.

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‘This is my community, too’

"We need community partners, and community partners mean that it’s not just mutually beneficial, but it’s mutually respectful."

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Student, alumni recognized at annual Georgia dietetics conference

"It makes me want to continue to do better and continue to grow, learn and reach out to the community because it doesn’t end here," said Lianni Maldonado.

Medical Illustration students

Helping medical illustration students ‘make science come to life’

"I really value the connection with the other faculty and that peer/mentorship in teaching in medical illustration."

Learning Like No Other

The College of Allied Health Sciences at Augusta University trains and educates today’s health care professionals: the therapists, technicians, administrators, managers and assistants who are the backbone of our country’s health care workforce.