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Doctoral Program Admission Requirements

Specialist Admission Requirements

Master Program Admission Requirements

Certificate Admission Requirements

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Take the first steps to apply now...

1. CHOOSE- Find the graduate program that is the right fit for you.

The Graduate School offers a wide range of degree and program offerings. Additional graduate programs are offered through The Colleges of Allied Health Sciences, Education and Nursing.

2. REVIEW-  Find your program’s admission deadlines and requirements.

Graduate program deadlines and admission criteria vary between programs. Before you submit your online application, make sure that you understand your program’s admissions requirements and have gathered all of the necessary materials specific for your program. 

Additional graduate level programs are available at Augusta University and offered solely through their academic college/school.  These include most certificate programs and programs that lead to a first licensure (e.g. Doctor of Physical TherapyMaster of Physician AssistantMaster of Health Science in Occupational TherapyMaster of Health Science in Clinical Laboratory Science (from CAHS), Master of Science in Nursing - Clinical Nursing Leader (from CON), and Master of Arts in Teaching (from COEHD) etc).  Please visit individual academic colleges for graduate program options that are not part of The Graduate School. 

Program’s Specific Admission Requirements 

Please select from the lists below to view your program’s specific admission requirements: 

Doctoral Admission Requirements




Certificate Admission Requirements

3. APPLY - Complete and submit online application(s) and submit all official documents and materials.

You may apply to more than one graduate program. However, please note that you cannot be enrolled in more than one program at the same time, with the exception of an official dual degree program

Application materials & documents (e.g. transcripts, proof of degree, transcript evaluations, etc.) must be submitted directly to Augusta University's Office of Academic Admissions at graduateadmissions@augusta.edu or can be mailed to:

Augusta University
The Office of Academic Admissions
1120 15th Street, Benet House
Augusta, GA 30912


NursingCAS Application 
Applications, references and all application materials and documents (e.g. transcript, proof of degree, transcript evaluations, etc.) must be submitted directly to NursingCAS.  All current and former Augusta University students must also have official Augusta University transcripts sent to NursingCAS.

PO Box 8201
Watertown, MA 02471

Alternatively, official electronic transcripts from the Registrar's office at your prior institution(s) can be sent directly to NursingCAS at nursingcasinfo@nursingcas.org


NursingCAS Supplemental Application 
Please submit your NursingCAS application first. Once your application has been verified by NursingCAS, you will be notified from AU’s Office of Academic Admissions to set up your AU applicant portal to submit your Supplemental Application and pay the Supplemental Fee.   


DICAS Application 
Applications, references and all application materials and documents (e.g. transcript, proof of degree, transcript evaluations, etc.) must be submitted directly to DICAS at:

DICAS Transcript Processing Center
PO Box 9118
Watertown, MA 02471

D&D Digital Application 
The D&D Digital Online Dietetics Internship Matching Service Application is required for matching.

Augusta University Application

Submission of Augusta University’s online application is also required.

Unofficial Transcript Submission (select programs only)

Unofficial transcripts will be accepted only by specific programs for specific terms for the application review process.  Only unofficial transcripts will be accepted for the review process from US colleges/universities.  No unofficial transcripts or transcript evaluations will be accepted for the review process from colleges/universities outside of the US. Official transcripts will be required by all admitted applicants by May 1, 2023 for Summer entry and by August 1, 2023 for Fall entry.

Note: For applicants for Fall 2023 entry who have submitted unofficial transcripts, please be reminded that official transcripts are due by August 1, 2023.  ONLY for applicants enrolled in the summer (2023) semester who will be graduating or completing courses at the end of the summer 2023 semester, will the deadline will be extended to August 15, 2023 to submit final official transcript(s).


Additional information and Important directions
for submission of Unofficial Transcripts

4. MONITOR:  Check the completion of your application file.

You can track the receipt and processing of your application and application documents via the applicant portal or for CAS applications via the appropriate online status. Application decisions will not be made until all official documents have been received.

Application Review

The program/academic college for which you are applying will review your application and supporting documents. Interviews will be scheduled and considered, as applicable to individual programs. Taken together, the whole of your application should demonstrate substantial preparation for graduate study in the field for which you are seeking admittance.  The length of time required to make a decision varies by the department/program, type of degree, and the size of the applicant pool.

Decision Notification

Upon recommendation of the program/academic college, The Graduate School will review your credentials and applicant profiles to make a formal, official decision for your admittance. Official decision notifications come only from the Dean of The Graduate School via Augusta University's Office of Academic Admissions.