photo of Jennifer Sullivan, PhD

Jennifer Sullivan, PhD

  • Dean, The Graduate School
  • 1st Year PhD in Biomedical Sciences Program Director
photo of Patricia Cameron, PhD

Patricia Cameron, PhD

  • Vice Dean, The Graduate School
  • Director, Summer STAR Program
photo of Elena Dent, PhD

Elena Dent, PhD

  • Assistant Dean, The Graduate School
  • 1st Year PhD in Biomedical Science Program Director

Administrative Staff

photo of Emily Crider

Emily Crider

  • Director, Graduate School Business Operations

(706) 721-4183

photo of Julie Cook

Julie Cook

  • Assistant Director for Graduate School Admissions

(706) 721-9516

photo of Afua Adu-Wusu

Afua Adu-Wusu

  • Administrative Assistant 3

(706) 721-3278

photo of Matthew Brocato

Matthew Brocato

  • Graduate School Student Recruitment Coordinator

(706) 721-6292

photo of Katedra Richardson

Katedra Richardson

  • Academic Program Coordinator

(706) 721-3707

photo of Rebecca Gaylor

Rebecca Gaylor

  • Web Developer

(706) 721-2377

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