Music industry courses from Augusta University are excellent for all students who wishes to pursue a career in the music industry.

Music industry students develop the knowledge and skills as professionals who will enter the over $50 billion music industry.  The diverse course selection includes career development, music publishing and licensing, arts management, concert promotion and music marketing.  These courses emphasize music business and are intended for majors in any degree program who want to succeed in the modern music industry.  Successful completion of courses culminates with an internship placement.

We provide a learning format for both part-time and full-time students and can easily meet the needs of diverse learners through the added flexibility of online delivery. We want you!!

Certificate and Courses Offered

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Certificate of Music Industry Studies

A music industry certificate from Augusta University is ideal for students who wish to pursue non-performance careers in the music industry.

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Introduction to Music Industry

This course presents a broad overview of the music industry, and explains how its various segments operate on a daily basis; the music business system, how music is marketed, promoted, distributed, and heard, who the key players are, importance of copyright, recording agreements, touring and future opportunities, and how did we get here? This course presents the career opportunities that are available within the industry, and the knowledge needed to achieve those goals.

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Careers and Job Success in the Music Industry

This course will introduce the wide array of exciting professional careers within the music industry, including paths to: performance, artist management, recording, production, touring, teaching and alternative careers. Learn how much can be earned in these areas and what traits and skills are needed to successfully secure a job.

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Artist Management and Concert Touring

This course will present the essential components of a successful tour: finding a manager/team, defining short and long term goals, contracts and deals, alternative streams of income, and who get paid and how much. Also covered will be merchandising and promotion techniques, and the technical side of touring: stage plots, sound and lights, and how to settle up the show when the music is over. This course will provide a detailed overview of the complete touring and music merchandising process.

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Music Events and Promotion

This course provides an overview of key music marketing principles, terms, and practices which include merchandising, publicity, radio promotion (online and traditional), retail & distribution (online and traditional), advertising, and touring. This course will look at the opportunities available at both tradition terrestrial marketing opportunities, as well as online opportunities. Students will develop a timeline and a working marketing plan.

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Music Publishing and Licensing

This course will present a conceptual understanding of basic licensing terms, opportunities, and strategies for intellectual property within the music industry. Included will be a mix of several real-life examples and hypothetical situations, along with review of actual agreements. Students will learn how to register works with relevant performing rights organizations, understand basic copyright terminology and learn the different licensing rights available to the artist, record label, and publisher.

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