Music industry courses from Augusta University are ideal for all students who wish to pursue non-performance careers in the music industry.

This program provides the knowledge and skills required for entry-level employment in the music industry, including a foundational understanding of music publishing and licensing, artist management, concert promotion and touring, and music product development and marketing. These courses are intended for majors in any degree program who love music, equipping them with highly employable skills to work in the music industry, regardless of whether they have any background in music performance.

As the music industry attests, people need not be trained musicians to successfully manage the essential promotional, legal, and/or logistical operations that make up the music industry. Students with an interest in music naturally want to be able to make a living doing something they love. Most music-engaged students do not end up as performers. These courses prepare them for a large variety of other satisfying careers within the music industry.

We provide a learning format for both part-time and full-time students and can easily meet the needs of diverse learners through the added flexibility of online delivery.

Courses Offered