This list is a quick glance at some of the digital resources you may need as a student at Augusta University. It is not an exhaustive list. If you have suggestions for something you think students should know about, stop by one of the Student Help Desk locations to make a suggestion.

We also provide guides for faculty and staff and researchers.


Many University services require you to log in using your University Network ID (NETID) — which you received from Admissions when you were accepted. The first time you log in to, you will be prompted to set a new password and answer security questions.

Your NETID is the key to all of your university systems. Please be sure to protect the security of your NETID and password. 

Free or discounted software

Augusta University has several campus agreements to provide some of the most popular software to students free of charge or at a greatly reduced price. This software can be found on the software list site. You can find information about Microsoft Office, Box cloud collaboration and storage, Mathematica, SAS JMP Pro, and more. Security tools are also available at low cost to students.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Desire2Learn (Brightspace/D2L) is the primary learning management system (LMS) of Augusta University. Here you can view classes, grades, and any additional content provided for your classes (videos, discussion boards, etc.). You can access D2L by visiting this page and logging in with your NETID and password. For D2L support call 706-721-4000 or visit one of the Student Help Desk locations.

Email (Jagmail)

All students have access to an Augusta University email account. JagMail is one of the primary ways the University will contact students and share important information. Log in to JagMail at

Acceptable use and information security policies

By using any part of the Augusta University network, you are agreeing to follow the rules overseen by the Chief Information Security Officer. Please read an overview of the network acceptable use policy.

Connecting to the University network

The campus has two wireless networks: GR-Secure and GR-Guest. GR-Secure is a secure connection requiring a valid NETID and password. GR-Guest is an unsecured, open-access network with somewhat limited bandwidth available for campus visitors. If you need assistance connecting to one of the campus wireless networks, please visit one of the Student Help Desk locations.

Note: Network and wireless connections for the dorms is through a different service provider. Please contact your housing office to learn more about your options.


Augusta University uses part of the Student Technology Fee for student printing supplies. At the beginning of each semester, students will receive $25.00 in print funds.  These funds are automatically added to the printing system and cannot be used for any other purposes. You must visit the JagCard office to get your JagCard printed as a first time student in order to print. With your JagCard, you will be able to print each semester that you are enrolled for classes.

There are printers located in many of the computer lab classrooms. Students who log onto the computers in the classroom labs will be able to print directly to the printers in that room.  There are release station printers located in Allgood Hall E158, Reese Library 1st and 2nd floors, Greenblatt Library 1st floor, and Oak Hall. These release stations allow you to print from your laptop if you are connected to GR-Secure and have installed the AU Printing software.  You will need your JagCard to swipe at the print release station.

Sign up for campus alerts

To specify how the University will contact you in the event of campus emergencies, official closures, and other important events, visit the Critical Event Preparedness and Response Alert Sign Up site.

To receive notices of campus network outages or problems, visit our IT Services Status page at

Campus help desk

There are four locations on campus to receive in person help. Student workers staff each help desk. Check the IT One Stop Help site for locations and hours. To quickly find answers to your questions, search the IT knowledge base. For additional help, call (706) 721-4000 to speak to a representative 24x7.

Campus computer labs

There are various computer lab classrooms, computer study areas, departmental computer labs, and open labs located across both campuses.  The computer classrooms are equipped with computers and software that can be used by multiple colleges for instructional purposes.  Several colleges have study labs or work labs that are dedicated to the students in that college.  There are open computer labs/multimedia collaborative spaces located in Allgood Hall E158, Reese Library 2nd floor, and Greenblatt Library first floor, where students can go to work on projects and homework outside of class. 

Computers in the open labs, study rooms, and classrooms are reserved for currently enrolled students.

Learn more about available computer labs and software here.


There are two libraries on campus: the Reese Library on the Summerville campus and the Robert B. Greenblatt, M.D. Library on the Health Science campus. 

Teaching & Learning Technologies

Currently enrolled students may borrow audio, video and imaging equipment and cables for class-related work from the Reese Library IT Help Desk. This is the only location that has equipment for lending.