Jags Live Well is an initiative created to promote a lifestyle of holistic wellness. And holistic wellness—especially students’ mental and emotional wellbeing—is very important right now, given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the USG’s Mental Health Initiative, we’ve expanded our offerings.

In addition to the incredible resources already offered at Augusta University, we’ve introduced a comprehensive Wellness Hub, an after-hours 24/7 support line, and after-hours psychiatry prescribing opportunities.

Jags Live Well is a holistic wellness concept that means being healthy in many dimensions of your life. This includes emotional, physical, occupational, intellectual, financial, social, environmental, and spiritual well-being. Each dimension of wellness affects your overall quality of life and striving for holistic wellness will help you achieve all of your goals. 

Student Wellness Programs is here to help you work toward a longer, healthier, and happier life by finding balance in all the factors that contribute to your overall wellness. We work together with several campus and community partners to provide AU students with a variety programs, services, and resources to promote student success, resilience, engagement, and well-being. While well-being means something different to everyone, we invite you to explore the various dimensions of wellness to discover how you can cultivate holistic well-being in your personal journey.

Holistic Wellness

Emotional Wellness

Being able to express feelings, adjust to emotional challenges, cope with life's stressors, and enjoy life.

Physical Wellness

Maintaining a healthy body with exercise, nutrition, sleep, and appropriate health care.

Financial Wellness

Understanding your finances and balancing your income with debt and savings.

Occupational Wellness

Exploring work that reflects personal values, interests, and beliefs.

Spiritual Wellness

Defining personal beliefs and values and creating meaning, purpose, and peace in life.

Intellectual Wellness

Recognizing creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills 

Social Wellness

 Developing a sense of connection, belonging, and a well-developed support system

Environmental Wellness

Preserving our environment and spending time relaxing and exploring outdoor spaces.

Meet our Peer Educators

photo of Mahadia Islam

Mahadia Islam

I am an undergraduate student majoring in Kinesiology with a concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy. As a peer educator, I want to improve the quality of student life. As a student myself, college life is very stressful. I want to be able to help other students handle their stress better by educating them and connecting them to campus and community resources. I enjoy being active! I love hiking, biking, and swimming. I like to paint and binge watch my favorite shows when I have the chance. 
photo of Logan VanPutte

Logan VanPutte

I am an undergraduate student obtaining my major in Cybersecurity and my minor in Criminal Justice. I enjoy being a peer educator because I believe it is important for students to know how the eight dimensions of wellness affect their overall health and wellness. It is important to me to teach students how to maintain wellness in all dimensions because college is full of new experiences and different types of stress. During my free time, I love researching and learning about self-improvement, travel, culture, technology, and security.
photo of Dorothy Elangwe

Dorothy Elangwe

I am a senior Psychology major. I value and enjoy promoting student wellness because I believe that holistic wellness plays a vital role in our academic, professional, and personal success. During my free time, I love doing makeup because it gives me the opportunity to clear my mind while also creating a beautiful look.
photo of Lauren Knussmann

Lauren Knussmann

I am an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology. College can be a challenging phase in our lives, but we do not have to navigate it alone—resources are available to help you along the way. As a peer educator, it is my goal to guide my peers towards these resources and practicing healthy habits so they can reach their full potential. In my free time, I love to explore new places and to research true crime cases.