Optimize our potential as a whole through greater efficiency, effectiveness and productivity supporting strategic growth and development


SP5. Organizational Goal 1  

Optimize leadership, faculty, and staff recruitment, retention, productivity, and engagement.

Augusta University will recruit the best educators, researchers, scholars, administrators, and health care professionals. We must promote and support a robust mentoring and retention program along with professional development as a university priority. We shall encourage engagement with campus life, while promoting a healthy balance between professional work, enterprise activities, and personal life.

SP5. Organizational Goal 2  

Develop innovative employee-sensitive policies, practices, and programs that establish Augusta University as an employer of choice.

The university will foster faculty and staff members’ educational, clinical, research, creative, leadership, scholarly, and support capabilities by investing in professional and community leadership development programs. Our sense of community, our support for great research and creative engagement, and our hands-on approach to education will make us a place employees want to work.

SP5. Organizational Goal 3  

Enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the enterprise’s administrative, academic, student services, and clinical infrastructure, systems, and processes to maximize the stewardship of all resources.

We shall use uniform processes, benchmarking standards, analytical tools, and consistent reporting to evaluate effectiveness, manage initiatives, and improve operations. We will streamline the organizational structure and continue the integration of administrative, academic, and clinical functions. We will evaluate and optimize management of our human, financial, and physical resources.

SP5. Organizational Goal 4  

Efficiently use existing resources and identify new resources to meet our current and future needs.

Augusta University will develop a plan with expected outcomes for enterprise integration that is articulated clearly and shared consistently with all stakeholders. Augusta University will evaluate senior leadership, faculty, and staff based on alignment with strategic priorities and the use of measurable goals and objectives. We will reward innovative advances in all aspects of the enterprise.

SP5. Organizational Goal 5  

Advance a coordinated philanthropic strategy to increase and enhance fundraising activities supporting all aspects of the enterprise.

We will optimize funding opportunities and expand partnerships with international, national, regional, and local communities and industry. We shall increase the engagement of our alumni and cultivate major gifts and philanthropy that support faculty, staff, and student incentives, scholarships, stipends, and special programs and initiatives.

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