Strategic Priority

Be a national model for the successful consolidation of two higher-education institutions into one fully integrated and aligned research university


SP1. Organizational Goal 1

Manage the transition from two distinct educational institutions to one student-centered research university.

Augusta University must become aligned as one entity, one university, to succeed as an integrated research university. To this end, we shall recognize and manage the psychosocial dynamics of our institutional evolution. We shall foster opportunities that facilitate collaboration and integration. Among other things, the Augusta University community will establish a communication model that cultivates an understanding of the scope and complexity of our enterprise and effectively promotes Augusta University. Initiatives will be developed in open, iterative processes with multiple opportunities for appropriate stakeholder input during the processes.

SP1. Organizational Goal 2

Cultivate a collaborative, enriching work environment that generates open, honest, and constructive communication.

The best work—whether teaching, scholarship, research, clinical care, health care, or support for these endeavors—is accomplished in a friendly and socially healthy environment. Augusta University is committed to facilitating efficient and effective communication, shared governance, and effective messaging for the right venue at the right time. Furthermore, we will develop appropriate methodologies that embrace open, honest, and constructive communication at all organizational levels and establish an enterprise that is sensitive to diversity and inclusion.

SP1. Organizational Goal 3

Ensure that facilities and infrastructure fulfill the needs of our academic, athletic, clinical, military outreach and research programs.

As we consolidate and grow into a great university, we must effectively and efficiently steward the resources entrusted to us. We will optimize the use of current facilities, use technology wisely, and ensure that new facilities are built to model the stewardship of financial and natural resources.

SP1. Organizational Goal 4

Promote access to higher education, in the context of a research university, and respond to the needs of our communities.

As we evolve from two distinctly different institutions, we will work from both ends of the spectrum of student applicants. We will offer programs that attract highly qualified individuals and, at the same time, foster programs that ready under-prepared individuals for education in a rigorous yet nurturing environment. We shall also strive to expand the number of qualified local applicants, especially traditionally under-represented groups.

SP1. Organizational Goal 5

Attain national and international recognition as an integrated and innovative university and academic health system.

We will create a culture of integration and innovative problem solving that empowers employees to identify and remove the physical, administrative, and accounting obstacles that hinder the efficiency of the enterprise. We will also reward innovative advances in all aspects of the enterprise.

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