that leverages its history of excellence in health science and medical education with a strong foundation in liberal arts education and professional degrees


SP2. Organizational Goal 1 

Deliver excellent education and training throughout our expanding footprint.

Education is the backbone of the university. It drives our mission and vision, underpinning all else at Augusta University. We shall improve the quality of education and training—with high-quality educators, innovative assessment models, efficient use of technology, and new programs and courses, among other initiatives. We need to creatively leverage our resources to build new academic programs of study of superior quality and high demand, and to optimize effectiveness in online, local, and international education sites. We will strengthen student transfer and education options, and expand the quantity and quality of student enrollment. Furthermore, Augusta University will reinforce and enhance student pipeline programs and recruitment initiatives.

SP2. Organizational Goal 2  

Create, enhance, and sustain programs that prepare graduates for success in a rapidly changing global workplace and society.

Our graduates need to be equipped to work and live in an ever-changing global environment. We shall design and sustain programs that prepare informed and engaged students for success. We shall develop and implement geographically dispersed education and enrichment programs, including nontraditional, military, rural, and international educational experiences. We will provide our educational experiences in the context of cultural awareness and diversity, created by university-wide activities and initiatives, increasing collaboration and partnerships with international and minority-serving educational institutions.

SP2. Organizational Goal 3

Provide an environment that promotes innovative education.

Augusta University’s faculty and administration value, recognize, and reward effective teaching and learning. At all levels we will create development and leadership models that foster innovative teaching and learning. We will promote productive partnerships with other institutions, organizations, and industries to support effective learning communities. We shall create interprofessional programs and courses, emphasizing critical thinking and creative problem solving, and dual-degree and certificate programs.

SP2. Organizational Goal 4

Increase student retention, progression, and graduation.

Recruiting excellent students and providing an outstanding and innovative education is not enough; Augusta University must strive to ensure students complete their course of study in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We will manage and grow student enrollment, sustaining support and guidance throughout each student’s career at Augusta University.

SP2. Organizational Goal 5

Develop an undergraduate curriculum with a distinctive profile that embraces the principles of liberal arts education as fundamental to all disciplines and that recognizes the value of a culture of intellectual inquiry, creativity, and undergraduate research.

As Augusta University transitions into a more comprehensive research university, it must foster a common vision for a distinctive undergraduate curriculum founded on a high level of intellectual engagement cultivated through cooperative learning among faculty and students. Through open and iterative processes, the university community will conceive of the undergraduate curriculum as a four-year formative process to enhance the experience, foster student success, and increase retention and timely graduation. All alumni will leave with a strong foundation of shared knowledge, advocating for the university’s distinctive identity as they contribute to a well-educated community.

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