We are delighted you will be joining our student body as a Dual Enrollment student!

In order to make your entrance into Augusta University as smooth as possible, please read the following information about your upcoming registration and orientation. This can be used as a checklist and will provide you with the information needed for your registration and orientation. If you have any additional questions, or if we can help you in any way, please call us in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 706-737-1632.

Your New Dual Enrollment Student Checklist is located in your Admissions Portal

Access Your Admissions Portal

Upon Acceptance

COMPLETE YOUR ONLINE WELCOME AND CONFIRM YOUR ENROLLMENT. Let us know you’re planning to attend and secure your seat! You can complete your Dual Enrollment Online Welcome and Acceptance Agreement in your Admissions Portal.

ACTIVATE YOUR AU ACCOUNT & REGISTER FOR DUO. New students must activate their AU account. These credentials will help you access your AU email and AU student portals like Pounce and D2L and are different from your application portal login.

ACCESS YOUR AU EMAIL. Use your newly created AU credentials to monitor your Augusta email at email.augusta.edu. Use this email to communicate with all AU offices (such as Financial Aid, Academic Advising, or your faculty advisor). You will need to check this account regularly for updates.

REGISTER FOR DUAL ENROLLMENT ORIENTATION. Orientation will take place in-person before the start of each semester. Students and parents will have the opportunity to finalize everything before the start of the semester as well as gain insightful tips on how to be a successful student. You can register for Dual Enrollment Orientation in your Admissions Portal

SUBMIT REQUIRED DOCUMENTS. Submit all documents required for enrolling at AU. This includes your Immunizations Forms and your Verification of Lawful Presence. You can learn more on your application portal. Note that some students will have additional requirements.

START THE COURSE ADVISING PROCESS AND COMPLETE YOUR GAFUTURES FUNDING APPLICATION. Students should meet with their High School Counselor to discuss potential course options. All courses must be approved by the High School Counselor in GAfutures first before a student will be provided a Registration PIN and granted access to register for class.  Students wishing to take courses that require a prerequisite will need to submit one or all of the following:

  • AB or IB exam scores.
  • College/university transcripts. College transcripts must have final grades.
  • Transcripts showing in-progress coursework are acceptable until a final transcript is available.


REGISTER FOR CLASS. Dual Enrollment students are responsible for their own registration process with the exception of those who are taking a course being offered on-site at their high school; students on-site will be registered by Augusta University staff for their course. Only students who have courses approved in their GAfutures Funding Application will be granted access to register. The addition of a course to GAfutures by the High School Counselor does not equate to a student being registered for the semester nor does it guarantee course availability.

REVIEW YOUR SCHEDULE IN POUNCE. You can check your registered courses in POUNCE.

PROVIDE A COPY OF YOUR SCHEDULE TO YOUR HIGH SCHOOL COUNSELOR. Save a copy of your schedule for your records and provide a copy to your High School Counselor. You will want to double check your schedule before the start of the semester for any updates.

Advising & Registration


Georgia’s Dual Enrollment Program provides students enrolled at an eligible public or private high school or home study program in Georgia the opportunity to earn high school and college credit at a participating eligible postsecondary institution in Georgia. It also offers students the opportunity to experience college courses and begin their college academic career while still in high school and provides for standard tuition, mandatory fees and required books. The program is offered during all terms of the school year.

Dual Enrollment Funding Awards

  • The approved award rates to be paid for Tuition, Mandatory Fees and Book costs are annually published and subject to change each year.
  • The Dual Enrollment Funding Cap is 30 semester or 45 quarter hours.
  • The award is available for the per term maximum of 15 semester or 12 quarter hours and a maximum of three semesters or four quarters per award year depending upon the student’s eligibility.
  • Postsecondary institutions must waive all mandatory and non-course related fees and cannot charge eligible high school students participating in the Dual Enrollment program additional tuition, mandatory fees or book costs for courses approved for Dual Enrollment funding.
  • Institutions must provide required textbooks at no cost to participating students for courses approved for Dual Enrollment funding. If the course textbook and/or course homework delivery method is provided online or online materials are used in lieu of a physical textbook, the institution must provide the access code at no cost to the student for courses approved for Dual Enrollment funding.

Student Responsibility

  • The postsecondary institution may charge a Dual Enrollment recipient a fine for a lost or damaged book which was loaned to the student, up to $75 or the cost of the book minus the book allowance, whichever is less.
  • If the student chooses to enroll in courses not covered by Dual Enrollment funding, the postsecondary institution may change the student for tuition, books and fees as other students are charged.
  • Upon reaching the Funding Cap, the Eligible Postsecondary Institution may charge Tuition and a prorated portion of the Mandatory Fees and book costs, based on credit hours not covered by Dual Enrollment funding.

Funding Cap

  • The Dual Enrollment Funding Cap is 30 semester or 45 quarter hours.
  • The Funding Cap is a hard cap based on hours paid by the Dual Enrollment Funding Program for terms of enrollment (as invoiced by the postsecondary institutions).
  • The Funding Cap does not include dual credit coursework attempted and paid by other sources.
  • All first-time students effective Summer term 2020 and beyond are subject to the Dual Enrollment Funding Cap.

Reaching the Funding Cap

Once a Dual Enrollment student reaches the Funding Cap, a student may:

  • Self- Pay for college courses; the college may charge the student tuition, fees and books based on credit hours of enrollment not covered by Dual Enrollment funding.
  • Dual Enrollment funding is available up to the student’s high school graduation or home study completion date or the Funding Cap, whichever occurs first.

Retaking and Withdrawing from a Dual Enrollment Course

  • A student may not receive funding for the same course twice. Courses taken Summer term 2020 or later cannot be retaken and receive funding; does not include courses taken through Spring term
  • Students become ineligible to continue to receive Dual Enrollment funding after their 2nd course.

Other Options

  • Students choosing to enroll in courses not on the Dual Enrollment Directory or not eligible for a course on the Directory due to grade level requirements may self-pay
  • The college may charge the student tuition, fees and books based on credit hours of enrollment as other students would be charged.

Tuition, Mandatory Fees, and Books

The specific Dual Enrollment award amount will vary based on the postsecondary institution and the number of credit hours in which a student is enrolled. Complete Dual Enrollment award amounts are available on GAfutures.org. In most cases, the program covers all required standard tuition, mandatory fees and required book expenses. Students are responsible for lost or damaged books, books that are considered optional or specific course-related fees, such as a lab fee.

For a complete guide to the GAfutures Funding and Award policies, visit GAfutures.