Required Immunizations

To attend classes at Augusta University per the USG Board of Regents and the Augusta University Immunization policy, all students must meet the established immunization requirements.



Print the Immunization form and all pages that follow. Click on the link below to display and select your program of enrollment. This will display the required immunization record and documentation. The immunization form must be filled out, completed, and signed and dated by a Healthcare Provider. All documentation must be in English. Submit all records and supporting documentation per the instructions below.

Required Immunization Record and Documentation Form


Once your immunization record has been signed by a healthcare provider and you have obtained other required supporting documents, go to website to enter your immunization dates.

Go to  

Use your Outlook user name and password assigned to you when you were accepted for admission.  If you do not have a Augusta University email account, you will not be able to access this site and we cannot accept your immunization records.  

Navigate to “Immunizations” on the left side of the menu. Choose “New” and enter the dates of each immunization that you have received. Then click “Submit”. You do not have to enter dates for immunizations if they are not required by your program.


Submit your immunization record/documentation per the following instructions.

  • Scan your documents (immunization form, TB screening/test results, and lab reports) to your computer and save them to a file. Please make sure your full name, date of birth, and student ID number are indicated on all documents. 
  • Within the website, click on “Upload Documents” on the left side of the menu.  Then click on “Choose Document” and select “Immunization Records”. Then click on “Browse” and select the documents from your computer to be uploaded. Then click on “Upload”. Once the documents are uploaded, open the document to confirm that all pages uploaded and are legible.
  • Your records will be reviewed and verified by the Immunizations Department within 7 business days. Watch your Augusta University email for important notifications from the Immunizations Department. We will send you emails as your immunization status changes or if we need to communicate with you regarding your submitted  documentation.  Please allow us 7 business days to review your documents and send you an updated email.

If you have further questions or would like information on obtaining immunizations and or lab work at the Student Health Center, please email