The JagCard is the official identification for Augusta University and Augusta University Health. 


  • You should carry your JagCard with you on the Summerville and Forest Hills campuses
  • You must display your JagCard at all times when you are on the Health Sciences Campus or the River Front Campus

Your JagCard is the property of Augusta University. The use of this card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions of Augusta University's policies governing its use. The JagCard MUST be returned upon the end of employment, contract, academic enrollment and/or upon request from an Augusta University Official. Please note that there is no longer a fee for replacement JagCards.

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JagCard Office Has Moved!

The JagCard Office has moved to Augusta University Annex One. The new address will be 1499 Walton Way, Augusta, GA 30901. 

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Coming Soon! Submit Your JagCard Photo Online

Your photo choice is a vital part of your JagCard badge. We want the best YOU displayed on your JagCard. Coming soon you will have the option to upload a photo of your choice as long as it meets our guidelines. Check back soon for more information! 

Contact Us

JagCard Office

Health Sciences Campus
Annex I
1499 Walton Way Augusta, GA 30901


Using Your JagCard

The JagCard is your key to campus services!

Use your JagCard to gain access to many Athletic, Cultural, or Student Life Events. You can also add a meal plan or JagCash. 

The JagCard is NOT a credit card! You can only spend whatever funds you have deposited on the card, a bit like your bank debit card. Once the funds are spent you will need to deposit more money to continue making purchases.

If you lose your JagCard, please contact us immediately or visit the JagCard Office Account Management site to deactivate your card. We want to make sure it cannot be used by an unauthorized person. 

Manage Your JagCard Online

Make a deposit, buy a meal plan, deactivate your card and more!

Using Your JagCard Funds

Find out where you can use your JagCard funds around our various campuses.