Classroom Discussion with MS Teams

Think About How You Would Continue Class Discussion in the Event of a Disruption (Real-time or Asynchronous)

Quick tips on how to Record a group call or meeting through Microsoft Teams
Please note that you can do ad-hoc recording of a call which is 3 or more participants.  You can do a recording of a scheduled call between 2 or more participants.  If you do an ad-hoc call one-on-one, you will not see the record option.

Real-time/Synchronous – MS Teams

  1. Access your All Teams (Ref. images.)
  2. Click the Create a team The Join or create a team page displays.
  3. Click the Create team The Select a team type option displays.
  4. Select the Class The Add people to … dialogue window displays.
  5. Use the Search for students field to find add students from the appropriate class to your new team.
  6. Click the Add button to save your changes. Your new class team Posts stream displays.
  7. Use the Context Menus (buttons with elipses) to access additional configuration options.

All who have been added to your new team will have access to shared posts in real-time.

Screenshot of MS Teams with the Teams button highlighted.

A screenshot of the Manage teams screen in MS TeamsScreenshot of the Create a Team button on MS Teams highlighted.Screenshot with Class button highlighted in MS TeamsScreenshot with Students highlighted in MS TeamsScreenshot of MS Teams discussionFor more information, refer to the I.T. Knowledge Base: []