Revised By-Laws – 01-11-17

Article I: Name and Purpose

I.1.   The Organization shall be known as the Augusta University Retirees Association (AURA).

I.2.   The purposes of the Association are to support the mission of the Augusta University, to help keep members aware of events at the university, and to offer opportunities to retirees to relate to each other in ways they chose to adopt.

Article II: Affiliation With Augusta University

II.1.   The President of the Medical College of Georgia recognized the Association and its purposes in July 1988 when the organization was originally established.

 II.2.   Institutional Support will be provided by the Augusta University through cooperation of its Division of Human Resources with the Association. Such cooperation will not exceed the tangible support provided to similar organizations associated with the Institution. Augusta University may assist with mailings, notifying the Association of new retirees, determining current addresses of Augusta University retirees (unless specifically notified by the retiree not to release information), keeping the Association informed of policy and procedure changes that effect retirees, and other activities determined by the Board of the Association and Augusta University.

Article III: Membership

The Association will be composed of former employees of the Augusta University who were qualified by retirement under all official retirement Systems. All members will hold equal status.

Article IV: Membership Dues and Fees

IV.I.   The Board shall determine the annual active member fee. Active members will be sent individual meeting announcements. Fees will be used for meeting related expenses such as door prizes, speakers, gifts, correspondence and other items as designated by the Board.

 IV.2.   As additional financial resources are needed, the membership shall assess itself specifically for the activity needing support.

Article V:   Meetings

V.1.   The Association will hold quarterly membership meetings. It may hold additional meetings as desired by the membership.

 V.2.   All Association members will receive an annual meeting notice. Active members will receive an individual notice for each meeting. Members may also be notified through the Augusta University Retirees Association website (

 V.3.   Meeting dates will be announced to the membership in writing at least 30 days prior to the meeting, whenever possible.

 V.4.   A quarterly meeting may be eliminated by vote of the membership during a duly scheduled earlier meeting or by vote of the AURA Board of Directors.

 V.5.   Specific groups of the Association (e.g. committees) shall meet as they see fit or as directed by the Board of Directors.

 V.6.   A majority of those present at a duly announced meeting shall constitute a quorum.

Article VI:   Officers

VI.1   There shall be four officers presented to the membership for election. President, President-elect, Past-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers shall serve for two years and may succeed themselves. The Immediate Past-President continues to serve on the Board of Directors.

VI.2.   The officers shall perform all duties incident to the offices held and any other duties assigned by the Board of Directors.

 VI.3.   In recognition of outstanding service to the Association a member may be named as an Emeritus Director and participate in the Board of Directors activities as desired.

Article VII:   Assistant Officers, Standing Committees, and Committees

VII.1   Assistant Officers shall be presented to the membership for election and may succeed themselves. Standing Committee Chairpersons will be appointed by the Board of Directors and are eligible for reappointment. Committee members shall be selected by Committee Chairpersons and are eligible for reappointment.

VII.2   The Assistant to the Secretary will assist the Secretary with recording minutes and correspondence duties.

VII.3   The Assistant to the Treasurer will assist the Treasurer with maintaining financial records, collecting fees, maintaining an active member list, and related tasks.

VII.4. The Board of Directors in October of each year will appoint a Nominating Committee Chairperson if the Immediate Past President is unable to serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee will consist of the Chairperson and two members’ appointed board. This committee will present the slate of officers for a vote of approval at the 2nd board meeting of each year and then at the annual (June) meeting of the membership. The committee is disbanded after the slate of officers is approved.

VII.5   The Program Committee Chairperson will present a list of proposed speakers, topics, meeting locations and dates to the Board. The program committee will assist the President and other officers with making meeting arrangements, sending out program notices, and providing assistance at the meetings.

VII.6.   A By-Laws Committee will periodically review the By-Laws at the direction of the Board of Directors and present suggested revisions to the Board.

 VII.7.   Other Committees may be appointed by the Board of Directors as needed.

 Article VIII.   Board of Directors

VIII.1.   The Board of Directors shall be composed of the officers, the assistants to the officers, the standing committee chairperson(s), and nine (9) members at large. All Board members must be in good standing to serve (paid dues). Upon acceptance of nomination and election to the Board of Directors, board members are expected to regularly attend board meetings (4 per year) and luncheons (4 per year). Failure to attend at least a majority of the meetings cited above in a calendar year without notifying an officer of the Board of an absence will result in removal from the Board

 VIII.2.   The majority of the Board members shall constitute a quorum.

 VIII.3.   Actions of the Board of Directors shall be reported to the membership during the next scheduled meeting.

 Article IX.   Nominations, Elections, and Vacancies

IX.1   The Nominating Committee shall present a list of nominees to the Board at least 30 days before the annual meeting. All nominees shall have indicated that they are willing to serve if elected.

IX.2.   The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of candidates for that year to the membership. Elections will be held at the annual meeting in June unless changed by the membership. Officer and Board Member terms are for two years. Members may succeed themselves. The President-elect, President, Secretary, Assistant to the Treasurer, and 4 (four) Board members At Large shall be elected in years ending with an even number. The Treasurer, Assistant to the Secretary, and five (5) Board members At Large shall be elected in years ending with an odd number.

IX.3.   Vacancies shall be filled by the Board of Directors to serve until the elections at the next annual meeting.

Article X:   Amendments

These By-Laws may be altered, amended, or replaced and new By-Laws adopted by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at any regularly scheduled meeting if such intention is included in the meeting announcement.

Article XI:   Approval

XI.1   These By-Laws shall replace the original 14 December 1988 By-Laws, the l July 2004 Revision of the By-Laws, the 9 December 2014 Revision of the By-Laws and the 13 January 2016 Revision of the By-Laws and will be effective 11 January 2017.