Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this scholarly activity, students will:

    1. Articulate a clear research question, problem, or project need
    2. Formulate research, hypotheses, and/or plans of work
    3. Identify and use appropriate study/research methodologies
    4. Use resources to search for existing literature relevant to topic
    5. Understand the existing body of research relevant to their topic and explain how their project addresses gaps in the current literature
    6. Carry out a substantial scholarly learning or research project
    7. Analyze data and synthesize research findings
    8. Report research findings in written and verbal forms
    9. Explain their research to broader audiences through research presentations
    1. Reflect on their own research, identifying lessons learned, strengths, and ways their work enhances their academic and professional goals
    2. Maintain professionalism: develop and maintain relationships, as appropriate, with project coordinators and reviewers, complete work on time, incorporate reviewer feedback when necessary, respond to requests in a timely manner, etc.

      For projects for which IRB approval is required students will also:
    3. Demonstrate an understanding of the ethical issues associated with research



Learning Behavior

Learning Outcomes

Formative Assessment

Complete required “Scholarly Project Gateway Application” Form

Incorporate feedback from review team for proposal revision

Successfully manage and complete IRB application, if necessary (not all students will need IRB approval)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11


Summative Assessment

Successfully complete one of the following scholarly projects, or an approved alternative project:

Literature Review, Meta Analysis, Classroom Observations, Needs Assessment, Position Paper, Case Study, Advocacy/Community Action Work, Campaign Proposal Development, Theory Paper, Retrospective Analysis, Self-Study, Volunteering/Job Shadowing

Prepare a final scholarly report/research report

Present scholarly project at an MCG poster presentation forum

Complete required reflection activity

6, 7, 11




8, 9

8, 9