Research Awards

Augusta University offers various competitive intramural grants to our researchers.  

  • Career Development Scholar Program
  • Intramural Grant Program (IGP)
  • Research, Scholarship & Creative Activity (RSCA) Award
  • Translational Pilot Grant Program
FY 2023 Recipients  Previous Recipients

Career Development Scholar Program

The goal of this new program is to internally develop independent clinician-researchers in basic, translational, and/or clinical areas related to human health, through an intense, mentored, career development program similar to existing career development programs within NIH.

Due Date: Annually on November 15


Intramural Grants Program (IGP)

The IGP program is designed to assist and encourage faculty to develop research programs that can successfully compete for extramural funding, encourage collaborations, and to serve as bridge funding when applicable. The major objective of this program is to provide funding to initiate or refine a project and acquire the necessary preliminary data for submission of a major extramural grant application to a federal agency, national foundation, or other external funding entity.

Due Dates: Annually on March 15, July 15, and November 15


Research Scholarship and Creative Activity Program (RSCA)

The Research Scholarship & Creative Activity (RSCA) Grant Program is designed to provide assistance for faculty conducting RSCA activities during the summer months. Areas of support include arts and humanities; computational, formal, natural, or social sciences; education; cyber; and business. Award amounts can include summer salary and fringe benefits for faculty on nine month contracts. Additional support can be requested for up to $5,000 of other direct costs to conduct a project and disseminate findings, depending upon the nature of the request.

Due Date: Annually on October 1


Translational Science Pilot Grant Program (TSPG)

The Translational Science Pilot Grant Program is for all Augusta University investigators and is designed to assist and encourage faculty to develop translational science research programs. A secondary goal of the program is to foster collaborations in translational science between Augusta University, including regional campuses, and Georgia State University.

Translational science studies the processes whereby translational research projects are conducted. While “translational research” focuses on specific clinical targets or diseases, “translational science” is focused on general principles that may be applied to any clinical or translational research project. The primary endpoint of translational science studies is knowledge that can be used to guide best practices for translational research.

Due Date: March 15, 2022