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Consultation may occur a single time or multiple times, and in some cases, may result in long-term and prosperous collaborations.  We assist individuals at all stages of health profession career development and all levels of health science educator and educational research experience. To ensure that we have the workforce to assist the maximum number of requests possible, Medical College of Georgia (MCG) faculty are limited to 5 hours per academic year of free consultation across EII consultation services.

If you are unsure about whether your idea fits within the consultation framework of the EII, please email Ralph Gillies for further inquiry.

We have two consultation services to support your needs: 1) Educational Scholarship and Educator Consultations 2) Educational Statistics Consultations.


The EII currently does not charge for the first 5 hours* of consultation services to internal clients at MCG. This includes direct time with clients as well as time to research and respond in writing to your needs.  We ask that you review and follow our Attribution and Authorship Guidelines as appropriate in relation to our consultant contributions

*Please note there is a surcharge for any services requested with less than 1 week of lead time such that the fee for the “free services” will be 50% of our hourly rate or $45 per hour for the first five hours.

For individuals whose needs go above the 5 hours of free consultation per year, we have 2 primary options (and a blended combination thereof).

Option 1: Pay by the hour

  • Internal Investigators: Our fee for MCG investigators is $90 per hour or a package of 10 hours for $800. Please note there is a 50% surcharge for any services requested with less than 1 week of lead time, and the availability of consultants is not guaranteed.
  • External Investigators: Our fee for non-MCG investigators is $135 per hour or a package of 10 hours for $1250. Please contact the EII by phone to inquire about availability of external consultation services.

Option 2: Percent Effort

  • If you are making a grant submission and plan to have a consultant work with you in a co-investigator role, we ask that you assign an appropriate percent effort for this person within your grant budget. The percent effort should be agreed upon and approved by the EII directors prior to submission.  If the consultant’s assistance is only required on an intermittent basis, we offer hourly consultation rates as noted above.
  • Please Note: If you are interested in the EII serving as independent educational evaluators of your project (as required/desirable by many granting agencies), we have a different fee structure depending on the level and type of evaluation services needed. Please contact our consultation service to discuss if this avenue might be appropriate for your project.

Option 3: Blend of Hourly/Percent Effort

  • In terms of grant preparation, faculty are still able to access the 5 hours of free consultation. However, should extensive assistance with grant preparation be required prior to submission, we ask that you pay for these pre-submission services within our hourly consultation model. Once awarded the grant, we are able to perform additional services in either an hourly or percent effort model as appropriate to needs of the grant.


  1. Educator Consultations- Consultations related to the development or modification of health sciences curriculum, implementation of new/innovative teaching or assessment methods or development of new educator skills.
  2. Educational research/Scholarship Consultations- Consultations related to the development and refinement of health sciences education research questions and study design, irb preparation, study implementation, and research and scholarship product development.
  3. Educational Statistics Consultations- Consultations related to planning a data analysis strategy or want assistance on analyzing already collected data.
  4. Career and Promotion Consultations- Consultations related to planning out a career trajectory that has a health sciences educator component, including the development and review of promotion and tenure packets (e.g., creating a preparation timeline, telling your “career story” through your packet, and demonstrating impact.)

Please Note: Timelines for grants or projects with absolute deadlines the EII should be contacted as soon as you know that you may want to use our consultation services for your health science education grant application or project. The earlier we are notified, the more able we are to develop a collaborative timeline for completion.

For grants and projects in need of review, editing, and statistical planning, we should be contacted at least 4 weeks prior about the project and specific needs.

For grants and projects with significant development, design, and writing needs, we need a minimum of six weeks’ notice and preferably longer. We operate on a “first come, first serve” basis and are limited in the number of major projects we can accept that have deadlines in close proximity.

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