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Our programs are lead by well-qualified faculty whose knowledge of local customs, culture and geography is matched only by their enthusiasm for their field of study.

Time and again we have seen the transformation that takes place in a student who travels to an international destination for the first time. Ask any Study Abroad alum and they will tell you how their introduction to a new culture, new language, and new international friends has broadened their perspective of the world. While it can be difficult to quantify this transformation, most experts in the field seem to agree that foreign travel leads to increased understanding among former strangers and greater appreciation for cultural differences. Isn't this, after all, a primary objective of a college education? In an increasingly global world, lessons learned in studies abroad translate readily to the workplace. The return on a study abroad investment is real for our students.

The Augusta University Study Abroad program has been developed with the safety and best interests of students considered first and foremost. Our program adheres to the rigorous guidelines set forth by the University System of Georgia Board of Regents, and takes into consideration any concerns that parents may have. At the core of our mission at the Augusta University Study Abroad Office is our sincere belief that a trip abroad could provide the spark that ignites the student to consider further study in a particular field at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Program destinations are carefully reviewed ahead of time by Study Abroad staff. This important step helps to confirm the safety, stable political climate, cleanliness, and appropriateness of a particular destination for Augusta University students. Solid relationships have been formed over time, and are in place every step of the way.  Augusta University's professionally trained Study Abroad staff is multi-lingual and well traveled. The team is well versed in the policies and procedures that govern Study Abroad, and they work year-round to ensure that the program operates within full compliance of these protocols. This means that as a parent, you can have peace of mind when your child leaves the United States.

Some have the impression that Study Abroad is cost prohibitive. Augusta University's Study Abroad program is unique in its commitment to helping our students. Every year, we offer fundraisers and scholarships in order to make our trips more accessible to as many students as possible. Please explore our website further. We are eager to hear where your child will be going!

All aboard!

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Useful Links

Please review our useful links if you have questions about safety, health, travel guides and more. 

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Dr. Giada Biasetti, associate professor of Spanish, has been with Augusta University for eight years and is the director of the Salamanca Study Abroad Program.

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Grego named director of Study Abroad

Katherine Grego is an alumna of Columbus State University and has worked for its Center for Global Engagement since 2018.

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Since students are not able to travel the world right now, Dr. R. Brandon Cromer brought Tanzania and Kenya to the classroom for his students. 

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Study Abroad offers grants for virtual international experiences

Augusta University’s Study Abroad Office is offering funds to help create collaborative online international learning opportunities for the Spring 2021 semester.