Independent Student Travel

Special Circumstances:


Are you an INDIVIDUAL who is traveling abroad (to any location with any program) but not receiving course/clinical credit? Please complete the steps in the "IST Paperwork Process" listed below.

Are you taking a GROUP abroad, though not receiving course/clinical credit? Please refer to the Non Credit-Bearing Program Proposal on the "Information for Faculty" page.


If you are considering traveling to a Level 3 Travel Advisory country or area, additional paperwork and approval will be required and must be completed no later than 3 months before intended departure. Travel to Level 4 countries or areas is not permitted. Please email Judy Kyrkos as soon as possible for forms and any questions you may have.


Finding a Program:

Please be patient as we update this section of our website. Email Judy Kyrkos for any questions you may have.


IST Paperwork Process:

The Study Abroad Office has moved all of its paperwork to an online registration system, Terra Dotta. All Independent Student Travelers will need to complete their registration with our office via the link below. 

Please begin this process no later than 3 months before your departure. Please complete the registration no later than 1 month before departure, as we know that some itinerary items may be unknown at three months prior.

Independent Student Travel Registration

Please also do the following actions that do not require documentation sent to the Study Abroad Office:

  1. Register with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program with the Department of State.
  2. Read the Department of State's information on the location you will be traveling.
  3. Read CDC Traveler's Health information.

Other Information:

  • Students who fail to complete and submit the required paperwork to the Study Abroad Office will not be recognized as an enrolled Augusta University student eligible for academic or clinical course credit.
  • Independent Student Travelers are ineligible to participate in the Augusta University Study Abroad Office fundraisers and Undergraduate Study Abroad/Away Scholarship.