Independent Student Travel- Medical Global Health opportunities are available to medical students at the Medical College of Georgia. 

Dr. Kaminstein is the director of Global Health for the Medical College of Georgia. He overseas Global Health Education and activities for the M1 through M4 year class. He also runs a fellowship in International Medicine though the Department Of Emergency Medicine. Please reach out to Dr. Kaminstein if you have any questions about our IST: Medical Global Health opportunities. 

Start here by completing the intial MCG Independent Student Travel Interest Form via Qualtrics. 

This survey is the first step for MCG students who would like to enroll in the EMED 5007 Global Health elective.  To qualify for this elective you should be a pre-clerkship student who has completed all core rotation requirements or an enrichment student in good standing.  

1. Review the Global Health Elective Policy and Application Packet.

2. Fill in the information below to indicate your intended dates of travel, location of travel and uploaded CV of your supervising physician.
3. Once you have completed this survey the information will be reviewed the Director of Global Health and the Class Dean.  Once your elective is approved you will be directed to the Study Abroad office to complete all Augusta University requirements for student travel.  

Required Paperwork

We've moved all of our paperwork to a new online registration system, Terra Dotta. Please complete your paperwork online. 


The summer between M1 and M2 is the only "free" summer available. Make it worth your while! Do research, volunteer, find a course for credit, etc. Make this summer a productive one by doing something that will expand your knowledge and build up your resume. Setting up these rotations takes time. Start this process as soon as possible to ensure you will be able to travel abroad during the summer months.

Full details of M1 Global Health Experiences

Application Process:

  1. Identify the opportunity you are interested in. There is no one option.  Students are encouraged to seek out their own opportunities. Our 4 primary suggestions for where to start looking for an elective are listed below. You should aim to start the application process to these programs at least 6 months in advance.
  • VSLO program – there are limited opportunities for 1st year medical students. Learn more and start your application.
  • Child and Family Health International – this is an independent organization that has an excellent reputation for helping students with international electives
  • Develop a research opportunity with MCG or external faculty – project must have IRB in Augusta approval prior to a research project being started
  • Floating Doctors- this is an organization that provides mobile clinics via boat to remote parts of Panama.
  • Find your own rotation
  1. Individual Student Travel Form – This is a single online form that is the only information that you are required to complete before travel.  Click on the link below labeled “Independent Student Travel (M1 Students) Registration".  This will take you to the Augusta University’s Terra Dotta website.  Login with your AU account information.   You will be prompted to complete information about your clinical experience and emergency contact information.  You will also be able to buy very affordable and excellent travel insurance.  You are strongly encouraged to purchase travel insurance through the study abroad office.
  2. Office of Global Health- Once reviewed by the study abroad office your application will be forwarded to the Director of Global Health for review. The Director of Global Health will ensure that proposed travel is safe and offers an appropriate educational opportunity for the student’s level of training. Please be aware travel WILL NOT be approved to countries that are designated by the US State Department as a travel advisory level 4 (red). Any travel to these areas must be done strictly on the student's own time as vacation and not in connection with any MCG project or faculty member.  Travel to advisory level 3 (orange) countries will require an extra step of approval.  Once approved by the Director of Global Health the international application form will be sent to Dr. Fly for final review and approval.
  3. Curriculum Office – Dr. Fly will review both completed application form and completed study abroad paperwork. Final approval rests with the curriculum office and can only be considered once all paperwork is complete.
  4. Study Abroad Office- The study abroad office will review all paperwork and approvals that are submitted through Terra Dotta.  You can review your application status through the Terra Dotta website. 


Students are responsible for tracking their application submitted through VSLO or any applications submitted to outside organizations

Non-Credit Experiences Abroad:

Most medical students choose to participate in non-credit international experiences during the summer after M1 year. If you decide to do this, there is an abbreviated IST Paperwork Process the Study Abroad Office will need you to complete (see "Required Paperwork" below).

Recommended Timeline for Clinical Opportunities:

  • January - March: Select a program/site. See "Finding an international opportunity" section below for suggested programs.
  • March - April: Complete Study Abroad Office paperwork (see "Required Paperwork" below)
  • April - May: Pre-departure preparations

Recommended Timeline for Research Opportunities:

  • October - December: Select a research project
  • December 31st: Deadline for selecting a research project
  • January - February: Complete all IRB paperwork
  • March - April: Complete Study Abroad Office paperwork (see "Required Paperwork" below)
  • April - May: Pre-departure preparations

With very few exceptions, your second year of medical school does not leave time for traveling abroad. The summer between 2nd and 3rd year will be dedicated towards studying and preparing for your STEP exam. Instead, begin thinking about the opportunities that you may want to pursue during your 3rd or 4th year.

Start the process for Year 4 international experiences at least 6 months in advance. This is includes getting course forms signed and picking a site. At this point, you may not have full approval but you should have your elective selected.

Choosing an International Elective:

Page six of your Phase 3 Elective Bulletin outlines the paperwork process that is detailed below. Page 13 lists the electives available to you. All international electives will be listed as "International and Travel Medicine" (EMED 5007).

Course Sign-up Process:
Full Details of Global Health Elective App. Process

General outline of the process:

Pick a destination/program:

  • Can be urban, rural, whatever and in any time of town/city (even Native American reservations are considered international experiences)
  • For this elective to count towards graduation, the program must have "significant medical educational content," as stated in your Elective Bulletin
  • See the "Finding an international opportunity" section below for suggested programs. 
  • NOTE: Electives to State Department travel advisory level 3 countries are highly discouraged. This will be a much longer process with extra paperwork and more approval signatures. Additional Waiver paperwork must be completed for the SAO no later than 3 months before needed approval.

Obtain approval from preceptor from that site for the dates you plan to be there

  • You must get approval from the site

Paperwork with the Curriculum Office - International Elective Form

  • You can only do ONE international medicine elective that applies towards graduation
  • Advisor approval is required
  • This form cannot be completed without working concurrently with the Study Abroad Office (see below)
  • This form requires approval by the curriculum office, director of global health and study abroad office

Complete Study Abroad Office IST paperwork:

  • See "Required Paperwork" below.

Plan Travel

  • Meet with Dr. Kaminstein to discuss travel safety, vaccinations, travel papers, and anything else you need based on your destination and your travel experience.
  • Make an appointment with the Travel Medicine Clinic
  • Purchase tickets and finalize housing

Finding an International Opportunity

Augusta University programs:

External programs:

  • Global Health Faculty
  • Sign up for the Global Health Initiative Newsletter
  • Prezi presentation of "International Opportunities for Students in Health Fields" (presented by University of Cincinnati, but still relevant to MCG students)
  • Potential program for M1 students:
    • SMS- School of Medical Sciences of Unicamp Winter School: July 2-6th, 2018 - an experience in Brazilian medical and cultural practice. A one week training program that consists of educational activities and visits in their Health Care System (Hospital de Clínicas Complex). They offer interesting courses with technical and practical content in topics of internal medicine, mental health, surgery and dermatology.
    • The deadline for application is March 26th, 2018. Contact email for more details:

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