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Study abroad or away with AU! Participating in an international or domestic program can be one of the best parts of your academic experience with Augusta University.

Whether you join an AU faculty-led program, or one of countless study abroad opportunities worldwide, the benefits are nearly endless! Gain a global perspective and employability through new and improved skills, make new friends, learn more about yourself, and capture memories that will last a lifetime.

Don't have a passport to travel overseas yet? Check out this guide to obtain your US passport.

Augusta University's Study Abroad Office enrolls all study abroad participants with CISI Insurance for programs.  However, we do understand that students and/or their families might want to ensure that they have additional coverage before going abroad.  This information will help aid students on some next steps.  Participants can also research insurance options by visiting the U.S. Department of State's webpage for Insurance Providers for Overseas Coverage for additional coverage.

Learn more about CISI AU Coverage Plan

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Study Abroad on Jagnation

Maria Darley in the JSAC

Study Abroad Takes The Right Steps During COVID-19

Studying abroad offers students a global perspective and memories they will carry forever. The world may look a little different right now, but Augusta University Director of Study Abroad, Maria Darley, knows that with additional health precautions and modified course delivery, Jagnation can still experience a robust traveling and learning opportunity amidst COVID-19. >>> Study […]

photo from article Janice: Helping people through technology

Janice: Helping people through technology

Janice DeLoach is an Associate Director of IT at Augusta University. Her mom used to work for IT as well, until she retired back in 2009. She has been a part of Augusta University since 1998, beginning as a student assistant in IT. She received her bachelors in Management Information Systems in 2008. Once she […]

Jennifer: Traveling abroad is never out of reach

Jennifer: traveling abroad is never out of reach

Jennifer Moore has a love for travel that she worried would go unfulfilled. Born and raised in Panama, she came to the United States in 2010. When she enrolled in Augusta University, Jennifer found a way to fulfill her dream through the Study Abroad program. What made it even better was one of the trips […]

Mina Momtahan, ecology major, has put her love of nature to good use

Mina: Nature lover & world traveler

Mina is an Ecology major with a deep connection and love for the outdoors.

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