Come by the Study Abroad Office in Allgood Hall E134! Any of our staff are happy to speak with you about any program you're interested in. They'll answer any questions you may have, give you information specific to different programs, and help you make the study abroad or away decision that's best for you.

In the meantime, tune into the Study Abroad Info Session recorded on 10/7/2020 for some basics about the Study Abroad opportunities at AU or check out the Study Abroad 101 presentation.

  • Students must put down a deposit and sign up via an online application to be officially added to a full program’s waitlist.
  • Your Terra Dotta “status” will be listed as “Waitlist.”
  • For those on a waitlist, if a spot does not open up OR you are no longer able to go on the program, your deposit will be refunded in early March. No exceptions.
  • Students on the waitlist cannot participate in programs until a confirmed spot opens up on their program.

If you would like to order a sash for graduation representing the country in which you studied abroad, you may do so through the RoarStore or Vision Wear.

All study abroad programs vary in price. Please note that the program cost reflected on the page does not include tuition/fees for the semester of study. While many programs include daily breakfasts or a few meals, you will also need to bring spending-money during your travels.  For more information, please visit:

While a study abroad or away course can fit anywhere in your degree, departments all have different requirements about what can count towards your major or minor. The study abroad office staff can give you general information about the courses offered on a program, but only your major advisor can tell you exactly how the classes will count towards your degree. We always recommend scheduling an appointment with your advisor just to double-check that you're getting the credit you're looking for.

Visit the Course Substitutions site directs you how to request that a study abroad course replace a regular/on-campus course. You must complete it and have the appropriate individuals sign-off on it. 

Yes! Depending on the year, it is possible to obtain honors credit through a faculty-led study abroad or study away program. If a program offers honors credit, it will be included in the program description on the programs page. Additionally, there are cases where a study abroad course might substitute for HONR 3900XX: Breaking Boundaries courses. These seminar courses involve an in‐depth exploration of a unique interdisciplinary or multicultural topic. Please contact if you would like to request a course substitution to satisfy a Breaking Boundaries requirement.

To learn more about 2023 Honors and study abroad or away program offerings, check out this info session with study abroad staff and faculty leaders.

Yes, financial aid can often be applied to study abroad or away as long as you're taking courses that apply to your degree requirements. You may schedule an appointment with the Financial Aid Office to talk about your individual circumstances.

Your GI bill will cover the Tuition portion of a study abroad program, but you will still be responsible for paying the program fee. Additionally, the VA can help compensate you for textbooks, housing, and other living expenses while studying abroad on a case-by-case basis. 

The Augusta University study abroad or away program works to offer a variety of programs every year. Beyond varying in coursework and location, they also vary in length from one week to an entire summer, which means that there is likely a program that fits your schedule. Stop by and speak with us to find a program that's perfect for you! 

Your safety is our priority, and we carefully consider safety when planning our programs. If you have any reservations about traveling to a particular country, we welcome you to visit U.S. Department of State for all safety information, travel warnings, and consular information they have.

Everyone who travels abroad will need a passport.  Different countries have different entry requirements, so your individual program director will let you know if you need a visa.  Visa costs are the student's responsibility unless otherwise noted.  Students who do not have U.S. passports should double check the entry requirements of their study abroad country to ensure they do not need a visa. 

You should consult your individual physician to receive medical advice about travel. Augusta University has a Student Health Travel Clinic where you can make an appointment if you do not have a personal physician. You can also look at the Center for Disease Control travel pages located on your program page to see their recommendations for travel. Keep in mind that the Study Abroad Office does not monitor country-specific vaccines/shots/medicines, so be sure to take a look for yourself!


Any student seeking an opportunity to participate in an international experience must register with the Study Abroad Office. If you do not already have a program in mind, you may set up an appointment with our Study Abroad Advisor to discuss your options in further detail. You can also visit Individual Student Travel for more information. 

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