For the safety of our patients, families, and staff, we will continue to secure the hospital from 8:30 pm to 5 am; however, as of Thursday, January 10, 2019, families and guests within the hospital must obtain an ID Badge at a front desk entrance during this time.


Families/guests can obtain an ID at the following Entrances:

  • Entrance A
  • Entrance B
  • Emergency Department Entrance
  • CHOG Entrance

Badge Information

Badges will show

  • Individual’s photo
  • Room Number destination
  • Date


Long-Term Patient Armbands 

For families/guests who are with their patient on a long-term basis
  1. Arrangements can be made to obtain an armband at a front desk.
  2. Guest must present an authorized card from their unit at a front desk entrance.
  3. The armband serves as a bypass from having to obtain a daily ID badge.




This ID program is part of a comprehensive security program to keep our hospital safe. Our Center for Patients and Families and our Safety/Security Department are partners managing the Guest ID System. For more information, contact Julie Moretz, Chief Experience Officer or Josh Cunningham, Interim Director of Security.