Campus Assessment Response and Evaluation Team

The mission of the AU CARE Team is to provide a caring program for student identification, intervention, and response while balancing the needs of the individual with those of the community. The CARE Team identifies students whose behavioral patterns have raised concern about their well-being; centralizes communication to gain a more complete understanding of the whole student; and develops a collaborative outreach plan with campus and community resources to address identified risks. The team reviews all referred concerns as soon as reasonably possible and recognizes that some referrals, by their very nature, will require immediate review and others may be dealt with during regular Team meetings. The Team will use a fact based assessment process to develop an appropriate plan of action.

Division of Enrollment and Student Affairs

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Emergency Numbers

Emergency Assistance on Campus: 706-721-2911

Georgia Crisis & Access Line: 1-800-715-4225

Medical Emergency: 911

Who is on the CARE Team?

The CARE Team is a multidisciplinary team which includes:

  • Associate Dean of Students
  • Care Case Manager
  • Dean of Students
  • Executive Director of Academic Success
  • Director of Student Health Services
  • Director of Student Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Director of Housing and Residence Life
  • Director of Testing and Disability Services
  • Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
  • University Police Department representative
  • Representative from Legal Affairs


Who can make a referral?

We strongly encourage anyone concerned for a students well-being to fill our an electronic CARE concern and refer the matter to the CARE Team.

Any person, including students, parents, faculty, staff, and other community members can submit a CARE concern.  If you have concern for the well-being or safety of a student  or if you have reason to believe that a student may pose a direct threat to themselves or others, please submit a CARE Concern as soon as possible. The on-line form allows for 24-hour reporting; however, CARE reports may not be viewed until the next business day. 

If the threat to the person and/or the community is imminent, please contact the police immediately. A CARE concern can be submitted after the situation is no longer emergent.  Consider the safety of the individual and the community first and then submit the CARE concern so we can connect the student with appropriate resources to help them be successful at AU.

Do not use this form if you are reporting an emergency situation.  If someone needs immediate medical attention, or if the person is threatening to harm self or others, please call the AU Police immediately at 706-721-2911. Please note that if you submit a report after business hours (Monday – Friday, 8 -5), the report may not be processed until the next business day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can always contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 706-737-1411 for consultation on a concern. The staff can provide tips, ideas and resources on how to best approach a situation.

In general, any behavior that disrupts the learning environment of the University or causes concern for a student's wellbeing should be reported. Personal safety concerns: self-injurious behaviors/suicidal ideation/talk or attempt, depression, excessive crying, fatigue, change in appetite, disturbed or excessive sleeping, change in hygiene, negative thinking along themes of hopelessness and helplessness. Personal distress signs include: grade problems, excessive absences, marked change in previous level of performance, significant relationship issues, social isolation/withdrawal, not leaving residence for sustained periods, anxiety, pacing, muscle tension, sweating, impaired thinking, worrying, ruminating, easily distracted. Erratic, disruptive or disturbing behavior: (including online activities) that is a disruption to other students, faculty, staff or the community. Behaviors may include: threats of a weapon on campus, campus safety being compromised, acting out, emotional outburst, loss of rationality, venting, screaming, swearing, high energy output, intimidation (verbal or nonverbal threatening). Alcohol and drug violations that necessitate a hospital transport or dramatic increase in alcohol or drug use.

Include specific details to explain why you feel that somebody's actions are unusual, alarming, threatening, etc. Some examples may be language used, method of communication, information about location and any timelines. Please provide any supporting documentation such as emails, text messages or audio recordings. If you are comfortable doing so, tell the individual that you are concerned and ask if he/she is okay to be referred to the CARE team. In many cases an individual will indicate that he/she could use some help/resources.

Depending on the reported behavior, interventions can range from individual contact and providing resources for the person of concern to police involvement if a crime has been committed. If the concern is urgent, someone from the Dean of Students will seek out the student to make sure everything is okay. A Team member will be responsible for contacting the student to initiate an appropriate response. In a less urgent situations, the student will be discussed in our weekly Care Team meeting, and all of the relevant information will be evaluated on how to proceed. Each situation is different and requires a unique approach. If the CARE Team determines a student is appropriate for monitoring, the student will be added to a list of students discussed at each CARE Team meeting. A course of action is outlined and then reviewed during the subsequent meeting.

The CARE team will address every report that is brought to the committee. We will acknowledge receipt of report and when the student has been informed about resources. The CARE processes typically involves handling of confidential information, so detailed resolution information may not be authorized to be shared with reporter. If you continue to have concerns about the situation, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students.

Call University Police 706-721-2911 or 1-2911 within the University. In case of a medical emergency, dial 911.

You do not have to make this determination; the CARE Team will do it for you. The most critical step is that you report your concern. If another campus resource is more appropriate, the CARE Team will refer the student and handle the transfer of information.

CARE Team records will be maintained by the Office of the Dean of Students and will be considered confidential and accessible only to the other student and parties with appropriate access. NOTE: Never promise confidentiality to student(s) if they share information with you that may require some intervention.

Anonymous entries will be addressed by the CARE team. However, you are encouraged to identify yourself because if clarification or additional information is needed, we may need to contact you. Submitting your name also gives your report more credence. The CARE team will take reasonable steps to maintain the privacy of those who make a report, if requested, but confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. On occasion, due to the nature of the report concern, the reporter's identity may be evident to the individual of concern.

This website is used to inform the campus community and for reporting persons of concern. We have information about resources, contact numbers, a pamphlet on Assisting Students in Distress and the portal to submit a CARE report.

You may also visit Jags Live Well, for additional information and resources.

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