Bangxing Hong, PhDBangxing Hong, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology
Georgia Cancer Center
Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University

Research Summary

The Hong laboratory is interested in developing novel immunotherapy through modulation of antigen presentation activity of dendritic cells, generation of antigen specific T cell-based cell therapy or developing oncolytic virus-based immunotherapy to target incurable tumor including glioblastoma, lymphoma, and other solid tumors.

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The Bangxing Hong Lab

Health Sciences Campus

Georgia Cancer Center - M. Bert Storey Research Building

1410 Laney Walker Blvd., CN-3112 Augusta, GA 30912

(706) 721-1187

Research Interests

State of the art technologies including CyTOF, scRNA-seq and proteomics  are been used in our study. Ongoing projects include:

Modulation Antigen Presentation for Immunotherapy:

Through modulation the activities of antigen presentation attenuators (APAs), such as SOCS1 and A20, in antigen presentation cells (dendritic cells), we can reverse the tolerization of dendritic cells and generation of strong adaptive immune response again cancer (JITC 2023; Cancer Research 2009) or HIV(JCI 2011).          

T cell Immunotherapy:

We develop antigen specific T cells including cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs), Th9 or Tc9 cells to induce strong anti-tumor immune response against solid tumor through modulation of immune suppressive signaling in tumor microenvironment (Gene Therapy 2012; PNAS2014; JCI2011; JCI2012).

Oncolytic Virotherapy:

Oncolytic virotherapy is an emerging novel treatment for cancer patients. HSV-1-based oncolytic virus has been approved for metastatic cancer and relapse glioblastoma treatment. We are developing HSV-1 based oncolytic virus that disabling tumor-intrinsic and tumor-extrinsic factors that limit oncolytic virus infection, replication, and induction of anti-tumor immune response (JITC 2023; Clinical Cancer Research 2021).          

Research Team

photo of Meenaskhi Ahluwalisa, PhD

Meenaskhi Ahluwalisa, PhD

  • Postdoctoral Fellow
photo of Zhili Chu

Zhili Chu

  • Postdoctoral Fellow
photo of Yuchan Li, PhD

Yuchan Li, PhD

  • Postdoctoral Fellow
photo of Nobushige Tsuboi, PhD

Nobushige Tsuboi, PhD

  • Research Associate