Committed to the future workforce of cancer researchers and clinicians, the Georgia Cancer Center is involved in leading two PhD graduate and two medical fellowship programs.

Graduate Programs

Biochemistry and Cancer Biology

The Georgia Cancer Center and the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology jointly offer the Biochemistry and Cancer Biology PhD program through The Graduate School. The Biochemistry and Cancer Biology program has two tracks: one in Biochemistry (Dr. Darren Browning, Co-Director) and the other in Cancer Biology (Dr. Bal Lokeshwar, Co-Director).

Darren Browning, PhD
Co-Director, Biochemistry
Balakrishna Lokeshwar, PhD

Co-Director, Cancer Biology


Molecular Medicine

This graduate program combines the resources of basic science and clinical medicine and emphasizes the molecular processes underlying human diseases, including cancer.

Yukai He, MD, PhD
Program Director
Lisa Middleton, PhD
Program Administrator
(706) 721-4566

Meet our Graduate Students

Graduate Research Day

Each spring, The Graduate School sponsors Graduate Research Day. Trainees across the university performing cancer research can compete for the Georgia Cancer Center Award for Excellence in Cancer Research.

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Fellowship Programs

Hematology Oncology Fellowship

The Division of Hematology and Oncology offers an ACGME-accredited postgraduate fellowship training program designed to prepare trainees to evaluate, understand, and manage complex hematological and oncological disorders. Fellows participate in the CME-accredited Hematology Oncology Fellows Grand Rounds series.

Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship

The Division of Gynecologic Oncology offers the only ACGME-approved Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship program in the state of Georgia. Its objective is to produce well-rounded gynecologic oncologists to provide excellent clinical care for women with regards to the prevention, detection, and treatment of gynecologic malignancies.

All students and trainees enrolled in these programs are considered to be Emerging Biomedical Professionals (EBPs) and are welcome to participate in various EBP programming.