The Georgia Cancer Center is on a mission for Georgia providing industry-leading cancer research and care that benefits patients locally and globally. Our ultimate goal is to eradicate cancer and we are proudly making progress every day. When we say patient care is a priority, we mean it. We assemble custom teams of field experts to address each individual’s unique needs.

We believe accessibility to advanced care is a right, which is why we are a national leader in outreach to underserved populations. Millions of rural Georgians are often underserved by medical providers. This population deserves better and cancer care is no exception. The Georgia Cancer Center is committed to reaching rural populations to ensure world-class cancer screenings and treatment are available to all. Partnerships with local communities for increased access to education and screenings are particularly helpful for diagnosing cases in earlier, more easily treatable stages of the disease.

The Georgia Cancer Center is making notable breakthroughs in cancer research and care, comparable to those of other Cancer Centers in the United States. Formally founded in 2015, our team’s progress to date plus elevated goals for the future put the Georgia Cancer Center on a path to compete with any cancer center in Georgia and beyond.

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Ring the Bell of Hope

Support our outstanding researchers, scientists and clinicians in their tireless quests to find treatments and cures for pediatric and adult cancers.

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The Georgia Cancer Center M. Bert Storey Research Building provides quality research space to promote multidisciplinary collaborations and translational research, which is essential to creating an environment that promotes innovation. Our research approach supports important National Cancer Institute goals including ensuring every cancer patient has access to the newest and most innovative clinical trials in the nation, clinicians and researchers work together to initiate new research protocols based on the clinician’s interaction with the patient, and each cancer patient receives personalized treatment through the interaction of the multidisciplinary team of clinicians and allied health professionals.

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Patient Care

Dedicated multi-disciplinary teams, clinical trials and institutional focus make GCC a top option when battling cancer. Your team puts the patient at the center of care, taking on a holistic approach to cancer treatment with special attention to the individual's unique journey. Access to first-in-the-nation clinical trials and world-renowned experts means a chance for improved outcomes for patients even if they're facing a more difficult journey. The Georgia Cancer Center is so much more than academic and clinical in its approach – it's truly personal.

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Clinical Trials

The research and innovations developed at the Georgia Cancer Center ultimately influence the global network of cancer care. Our team fights for far more than just Georgians. The learnings achieved through the care of local patients has wide-reaching implications for creating tomorrow’s standard of cancer care. Through facilitating first-in-the-nation trials and growing a depth of understanding only available through a multidisciplinary approach, the Georgia Cancer Center team is equipped to deliver treatment advancements that will be applied in facilities across the world. The team offers a proving ground that paves the way for patients in other areas to have access to new options.

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The Georgia Cancer Center is advancing public, patient, and professional education and cancer-related training throughout the enterprise and in the community it serves in several important ways. We assist in community education by providing content experts who have received training in communicating science to the public. Also, The Georgia Cancer Center strives to advance the field by training the next generation of physicians and scientists in oncology.

Unite in the Fight Against Cancer

Community Connections

The Georgia Cancer Center only exists for one reason: to beat cancer. Whether it’s by early intervention and education in our rural and marginalized communities, achieving breakthroughs in treatment and understanding we share with the world or giving that mother, father, sister or brother hope in their fight, we’re about defeating our common enemy across the board. And, it’s happening right here in Augusta.

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Reducing the Burden

The Georgia Cancer Center at Augusta University is dedicated to reducing the burden of cancer in Georgia and across the globe through superior care, innovation, and education. Through unprecedented expansion, the Georgia Cancer Center is providing access to more first-in-the-nation clinical trials, world-renowned experts and life-saving options.