Let us help you and the people you care about quit tobacco for life! We offer an integrative approach to help tobacco users quit successfully. This includes cigarette, cigar and hookah smokers, electronic-cigarette users, and spit tobacco users. Our cessation clinic and classes use proven, research-based/  evidence-based methods to help you and the people you care about live a healthier life without tobacco! Make your appointment today! The public, patients, area businesses and the Augusta University community can participate. Let us help you, and the people you care about quit smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes or stop chewing tobacco, for life.

Review the Tobacco Cessation Program informational brochure (PDF)

Georgia Cancer Center's Tobacco Cessation Program

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Tobacco Cessation Clinic

(706) 721-0456

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Fonda Doby, BSW


Gina Hopf, BS


April Parham, BS


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Three Easy Steps

1. Make An Appointment

  • Assess your overall health
  • Provide a physical exam
  • Review your tobacco-use history
  • Discuss your previous quit attempts
  • Explore your motivation and readiness to quit
  • Decide on a quit plan

2. Attend Cessation Classes in-person or by phone

  • 1 hour per week for 4 weeks
  • New classes begin every two weeks

3. Get Ready to Quit

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Cessation Program

  • Available to the general public 18 years of age or older
  • Access to the Augusta University Health System Pharmacy if needed
  • Convenient with easy access and parking

At the Georgia Cancer Center's tobacco cessation program, electronic-cigarettes or e-cigarettes are not recommended as an alternative to conventional cigarettes nor as an aid to quitting. They contain toxic chemicals and metals including: propylene glycol, formaldehyde, cadmium, lead and nickel. The nicotine in electronic-cigarettes is especially harmful to the developing brain of youth. They pose a health risk to the brain of a developing baby, so pregnant women should avoid electronic-cigarettes. Other health consequences of e-cigarettes include airway irritation, asthma and impaired lung function.

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Lung Screening Program

The Augusta University Health Center is offering FREE lung screening to smokers, ages 50-80 years that smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for 20-30+ years. Additional screening criteria apply. To see if you qualify for the lung screening program, call (706) 721-3853 Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. or email: lung@augusta.edu